{Dee-tales} Son of a Gun - I Love Thirty One!

Today's January 31. And, in celebration of this nifty number, how about a "Thirty One" Gifts review?

Ohhhhh kay. I suppose!

By now, you've either heard of them, know someone who sells this or have become just a craycray collector like moi! Like most things in my life, when I love something, I loooooove something. {YOLO!} Thirty One Gifts had no choice but to accept my mushy gushy smooshy wooshy fan adoration. It was love at first Large Utility Tote.

Let's travel back in time to my first Multiple Moms meeting. A few years ago, on a snowy February night, {KK} and I trekked across town to join over 50 mamas who had twins, triplets and more. {And, that was only a smidgen of the actual club...they actually have over 200 members!} We vividly remember our first experience with this gorgeous group who has now become our "sisters." They were all so excited to see each other. They all hugged. They all laughed. They were all just happy to be in each other's company. {It was adorable, to say the least!}

We were sold!

As we scanned the room, several 11.75 (h) x 21.5 (w) cuties caught our eye. Some were ruby red with big medallion-ish circles that looked like they jumped off of a pillow at Pier-One. Some were made of a paisley print so perfect I thought I was going to thief one and run right out the door. Some polka dots, I swear, were cat-calling to me from across the room. Not talkin' about our new Mama Friends...I'm chattin' about my first glances at Large Utility Totes. {Cue the chorus. Cue the angels. Cue the chorus again.}

You guessed it. We were sold!

{KK} had a few pieces already {See? Told ya she's in the #coolkidsclub.}, but we both instantly wanted to know more about the LUTs. {Our credit cards were practically pirouetting right out of our Veras.} Fast forward about a month or so later, and a happy hot pink shopping bag fulla' fabulousness was waiting on my doorstep. The rest, is history.

Yep, I staged this pic. 

My love of purses started at a young age, for it was genetically passed down from the ladies in my family...and later happily encouraged by my dear MIL. {They made me this way, so blame those lovelies for this excitement!} In a weird mood? Change your purse. Having a case of the blahs? Change your purse. Want to sass up your Saturday night? {Fill in the blank!} I'm not a 31 consultant {I'm a better guest!}, but I'm the self-proclaimed president of it's imaginary fan club. The company is based in Ohio {#Undisputed! #3rdstring!}, so that might also be why my heart goes pitter patter for this brand.

In keeping with bloggin' tradition, here is a list of some of my TO faves {in no particular order, like always}, and I hope you'll hop on the bandwagon with me if you haven't already done so. Here are some real life pics. {#unfiltered}

{Large Utility Tote}
Anything goes. It's seriously a bottomless pit!!! Just when you think you can't fit anything else in there, somehow if you just shake it , there's enough extra space to fit a 14lb. turkey. Plus a side of stuffing. And 7 cans of cranberries. I'm serious. It's incredibly surprising. These are also available in medium {retired?} and deluxe sizes. They also have toppers if you're nervous that your turkey will roll out on ya ;)

I sure did, "Say it in Taupe."

{Fresh Market Tote}
We keep one in every car. {Hoarders unite.} Great for keeping your hot or cold groceries in check on the ride home. This is ginormous. I can't tell you if it holds potato chips though...I'm a strict "they ride shotgun on the way home" kinda broad.

Yep, the trunk is always that clean. {Yep, said a liar with pants on fire.}

{Lunch Bag}
Insulated. Zippered. Exterior pocketed. Cute. We loved using this to keep bottles chill for the chicklets during travel back in the day. Now she bums rides to work with me and perks me up around noon.

Sitting pretty.


{Medium Round Utility Bins}
Great for adding a little kick to your playroom storage unit.

Hmm. Where'd they go?

{Square Utility Bin}
Barbies. Or, baking supplies.

Merida looks thrilled. 

{All Pro Tote}
This one alllllllmost took the lead over the LUT, but I didn't want to hurt my first love's feelings. So. A close second, she be! This was a spring 2014 special, and I still see them popping up on eBay every now and then. I proudly own 2 of these puppies. While they would surely serve as kick-toosh gym bags, I opt to use one for the girls' shared {warm weather} Dance bag and the other for an out-and-about bag I can quickly grab when needed {one I keep stocked with coloring books, lollipops, rain jackets, face wipes, hand sani, etc...a Twintertainment bag, if you will.}  There's a compartment underneath that stretches the entire length of the bag, so if you're a gym gal like my buddy Joyful Jenny {CrossFit Competition Champ say what?!} or my Zumba Queen Kellie {take her classes!}, your new Nikes can fit nice and neatly down below.

Chevron stole the show in Myrtle Beach...yo!

{Cosmetic Bag}
It's the mac truck of make-up bags. Huge. Billy Fuccillo HUGE! There's an exterior pocket for your brushes, a marvelous magnetic clasp, and a fully-lined  plastic interior. And, it zips! Gotta love a good zippa.

Whoa, baby.

Baby's got back...Pockets. 

{Organizing Utility Tote}
Take a bunch of your cleaning supplies, toss them in this gorgeous gal, take this room-to-room with you, and clean with class! Find a print that makes ya smile and get your scrub on. Clorox t-bowl wands never looked so adorbs. {It's now offered in a zip top style. Bow chicka bow wow.}

{Bring-a-Bottle Thermal}
When we're traveling these days, I wrap these around the girls' cold drink bottles so nothing drips. I was in a pinch last week in Florida because I forgot a little case for their sunglasses. BABT to the rescue! Boom biddy boom.


Those outdoorsy clips are on the back.

{Flat Iron Case}
They're just the cutest things ever.

Yeah, I have 3. {Hoarder post coming soon.}

{Zipper Pouches}
For everything. I'll let the pics do the tawkin'.

Yep. Everything. 

{Littles Carry-All Caddy}
I know you have to go already. If you're still here - hey, doll! Thanks! I will TRY to keep it short...but listen loves, you need these in your life. There's not enough room on the Internet to list all of the possible uses for these. They're a fun size for crayons, Kleenex, hair care supplies, nail polishes, office stuff, McDonald's toys, etc. {"etc." never seemed more appropriate than in this sentence!} It's fun to add a little gift inside it, slap on a bow, and send them to your favorite teachers. I want you to have one, so I'm giving one away! {Head on over to the FB page for deets!}

Find me on Facebook {CoCo's Daughter}!

In closing, again, I'm not a consultant {but some of my coolest friends are!}...I'm just a girl who loves organized chaos {purses and bags can cover up any kind of crazy, darlin'}... and I'm just telling you to find your nearest Thirty One consultant and keep her on speed dial {Zumba Queen Kellie. Remember her? Click here!}. Buy a piece here and there. Host so you can get some cool credits. Accept that invitation to your coworker's party and take advantage of the monthly specials. Check eBay and Craigslist for sales {and retired items like half of the things I've posted!}. Join a consultant's VIP page for discount deals and new product info. These products are game changers.

And, for the love of God and all that's holy...keep an eye on Thirty One's FLASH SALES, beautiful!!!!!

p.s. {If anyone shows this post to Ms. V. Bradley...we're gonna have words.}

p.s.s. {High fives to consultants Kellie, Heidi, Beth, Julie, Ro, Nikki and Nina for listening to my Thirty One ramblings over the years!}

... just a fan.


{Foodee} Wok it like it's Hot

Mondays can be…meh. So, let’s spice it up!...and copycat another recipe from a well-known establishment just for kicks. {Are we seeing a trend here?} Tell me if there’s too much food chat on here, and I’ll tone it down {maybe}.

P.F. Chang’s. Oh, why, hello-mein! The first place to ever make lettuce sammiches look appealing. The first place to show me the true beauty of crab in Rangoon form. The first place to show me what in the frizz an edamame is.

I’mma cut right to the chase with this one, my dear CoCo-nuts. No long intro. No poems. No puns. No vintage photos. Just a straight up recipe that I need you to try. It might look a little Freddy Krueger-ish at first, but don’t be scurred, sweets. I’ll break it down for you in a few easy steps and soon you’ll be feastin’ in your sweats with a nice cold glass ‘o juice {Bad Girls – Tanisha – anyone?}

{Copycat Lettuce Wraps}

Let's be honest...I cut the lettuce for the pic. If yours don't look anything like this, you've done it right, honey!


1 head of lettuce {get Bibb if you’re feelin’ fancy}
1lb. ground chicken {not shredded/ the kind that looks like ground beef}
1T vegetable oil
1 large chopped onion
2 cloves, minced garlic
1T soy sauce
1/4c hoisin sauce {don’t be nervous}
1t ground ginger {spice, not fresh}
1T rice wine vinegar
2T sweet Thai chili sauce {I said don’t be nervous!}
8oz. water chestnuts {drained and really diced}
1 bunch chopped scallions {I refuse to call them green onions}
1t dark sesame oil
1T brown sugar

I know it looks like a lot.

I know.

{The drill}

Separate the lettuce leaves, wash ‘em down, pat ‘em dry.


Over high heat, fry up and crumble the ground chicken in 1T of veg oil in a wok {…but if you prefer to cook with something else, no problem, home skillet! Rock and roll with another large pan}. Stir often. Don’t let it burn. When cooked, drain it and set it aside to cool. Cook the chopped onion in the same pan. Turn the heat to medium. Then, add the soy sauce, hoisin sauce, ginger {spice!}, rice wine vinegar and chili pepper sauce to the pan. Next, toss in the minced garlic and give it a big stir! {You don’t want that garlic to stick to the pan and burn…so the frequent stirring will help you out!}

{Keep going}

Next, stir in the chopped water chestnuts and scallions. Sprinkle brown sugar all over the top and mix it in. Then, add sesame oil {swirl it around the top of the mix}. Cook for about 2 minutes and stir the whole time. You’re almost done! Turn off the heat, add in the cooked ground chicken and stir until your heart’s content.

{Big note}

The sesame oil is FRAGRANT.  Do not overdo it unless you WANT to let all of your friends, family and coworkers know for the next several months that you made these on a manic Monday! {Ahem, you’re gonna take this scent with you.} Turn on a hood fan if you have one…or even light a candle while you’re cooking. {Don’t leave this ingredient out though because it will alter the taste. For reals.}

{Grand finale}

Choose your favorite piece of lettuce, grab a giant spoonful ‘o goodness and wrap her all up. I didn't put this in the ingredients, but add these to the mixture if you wish! Cellophane noodles.

Those sorta see-through noodles. Ya know?


Lettuce wraps looking a little lonely? Could your plate use a little Rangoon lovin? Allow me to play matchmaker. Here’s what you’ll need to make homemade Crab Rangoons: won ton wrappers, a block of softened cream cheese, garlic powder, garlic salt, 2 bunches of chopped scallions and crab meat {#imitation}. Keep a splash of milk nearby.

Mix the softened cream cheese with the chopped scallions, garlic powder + garlic salt {to your liking} and crab meat {not chunked, but not shredded…sort of…chedded? shrunked? haha}. Add a splash of milk to the mix for smoother mixing. Lay out your won ton wrapper and wet all around the outside edges. Plop a little bit of the mix into the center, and purse all of the edges together to seal in all the yumminess.

Once the precious pockets are ready to go, heat up a Fry Daddy and go to town. Once they are golden brown, you’re dunzo.

Take that, Monday. Pfft. 


{Dee-tales} We Winged it at Disney

DISNEY WORLD. Disney World with kiddos. Where do I even begin? My fam just returned from Lake Buena Vista’s most lovely, and we’re still in a delightful daze. Things sure have changed since my last visit in 1997 {that’s so gross, I know…what the freezie have I been doing all these years?} and I’m not sure one little blog post can sum up my excitement! But, I want to share some thoughts. It was so different seeing this perfect place though kiddos’ eyes.

We took a mini vaycay last week to see my in-laws who were vacationing in Bradenton {Hi Auntie Fancy Nancy! Hi Annie!}, and we decided to all head up to The House of Mouse for a quick 2-day visit. We’re hoping to go back again soon for a longer stay, so we’ll just call this trip to Diz a little “appetizer!” 

The months leading up to the big trip are sort of a blur. {CoCo and Big Mike always planned our family trips, and Sheesh and I just went along for the ride!} It was my turn to lead the pack, and I had so many questions! {Sooooo many!} Friends and family from near and far offered outstanding advice {you know who you are, and I love every single one of you}. My only problem? I wanted to do everything they said! EVERYTHING.  I didn’t know where to start!

I’m a planner. I need to know what’s happening every second of the day or I get a little stir crazy {who, me?}…surprises give me the shakes! I got myself so worked up that I’d leave something magical out {gasp!}, so I just decided to wing it. Yep. That’s exactly what we did. We winged it for 2 days in the Magic Kingdom. I gave my list of tips a quick scan, booked our Fast Passes and left everything up to ‘ol Walt’s crew. I figured everything would fall in to place once we got there. And, it did!

As much as I’m a big planner, I’m an even bigger list maker. So, here is a rundown of my recent Disney thoughts…in no particular order {just like my brain}. Grab a snack, kids. This one’s long!

{Art of Animation – Little Mermaid Rooms}

Yes, people roll their eyes that it’s crazy far from everything, but who cares? You’re on vacation. The price was just right and the décor was spot on. The Twinados love themselves some Ariel, so Disney nailed it on this one. Seashell headboards? Under-the-Sea painted shower tiles? A framed painting of Prince Eric? Perfection. We had just enough room for our luggage and the Kohler showerheads were amazeballs. The walk to the bus stop is definitely a hike, but we had a rental and just drove over to the main building each morning. {Not sure if that’s legal?! Oopsies, if so.}


My chicklets haven’t been in a stroller in forever, but we decided to rent one incase their lil gams needed a lil rest. Glad we did. We rented it right at the park {go through the gates, head to your left under the tunnel} and they give you get a discount if you rent for more than one day. When you exit the park, you turn in your stoller and pick up a new one the next day. {Just hang on to that receipt!}  I was uber worried about people thiefin’ our stuff…but the “Stroller Areas” near each ride or attraction were nicely policed by Disney staff. {It took me a few hours to feel comfy about this, but eventually, I totes let down my guard.} I’ve heard there are several stroller rental companies in Orlando {that will even deliver the stoller right to your room!} so you should definitely check them out, as well. Our timing didn’t match up with return policies, so that’s the main reason we just rented at the park.

{The Mommy Hook}

One more thing about strollers…if you don’t have The Mommy Hook {Walmart, $6}, you need to run out and get it, loves. {Now! This instant!} We used this lil gem back in the day with our City Mini, and it’s a huge carabiner that holds several bags. There is not much storage on the Disney strollers {2 mesh cup holders and a pocket behind each seat}, so Mommy Hook to the rescue!


Me and the hubs both wore backpacks {no shame} and when it was time to go on a ride, and we’d have to leave big bags in the stroller, I’d take out a wristlet that had all of our valuables in it {moolah, credit cards, IDs, small camera…and my discontinued lipstick. No way was I gonna let anyone run off with THAT} and carry that with me.


Each day, 2 characters are RIGHT there waiting for ya as you go through the tunnel. Have those autograph books ready to roll! We bought cheapies ahead of time and brought clickable pens so we didn’t have to fumble around chasing caps if they fell. {Note: next time, we’ll bring clickable Sharpies…bigger for plush characters to grip.} We love, love, love, LOVED all of the character meeting opportunities. Just under the tunnel, grab a sheet that lists all of the visit times. This seemed so different than the 90s. Back then it felt like you had to run after your favorites to snap a pic or a high five. Not this century! {Ohhhh, heck no, darlins’.} The gals met everyone in the MK except Merida. {Next time, ya lovely lass!}

She was speechless. What's a matta, boo? Cat got your tongue?

Let’s also talk about how the characters are so in tune with their storyline. The accents! The one-liners! We couldn’t get enough. Alice saw the Twinados gleefully skipping right toward her and right on point in her English accent, she says, “Well, luke! We have some Tweedlettes! Just like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb!”

They also don’t brush off your sweetie to move on to the next kid. We felt like time hogs {OINK!} most of the time, but not once did we hear anyone tell us to hurry up. {Hmm. Maybe they did, but who knows? We were too caught up in seeing the Cheshire Cat sized smiles on the gals to notice!}

{Hello, Princess}

Yes, I sadly have to admit, that when I’d hear cast members say “Hello Princess!”… I had to realize that they weren’t talking to me.


The meal plan worked well for us. We liked how you can use all of your meals ANYTIME throughout your stay. Ex: We had 8 snacks to use over 2 days. We used 2 the first day…and 6 the next day. It didn’t matter when you used them. That was very convenient.

RICE KRISPIE TREATS – I love me a crunchy, marshmallowy, buttery gem, and The Mouse somehow knew. {Who told him?!} Get the chocolate dipped, M&M-glazed, Mickey-shaped ones at the Confectionary. If you don’t, I’ll be mad. {Psst…these count as a snack on the Meal Plan. Just sayin’.}

The Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café was, in fact, out of this world. Burgers the size of Mars, Turkey sammies the size of Saturn, Chicken clubs the size of Pluto. {You get the point!} We opted for a Quick Serve here. Glad we did. We ended up splitting 1 platter and saving other Quick Serve points for another time. There is PLENTY of food to share.

Nom nom nom.

Cinderella’s Royal Table {1900 Park Fare} will forever be a special memory for our fam. Lady Tremaine and Druzella scared the bejeezie out  of the gals before we went, but when they actually saw them close-up, it was adorable. {I made them watch a video of the dinner on YouTube ahead of time. They don’t like surprises either. They ‘git it from their Mama.} Cinderella was gorgeous, of course, and Prince Charming had his hands full because my girls wouldn’t leave him alone! {Sorry, buddy!} And, was he ever the gentleman…because after T-1 threw her arms HIGH around his leg and gave a huge squeeze hug with all her might {juuuuust missing the crown jewels!!!!} he knelt right down instead and whisked her right into a dance in half a second flat. #gentleman

The food choices there were also insanely cool. Prime rib, SUSHI, pot stickers, pizza, chicken nuggs, corn dogs...GUMMY BEARS!! 

I'm not lying about the sushi!

Chef Mickey – the Fab Five. You’ll see all of them. We did the breakfast. Best bagel w/butter on property {if I do say so myself!}. Mickey waffles. Glazed donut holes. Frittata. Crepes. Lemon thyme roasted potatoes. Huge spread. {See if you can sit with a view of the pool. There’s more room over on that side.

Make sure your Minnie ears fit before you go!

{Memory Maker}

Get it. Worth every single cute copper penny. They took almost 300 pictures for us throughout our stay. Photogs scan your Magic Band and your pics are sent right to your My Disney Experience account. I also brought my own camera along {Heaven forbid I miss documenting a millisecond of the girls’ lives. Gasp! hehe} and the photographers actually encouraged me to get photos first before they stepped in. I tried to stay off to the side, but they put me right front and center. {Classy times a thousand.} It was easy to download our pics after the trip and there are a few extra goodies on your photo account when you go to view them. I won’t tell you what they are….because you might be on Team Surprise!


I remember this from many years ago, and I’m so glad that nothing has changed: people don’t give a flyin’ what they wear, how they act, what they do at Disney. I LOVE THAT. I saw a 20-something year old girl bring plush Seven Dwarves to show Snow White…and S-Dub spent a good solid 5 minutes with her, commenting on every single one. I saw a lady celebrating her 50th and she rocked Happy Birthday buttons, a boa, double mouse ears, some sort of light up contraption and a lanyard of pins…and she didn’t give one damn. I saw families with matching shirts, tour groups with flags the size of Texas and Grandpas wearing sparkly fairy wings. Everyone was in their own little world, not giving a crap, and that’s how it should be.


I busted a pair of my favorite sandals the day before we drove up to Disney. {R.I.P. metallic taupe Merona gladiators} I guess that’s a good thing because I was smitten by a pair of Skechers finest athletic slides and they served me well on this trip.

{Winnie the Pooh ride}

There are a ton of activities for kids {and grown up kids!} to do while waiting in line. Tons!!!! Keep the hand sani close by though. Capiche?


No thanks. Never. {#byefelicia} There was a big tent near the Dumbo/Barnstormer rides, and it was rumored that clowns were lurking about. I didn’t care to find out. {Shudder.}



We were all sorts of stupid lucky with spots for these. We were trying to make it up to the Train Station landing to watch the Electrical Parade, but we didn’t make it in time {playing Frogger with moving floats wasn’t on the agenda!}. So, we stood in the circle that faces the Train Station landing, and it was filled with badassery. The view was…wait for it...electrifying! For the “Wishes” fireworks display, we ended up standing in an alcove to the right of the Tomorrowland Restaurant. The view of the castle was slightly tilted, but it was stunning. {And no one was creeping in around us.}

Is this post starting to drag...on? {get it?}

No creepers in sight!


The entire state of Ohio was there…and we didn’t mind one bit. Everywhere we looked, the park was sprinkled with “Undisputed” shirts {holla!}, scarlet bags and grey baseball hats. Uncle Urban even joined us on the bus…


Hold it ‘til you get to the Rapunzel ones near Fairytale Hall. Listen to me.

These ones.

{It’s a Small World}

As long as I live, and as God is my witness, I will never tire of this ride. Try to snag the window tables at Pinocchio’s Village Haus because it overlooks the entrance. Kick ass view.

Blurry buns.

{Seven Dwarfs Mine Train}

I will never. Ever. Get the sound of my T-1 screaming {WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!} out of my mind for as long as I live.

I can't.

{The Polynesian}

Bucket list, baby.

{Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique}

FAVORITE ALERT!!!!!!! Saved the best for last! Bibbidi Bobbidi {Bleepin’} Boutique, ya’ll. Enchanting, precious, wonderful. Not enough words to describe this charming little experience. My in-laws gave the girls special Cinderellie dresses to wear as they were dolled up to look like the beauty in blue.  They wore a necklace/bracelet set from their bestie {Elle!} and they were ready to get their princess on. We went around 5 p.m. – right before we went to dinner at Cinderellas’ Royal Table. {Fitting, eh?!} The fairy godmothers truly made our Twincesses feel special. As soon as they were shown hairstyle choices, I was SO excited and immediately started to suggest the style they should get. I was giggling, high-pitch laughing, jumping, clapping. {Simmer down, Dee. Take a big fat seat in the middle of the room and just watch, ya freaking Chihuahua.} Amidst my ridiculousness, I realized it wasn’t my deal. I backed the heck off, sat my toosh down on the benches and just admired what was happening. The g-mamas asked the GIRLS what they wanted. I loved that. Truly.

I die.

Soon after their hair was slicked back with what I think was Dep?? Dippity Doo??...and all baby bangs and all double colics were impressively smoothed over…there stood THE most beautiful bun I had ever seen in my ballerina-filled life. {Adorned with a bedazzled crown and accented with a jeweled Mickey right smack in the center. The mouse doesn’t miss a beat, does he?} Anything else? Yep. The backs of the buns were topped off with a rhinestone Mickey clip. Pretty blue and pink manis, make-up, and a darling dusting of glitter capped off this awesome half-hour of fun. We walked right across to Castle Couture for a photo shoot. They have a little room set aside strictly for BBB royalty…and they’ll upload the pics right to your Magic Band if you have Memory Maker. Bravo, Mouse. Bravo indeed.


I forgot the dang Dole Whip!!!!!!!!! Ugh.  Shame. Boo. Hiss. {Note: Winging it can cause a 29-ish gal to pout.}

In closing, I know I’ve only graced the surface of Disney thoughts…and I know I’m doing a disservice by only including a few things in this post, so head on over to the Facebook page and let’s talk more!!! Tell me everything Disney! Anything! Let’s keep the Diz chat going so others can reference it as they prepare for the happiest place on Earth.

See ya real soon!...