It's Friendiversary Time! {Kristen}

Today we celebrate a Friendiversary. You know – that special day of the year when you walk down memory lane with a friend and remember that exact moment you looked at each other and said…oh emm gee, girl, this friendship is going to work out perfectly!

Today we celebrate: Kristen. {Yep, see I told ya no one is getting out of this Blogging-land journey with me. We’re all in this together!}

KK, as I like to call her, is one of those friends you meet later on in life. One of those surprise friends. One of those “right in the middle of an ordinary life, life hands you a present” type of friends. {My other chicas – you know who you are. And, you know you are next!} It was Jan. 16, 2011. I couldn’t wait any longer to post this, so, here I blab. I remember the introduction like it was almost 4 years ago {tee hee}. KK and I were both included and introduced on a joint email from a mutual friend…

… Now, let’s talk about that mutual friend. We’ll call her SW. SW’s darling daughter, LW, was one of my very near and dear prospective students while working in Admissions out in the Midwest {who also instantly turned into a friend…and later a sorority sister!}. LW hailed from my hometown and it was like Christmas morning when ‘peeps from back East would visit the campus. I felt like they were all pseudo family members. {Shout outs to all my other lil loves – you all know who YOU are!} 

So, anyhoo, when I received the message from SW about befriending  an “expectant twin mom,” immediate trust was there. Any friend of the W family is surely going to be a friend of mine! I wrote those exact words when contacting KK in our first email exchange. I also wrote these exact words of warning…

Well I am pretty chatty, if you can tell {haha} so I hope to hear from you soon! J Danielle

That closing line warned her about the chatting. It warned her about the incessant use of haha. It warned her about the exclamation point addiction. It warned her about the rhyming. It warned her about the smiley face. 

And she replied!

I don’t think I can adequately pack all of my fave mems of KK into one lil post, and I genuinely know I will probably get all hearts and flowers and stars and unicorns on ya if I ramble anymore, so how about just a quick 10-point summary? A Top {kris}Ten of some things I’ve learned over the years from the Danny DeVito to my Arnold Schwarzenegger? Here we go…

10. {Frozen GoGurt}

One of the very first things this chica taught me was to freeze the stuff. EINSTEIN! The Twinados took one look at the a-DORA-bly designed tangerine tubes and went all high society, snooty nose in the air, eyes painfully squinted closed on me. {It’s yogurt! On the go! C’mon ladies.} I gave them a confused, equally-painful scrunch face right back and headed for the phone. KK’s reply: “Just freeze it.” That was it. 3 words. Light bulb.

9. {The Water Table}

Keeping with the frozen theme, let’s talk about how cool of a Mama she is in several short run-on sentences. January. School’s closed. Water table. Front foyer. Snow. Gloves.

8. {Krylon Paint}

So I thought I was all cool myself when I zhooshed up an old $5 Cozy Coupe I found on Craigslist. But, then KK found a ginormous play set for her 3 loves, coated it in several Krylon colors and that puppy was up and ready to roll in her side yard in a matter of hours. {KK…FTW!}

7. {Juice Box Tabs}

Got kiddos who spill juice {and think it’s funnier than yelling in Church?} because they lovingly squeeze it riiiiiiight dead center around that Wegmans Orange Mango’s waistline? Don’t worry. You’ll be the one chuckling when you tell them you’re giving the juice box magical “wings,” pull up the side flaps and tell them they are “not allowed” to hold on to them. {Who’s laughing now, littles?! Mwah ha ha}

6. {Cottages}

Get one. Get one near pretty evergreens, turtles on rocks and calm water. Get one now.

5. {Mini Pepperoni}


4. {Cheeky Monkey Dipping Sauce}

Yes {hometown friends} you’re wondering how it could even be a Pastability that I would ever put something above that other amazeballs dipping sauce. Oh, but I did.

3. {Wegmans Coconut Shrimp Sushi}

A few years ago, Twinado #1 had a severe allergic reaction to a virus. We’re talking a random, Michelle Pfeiffer plumpy-lip, sky-high fever, heavy hives style bit of ridiculousness. {One that fought medical books. One that puzzled chiefs of staff. One that landed her an 8-day stay at the children’s hospital.} KK got the call. KK rushed to our side. KK brought a People Magazine, gummy bears, a giant Ty Beanie Baby puppy, 2 Arnold Palmers…and Wegmans Coconut Shrimp Sushi. She didn’t wince once while sitting next to me as I rocked old clothes and a slicked back J-Lo {more like J-No} pony while my shaky hands dropped wasabi all over Room 9. {Sobbing mess.} She sat by our babe. Held her hand. Told her it would get better. It was the first time in days T-1 even glanced in someone’s direction. Wegmans Coconut Shrimp Sushi. Just what the doctor ordered.

2. {Big Ty Beanie Pups}

About that pup. Chocolate as we affectionately call him…is officially our family dog.

I took a picture of a stuffed animal today.

1. {Hashtag…Selflessness}

Never have I ever been 100%, genuinely thrilled and completely honored to support an organization. St. Baldrick’s. I had always admired the passion and awareness its organizers and followers spread throughout the world. When KK said she wanted to trade in ALL of her lovely locks to support this dear cause, I was inspired beyond words to donate. The afternoon before the big day, she dyed her hair cotton candy pink {oh heck yes, she’ll will absolutely accept dares!}. Rock star. I saw happy tears flow as those cheerfully-colored curls fell to the floor. It doesn’t matter what’s on top of her head. I know she’s really rocking an invisible halo.

OK, so now that I am misty-eyed and my mascara is entering the Land of Gene Simmons on stage, I think we'll stop there. Time to head back to recipe ramblings and odd grocery finds. Until next time!...


Until next time...

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