{DIY} Paint Chip Calendar

This one goes out to Library books.
Ya heard me right.
Beauties from the 'Brary.


I'll tell ya...
The day we found out Twinados were approaching, was the day we 'done mapped out a plan, kids. We told ourselves we'd try to at least be one  ...{scrap that}... TWO gazillion steps ahead 'o these chicks. We've color coded them, got them to sleep in till 9:00 for 5 years, successfully transitioned them to full size beds, bubble-bathed them both at the same time, had them saying the alphabet at age 2, taught them to brush their own chompers, rocked plane rides to Florida and back...and even crushed double potty training.

All at the same time. Even with a huge dash of their Mommy's sassy-pants genes.

But ya know what we suck at? LIBRARY BOOKS! {I can't. Even. Deal.} For the love of God - why can't we remember to return these little rebels back to their rightful shelf at school?! It's actually comical. We read them allll week long and talk about them daily. {We're in Book It territory, ya know? Holla!} But, nope.

#HAMs are we. My family and me.

So, I got fed up with myself...right around the same time I stumbled across this little jewel below on Facebook. I rarely click these things as I scroll by because I can't stand the 7,389 pop-up ads that show their mugs each time I try. But this one caught my interest for some reason. It rudely calls out popular Pinterest projects.

How dare.

{Click here to read ---> 7 Pinterest Decor Trends You Should Avoid}

Pretty sure they're calling everyone who has attempted these crafts...BASIC. Whatevs. I love Basic. Jump on the dang bandwagon if you want to. Who cares? The more the merrier. My house is overflowing with burlap, mason jars and chevron for days. {Don't visit if gold spray paint ain't your thang. Kthanksbye.} I equate these trends to the beloved mauve/cornflower blue -or- raspberry/forest green phenomenon from the early 90s. Basic brings us all together!

Quote me on that.

Anyhoo...picture #3 in the article was sent from above during #librarygate. I realized we needed something bigger than our calendar pages taped to the inside of our cupboards to remind us of our ducks that should be in a row.

Enter: the DIY Paint Chip Calendar. The photo seemed simple enough to copy. Get your fave paint chips. measure them in a fun frame, put the glass over top, get some dry erase markers and go to town. So, that's exactly what we did!

Here are the supplies we used. We flipped the center part over and covered it in craft paper. The arrow-shaped paint chips were fab and fun...and gave the project a nice pop 'o color for us to write our daily deets down on. We used double-sided tape to secure the chips to the paper. Glue would have made them bubble. {Gross.}

Double-sided tape is totally having a moment lately!

Loved these cutie chips because they "point" to the date. They were already cut this way. Found them at Lowe's. TONS of Earthy tones. They match the runner in our back hallway.

 We wrote the letter of the day to the left...and the "point" on the paint chip leads ya right to the date. Take note of the Friday feature in this shot. #AdeleDay {Swoon!}

 My wonderwall.
{Props to anyone who is now singing that Oasis classic.}

Who's gonna try this? Take a pic and show me! Or...have you done this? Lemme see! We've used this for a little over a week and are we sticking to the plan?



Tater 'n Turkey Cupcakes

Here's this week's Cupcake Hack!

Twist up your dessert table with a little Turkey Day delight. While you're fooling your guests with these goofy goodies, you can be at the other end of the line thiefin' all the chocolate cannolis.

Mashed Potato Cupcakes
Top your cupcake with some vanilla frosting, and swirl it with a spreader. Dot the center with a yellow Starburst. {Smoosh the edges so they aren't so pointy.} Drizzle some caramel syrup on top and there ya have it!

Turkey Leg Cupcakes
Drop a cake ball onto the center of an unfrosted cupcake. Cover it with a big heapin' dollop of peanut butter frosting or caramel frosting. Drench it in crushed graham crackers. Then, melt white chocolate, put it in a squeeze bottle, and make a bone design on wax paper. When cool, cut in half and slide and end into the center. Boom biddy boom.

Thanks and love if you click the pic above!


CORNY School Snacks

How do you know a good farmer when you see one?
{Well...he's outstanding in his field.}

Get it?!

Wink, wink!!

This lil laugh holds a bright spot in my heart for sure. It's one of the first things my hubby's Grandpa told me when I first met him. Such a cute opening line! {One of my other favorite lines of his was..."Wait a minute! You weren't the girl who was here last week!"} You see, Grandpa C comes from a long line of farmers...and that line still continues today. It's quite special.

Being born and raised a city girl, I found hubs' rural background quite charming. I'm literally Yin...and he's definitely Yang. Although we live in my hometown now...a city!...we still pay homage to the dear Midwest. We try to instill this pride in the Twinados as much as we can. {They're half Ohioan, after all!} We started their road trip adventures at the darling age of 5 months, taught them that the best crayon colors in the box are scarlet and grey and that you never...ever...under no circumstances, put the letter that comes after L before the word ichigan. {It's the little things, ya know?}

Anyhoo. Turkey Day always reminds me of roots. Family. Homey. Cozy. It makes me reflect on the blessings brought forth to my gals by two very different {yet similar} sides of the gene pool {or, I-90}. So, last year, the chicas had to bring in a Thanksgiving snack for their classmates. I turned my thoughts toward the Thruway and looked beyond Cleveland for inspiration. What should they bring??? I wondered.

Corn. {Bingo!} Bring a lil slice 'o the Buckeye State to Pre-K why don'tcha! Here's a quick punny snack for the wee ones this November. Hope you'll try it!

  • Buy some Chia-Pop.
  • Add it to a little snack baggie.
  • Tuck it into some green tissue paper.
  • Secure it with rubber bands.

Now "ears" something to smile about!

Thanks and love if you click above!


I Love Lamp{ers}

Tonight's big PSA is going out to all of my homies who want to spice up their laundry room with a little sass. Ge a "load" of this! {Meet: The Lamper.}

What the feezie is it?

I'mma tell you.

It's a double decker diva, and she's God's gift to 'yo back. So, look right on up and thank him. Then, put on your Pumas and run out to buy one of these pretties. Stat! She's a tall glass 'o water - a laundry basket and a hamper in one. You can fit a ridiculous amount of schtuff in this lil rebel - 2 bushels of laundry at least.


The 18-in. height is fab. Reinforced handles make it easy to carry - no bending or slouching required! The slim design makes it nice to store when not in use. We bought ours at Wally's, but I think Tarzhay may sell these beauties, as well. It'll cost you around 8 bucks to take laundry time to the next level. These are also sold in black.

That's my spiel tonight, kids. Stop back and lemme know whatcha think! Never in my wildest dreams {and trust me...mine are wild!} did I ever think I'd someday be professing my love for a laundry room product, but oh how the "Tides" have turned!

Womp, womp.

Thanks and love for just a click on the pic above!


ACORNy Fall Treat

Want a quick lil somethin' to add to your superssweetandsavory spread this Thanksgiving?

Here ya go!

Keep these 3-ingredient darlins on hand this Turkey Day to serve during down time. You know that time. Those 3 minutes - maybe 4 - in between your last bite 'o butternut squash and your first mouthfulla mini cheesecakes.

Fuzzy...but festive!

{Grab these at Wegmans}

Mini Nillas

{Do this at Home}
Unwrap the Kiss.
Top it with Frosting.
Add a Mini Nilla hat.

Look! It's an acorn. 



Cornucopia Cake Pops

Helloooooooo NOVEMBER!!!!!!!

It's time to get plannin' for that Turkey Day celebration! The big meal is nice and all, but let's face it...the suga suga's the main event. {Right, peeps?}

Growing up in an Italian fam, pasta, prosciutto and pomodoro seemed to always take center stage on this holiday. The turkey, stuffing and cranberries were always "there" as were giving our thanksy thanks...but a Sicilian Supper was always front and center.

{Want my Gram's sauce recipe? Click here!}

When I met the hubs {Midwest at it's best!}, his fam had allllll the traditional fixins on their big day. {A super welcomed culture shock!} Their nicely-squared, buttered dinner rolls served the sentimental spot of my beloved Columbus Bakery flat bread. Their marshmallow-swirled sweet potatoes stole my rosemary and olive oil potato wedges' show. Their fresh-from-the-farm corn TOTES stood in for my Gram's chick pea salad and mozz.

{No basil on THAT buffet, yo.}

One thing we've always had in common though...is DESSERT. Pumpkin this! Pumpkin that! Chocolate yes! And, chocolate...yes again! That sweet spot has always remained a constant over the years. So, now that my Tiny Two soak up every holiday with an excitement parallel to getting the center cinnamon roll/finding out it's a Snow Day/realizing there's a House Hunters marathon on a Sunday afternoon, I try to find different delights for them to celebrate each occasion.

See the excitement?! hehe

Last Novemba, my babes and I consulted one of our fave You Tube channels  for some inspiration. My Cupcake Addiction always offers up some cutie patootie pretties. We made a version of her {Cornucopia Cake Pops} and spent the rest of our day in Red Velvety Heaven. {Teach 'em young, right?!} So, here's a little something to punch up your party table this 26th. Bust out the double boiler, honey! Your day's about to get poppin'.

Need a double boiler? Head over to Pampered Chef!
I have their old school version, and this thing is DOPE.

I made this recipe P.B. {Pre-blog!}, so all I have to share with ya is one lil 'ol pic from our Mama Bear/Baby Bears Baking Day. {One. #Lame!} We went heavy on the chocolate chips. Obvi.

{MCA} has all of the awesome step-by-steps, but here's how ours went down...

{Cornucopia Cake Pops}

Shred and Smoosh...
Bake a cake.
Crumble down to sand grain size.
Use a cheese grater.
Micro-plane side.
Mix in half a container of frosting.
Don't let it get greasy.
Roll up a bunch of cake balls.
Make 'em the size of DD Munchkins.
Then, roll them into a cone shape.
Place them on a wax paper-lined cookie sheet.
Smash one end down so it's flat.
It should look like a little Santa hat!

Netflix and chill...
Chill these for about 20 minutes.
Dip a lolli stick tip into melted choco.
Hold the cone, flat side to the left.
Horn side to the right.
Drive the stick into the bottom/middle.
Place it back onto the cookie sheet.
Flat side down again.
Chill again for about 20 minutes.

Take a dip...
While you wait, heat up your choco.
Let it cool down to almost room temp.
It's time to dip.
Dunk it in choco, use a spoon to coat.
Let dry on a cake pop stand.

Dress up...
Find a squeeze bottle.
Fill it with melted choco.
Let it cool a bit.
Swirl choco around the edge.
Coat it with mini chocolate chips.
Spritz a bit in the middle.
Add Runts!
Make choco lines around the cone.

You'll see that we strayed a bit from the original recipe, but go 'head with your bad selves and make it your own! Someone try crushed Oreos around the edges, and invite me over for a few. Pretty please and...thanks.

Thanks and LOVE if you click the pic above!