Frightmare Farms

Saved the best for last!

As Halloween-a-palooza comes to a close, I'd like to thank all of you lovelies for tuning in to the crazy each day this month. Truly. Your homegirl be batty!

Anyhoo - a good friend of mine OWNS a haunted attraction. That's right! OWNS it. {#LikeABoss}. When I first met her, I thought her humor was on a whole other level - like out of this world amazeballs. Even her laugh is hysterical! She's got one that makes YOU laugh just by hearing it. {#contagious} Just when I thought she couldn't get any cooler, she started to talk about Halloween.

Say what, girlfraaaand?!!!!
You dig the 31st TOO?!!!!

Complete. Awesome. Ridiculousness.

I digress.

This Orange and Black Season, she yet again, brought the fabulousness of fright to all Syracusans on these cold autumn nights. {Frightmare Farms} is her place - and your time, she will not waste! The digs are set at "Professor Whitaker's Museum of Fright" - and guests are invited to tour his haunted estate.

Need something more spooky? No prob. They gotcha covered with a CONDEMNED HAUNTED MINE TRAIL EXPERIENCE!

Still on the hunt to scare the bajeezie outta yo girlfreezie? Done. How does finding your way out of a LABRYNTH sound? {Creepy McCreeperson if ya ask me!!!! #Bravo!}

The deets...

* They're open most Fridays and Saturdays in October.
* Located in Palermo, NY.
* Buy a VIP pass to skip the lines for each attraction.
* Online ticket purchasing is available.
* A coupon is available on their main page.

The {spider} web...

* {Click here} to check out their Facie page.
* Make a {clickeroonie here} to hop over to their website.
* Take a lil peek, before your knees go weak. {Click here}

This place is so rad, even the local news picked up on its awesomeness and stopped out for a story. Even further, a local band shot footage for their new video on the grounds. And, as if it can't get any more dope, 2 lucky lovebirds got HITCHED. On Halloween. ON the grounds. You heard me right! How epic is that?!!!

I sadly didn't get a cool chance to get out there this year, but you betta believe I'll be trying to cut the line next year to take in the terror! {Just not near the clowns. And their concealed machetes that we all know they carry around, lol.}

So there ya have it. I thought I'd close out this year's celebrations with a shout out to this very vampy place so you can keep them in mind for your first spooky stop next year. Keep an eye on their FB page and bookmark their website so you can love 'em over the next 365. I hope they'll stay in your devlish dreams until then!

Happy Hauntings, my pretties.

{P.S.! Longer love note later! I will update this post throughout the year, so pop on back every now and then. xoxo}



Quickest Halloween treat in the history of the land!
Well, maybe kinda sorta.

Give this lil monster a whirl!
Let me know how it goes.

  • Buy mini Snickers
  • Shove a lollipop stick into one side half way.
  • Put a it of melted choco around the base
  • Let it dry upside down so the choco doesn't run.
  • Dip the whole candy into melted green choco.
  • Let it dry on its back on wax paper.
  • Add candy eyes.
  • Use frosting with a fine point tip for face accents.
  • Let dry before serving.

One of these lil guys will make ya feel...alive!

Thanks and love if you click the pic above!


Orange FREEver

This Halloween, save some cash.
Put it toward a candy stash.

No fuss no muss.
Take a seat.
Get out your calendar.
Here are the deets.

Oct. 30
7-10 p.m.
FREE scary face pancake.
Kids 12 and under.

Buy their coupon book for $1.
Redeem it for 5 FREE Jr. Frostys.
Proceeds go to Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Through Oct. 30.
Buy an adult entree.
Get a kid's meal for $1.
Fill out the form and get a coupon.

Through Oct. 31.
FREE slider with any purchase.
Coupon required.
{Click here.}

Oct. 31
Visit in costume.
Get a FREE donut.
While supplies last.

Just buy something.
Get a FREE color changing spoon.

Oct. 31
5 p.m. - close
Show up in costume.
Add 1 unnecessary item to it.
Get a $3 boo-rito.

Through Oct. 31.
Buy an adult meal.
Get a kid's meal FREE.
Coupon required.
Visit their FB page.

Through Oct 30.
BOGO Large or XL.
Equal value.
Order online.

A scoop of ice cream = $1.31.
At participating locations.

Buy an adult entree.
Kids 12 and under eat FREE.

Free Card.

I'll update this list
Over the next few days.
Stop back ok?
You hear what I says?

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Slap Happy Halloween Movies

Long day!


We're in the home stretch of Halloween-a-palooza 2015, so I am time stamping this post...and I'll pop back soon to update it. We're gonna chat about HAPPY Halloweenie-themed flicks! Here are a few teasers...

{The Nightmare Before Christmas}

We'll dish about several...but my all-time fave?...

No others can hold a broom to this one!


Halloween Candy Buy Back

I love candy.
Let it be known.
I act like a kid.
Eventhough I'm grown.

Halloween means treats.
You get more than need be.
So why not send some OVERSEAS?! 


I know. It sounds a little sketch.
But, the notion's adorbs.
And there is no catch!

Have you heard of the {Halloween Candy Buy Back} program? No? Neither did I until a few short years ago. A fellow Multiple Mama friend of mine mentioned on The 'Book that her son took his H'ween candy...forked it over to the dentist...and received $1/pound of candy. 

Seems nice and all. But WHERE is the loot going, you ask? And, why exactly was this kiddo inspired to donate his trick-or-treat treasure so willingly? Well. When he handed over his sweets, the practice sent the goodies to soldiers who were stationed mannnnny miles away from Nifty New York.


Intrigued yet? Wanna join in the fun? Here's a bonus, HCBB has partnered with {Operation Gratitude} to ALSO send toothbrushes over to those brave souls along with the yummies. {Ya sold yet?}

Check to see if you have a participating location near you! Visit the program's official website, put in your deets, and on the 31st, hit your neighborhood streets! Even if you donate just 1 teeny tiny pound, you could be contributing to the over 130 tons of candy that has already been collected in this initiative.

{Go 'head with your bad self!}



Wrapping Up Halloween-a-palooza 2015

It's our last week of celebrating all that's good and magical about Halloween-a-palooza 2015!

We had a suuuuuuuuuuuuuper fun weekend! The Twinados had a family Hallwoeen Party at their school on Saturday night, and the fam was out in full effect! Lots to share about it! I'm a bit sleepy this eve, but I want to time stamp this post! Sooooo....I'm going to hope you'll stay tuned, and you'll stop back tomorrow when I'll update this spot to share some good things our homegirl Fergie is doing this month with Avon and her fragrance line.

You're gonna love it! Because, well, Ferg's freakinfabulous.


Thanks and LOVE if you click the pic above!


Puffalo Chicken Wing Dip

Yep...dork truly just replaced the beloved B in Buffalo with a P for pumpkin season. {#NerdAlert} Ya'll have your own version of this delight, but since Halloween-a-palooza is winding down, I thought I'd toss out my recipe today just for kicks.

The zip of Frank's...the zing of shredded chicken...the zany chill of ranch. {Bah!!!!} Add in some crumbly blue and shredded ched and those nacho chips will practically LEAP out of the pantry onto your plate. {I'm serious. I almost had a bag of Scoops do this. I swear! lol}

So, here we go. You can't deny that the recipe right off of the Frank's web site is pretty dope. So follow it! And...add in a few surprises just for extra zhoosh.

2c cooked shredded chicken
1 8 oz. package cream cheese
1/2 cup Frank's Red Hot Sauce
1/2 cup ranch dressing
1/2 cup crumbly blue cheese

{Our zhoosh-ing secrets}
We toss in 1c of shredded chedda and a 1/2 a packet of DRY ranch dressing.

Add caption

This should yield ya about 4 cups. So, double it up, honey! Most people bake theirs {350 for 20 minutes}, but we're crock pot peeps. {#Crocktober} We like that you can keep it warm in the crockeroonie while your guests party. Toss all of your ingredients in on low, make your other appies, and check back on this every now and then, You basically just want everything to melt together.

Last year, my dearie, {#An} brought a batch and sassed it up with black chips to look like a pumpkin. I'll upload a better pic tomorrow for sure. {The chicas had a party at the school tonight, and I am a zonked Mama Bear!}

Love yous - ad let me know how your make yours!

Thanks and love if you'll click the pic above!


HELLO, Adele!


We interrupt this Halloween-a-palooza to pay respect to one of the world's most beautifully perfect souls. {Adele} Her first single from her new album dropped today, and it was damn near magical. Her hauntingly smooth voice hits you right in the heart and can stop your Jimmy Choos right in their tracks. The velvety lyrics give you that serene feeling like when the warm and welcoming sunshine finally kisses your cheeks on a breezy day at the beach.


Freakin' bliss.

Did you watch it yet? CLICK this.

OBVI, Lionel came to mind when I heard the first note...but homegirl owned this version like the Lovely London Lady she is. Pretty sure I contributed about 1,011,978 clicks to the current 10-mill views on her stunningly sepia-toned video. Waiting until November 20th to buy the full monty is gonna be killa! But, I can only hope she releases a few more teasers from 25 to give me all da feels.

Sooooo. Hmm. How can we connect Miss A to October 31st so we can stay with our festive theme? Let's see. Here's what you'll need to pay homage to one of England's most Elegants on the big night...

Chignon your shag.

50s. Lace. Black.

5 bucks.

Pump it up.

An Almond Louboutin mani. Black tops. Red bottoms.


Need Grammys? Dust that funnel in gold. Hot glue it to the box.
Walk around with 86 of 'em. {BLAM}

When finished, sit to the side of your front door. When trick-or-treaters step on your porch, sing/shout "hello" in a sultry, bluesy voice and hand out Kleenex.

Thanks and love if you click the pic above!


Legos Love Halloween

SPOTTED!!!! {Halloween Legos}

Whattttt?! I can't even. Gimme a set. Gimme two! Gimme three! The Twinados loved themselves a Duplo, when they were babes, but quickly wanted the "big kid" sets soon after. It was cool to see them take so quickly to the more intricate sets...and even hide pieces around the house. We've found some squares in the pantry, flats in the crayon box, car wheels mixed in with the dolly bin and little yellow faces in the hair bow drawer. Mind you, I've stomped on many a random red rectangle in my Mommydays {ouchie!}, but I try to take the pain like a champ! It's what it's all about! It's such a joy to see their little minds at work - trying to figure out these preciously perfect puzzles.

I'm deffff going to have to do some more thorough research into these GORGEOUSLY themed holiday options for ya, so for tonight's sesh of Halloween-a-palooza, I'll just leave ya with a tiny photo essay, and I'll hit ya back this weekend with more deets! Wowie!!!!!

Thanks and love if you click the pic above!!