Tater 'n Turkey Cupcakes

Here's this week's Cupcake Hack!

Twist up your dessert table with a little Turkey Day delight. While you're fooling your guests with these goofy goodies, you can be at the other end of the line thiefin' all the chocolate cannolis.

Mashed Potato Cupcakes
Top your cupcake with some vanilla frosting, and swirl it with a spreader. Dot the center with a yellow Starburst. {Smoosh the edges so they aren't so pointy.} Drizzle some caramel syrup on top and there ya have it!

Turkey Leg Cupcakes
Drop a cake ball onto the center of an unfrosted cupcake. Cover it with a big heapin' dollop of peanut butter frosting or caramel frosting. Drench it in crushed graham crackers. Then, melt white chocolate, put it in a squeeze bottle, and make a bone design on wax paper. When cool, cut in half and slide and end into the center. Boom biddy boom.

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