This section is the lovechild of potpourri and miscellaneous. {#Miscpourri!} Here, we'll discuss the fine "deets" on anything and everything. I'm long-winded, so if you like Hurricane-style convos, I'm totes your girl. Lots of product reviews and mushy gushy, lovey-dovey family stories can be found here.

{1.4.15} Ceramic Christmas Tree

{1.11.15} Cone Barrel Curling Iron

{1.13.15} Friendiversary: Kristen

{1.24.15} We Winged it at Disney

{1.31.15} Thirty One Gifts

{2.9.15} Quote Me On It 

{2.18.15} RAK'd

{2.20.15} Go Shortie, It's Ya Birfday

{2.21.15} I Raked a Roof Today

{2.25.15} You Tube? I Tube.

{2.26.15} Read All About It!

{3.7.15} H-B-D to D-A-D

{3.10.15} The Turning "Pointe" 

{3.13.15} YOU are Younique

{3.21.15} Orgreenic Ceramic Frying Pan 

{3.29.15} Toastabags

{3.31.15} Blue Apron

{4.6.15} Easter Endorsements

{4.12.15} 21 Day Fix

{4.15.15} MentorMob

{4.18.15} Garage Sale Goofs

{4.22.15} Earth Day E'ryday 

{4.28.15} The Liebster Award 

{5.1.15} The Grandest of Grandpas

{6.1.15} The Salve

{6.16.15} Basketball Cake Mold

{6.23.15} Krylon Kreations

{7.5.15} Sunday School

{8.7.15} Mint Nailpolish

{8.16.15} The Great New York State Fair

{8.25.15} Aladdin Insulated Kids Snack Kit

{8.27.15} Bathtub Drops

{9.1.15} Jif Cookies

{9.13.15} Symphoria

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