CORNY School Snacks

How do you know a good farmer when you see one?
{Well...he's outstanding in his field.}

Get it?!

Wink, wink!!

This lil laugh holds a bright spot in my heart for sure. It's one of the first things my hubby's Grandpa told me when I first met him. Such a cute opening line! {One of my other favorite lines of his was..."Wait a minute! You weren't the girl who was here last week!"} You see, Grandpa C comes from a long line of farmers...and that line still continues today. It's quite special.

Being born and raised a city girl, I found hubs' rural background quite charming. I'm literally Yin...and he's definitely Yang. Although we live in my hometown now...a city!...we still pay homage to the dear Midwest. We try to instill this pride in the Twinados as much as we can. {They're half Ohioan, after all!} We started their road trip adventures at the darling age of 5 months, taught them that the best crayon colors in the box are scarlet and grey and that you never...ever...under no circumstances, put the letter that comes after L before the word ichigan. {It's the little things, ya know?}

Anyhoo. Turkey Day always reminds me of roots. Family. Homey. Cozy. It makes me reflect on the blessings brought forth to my gals by two very different {yet similar} sides of the gene pool {or, I-90}. So, last year, the chicas had to bring in a Thanksgiving snack for their classmates. I turned my thoughts toward the Thruway and looked beyond Cleveland for inspiration. What should they bring??? I wondered.

Corn. {Bingo!} Bring a lil slice 'o the Buckeye State to Pre-K why don'tcha! Here's a quick punny snack for the wee ones this November. Hope you'll try it!

  • Buy some Chia-Pop.
  • Add it to a little snack baggie.
  • Tuck it into some green tissue paper.
  • Secure it with rubber bands.

Now "ears" something to smile about!

Thanks and love if you click above!

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