Hello World!

I'm Dee. Daughter of CoCo {and Big M}.

I think in pink. I see in glitter. I live in animal print. {Scared yet?}

My first pair of shoes were a set of size 8 toddler Capezio ballet slippers, and I think life is one big beautiful pirouette. I'm a sassy Italian {family first} with a splash of Polish roots. A full-blooded East Coaster who thinks potato chips + cupcakes are tiny hugs from Heaven {foodie alert!}. I'm a Zeta sister for eternity. My hubs is a saint. My twin daughters {The Twinados} are the absolute air that I breathe. The word Halloween makes me weak in the knees. I want to squeeze all things vintage and smooch 'em right on the lips. I'm def sure that a good set of pearls can change the world.

I'm here to share things that spark my interest in order to spark yours. This blog will be filled with ramblings, so hop on board if you're on #TeamRandom! Holla back.

{My Bloggin' Style}

I'm chatty, and my bloggin' style is anything goes! If one of my posts falls into any of the following categories, I'll surely label it for you for quick reference. Hope you like the sections. I'm always up for suggestions, so send them my way pretty please! High fives for joining me in this Blogging-land adventure.

I'm an Italian whose first word was butta. Snacking makes me happy and so does recipe sharing!

The fine deets on anything and everything. I'm long-winded, so if you like Hurricane-style convos, I'm totes your girl. Lots of product reviews can be found here.

The lighter side of my plates! Healthy happens here. 

{Pardee, Pardee}
Celllllllebrate good times! {Scream voice} Come on! We'll chat all things festive in this lil corner.

T is for Tutorial! I am no expert, but I'm here to share successes and messes. Join me in making the world one adorably upcycled ball of fun.

My little corner of Halloween. All day. E'ry day.

Cheers! Tales and tips on Sippy Sips!

{Swag Bag}
I'd love to use this blog as an outlet to promote super fab businesses. I'd also like to show my appreciation to you for reading my ramblings. If CD finds a sweet biz to partner with, you better believe I'll be singing their praises and hopefully gifting you with an opportunity to win some neat goodies in the process.

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Bloggy Disclaimer: Any views expressed on this little slice 'o fun are truly for entertainment purposes only. {Lighthearted is lovely!} They are my own random ramblings from my own messy mind, of course. I'm no doctor {although I watch them on t.v.}...I'm no teacher {although Art Teacher still tops my Bucket List}...I'm no lawyer {although I love me a good attorney commercial}...so, the advice you see on here should be taken with a nice grain of sea salt! Photos with the CD seal are from yours truly {I may forget a time or two, but I'll work on that!} and snaps that might make their way onto this little neck 'o the woods are for reference purposes only...and will be given full credit {and links} when applicable. I'm all about the love!


  1. You ROCK! πŸ˜πŸ™†πŸΎπŸ’™πŸ’™Twin power activate!

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