Snowy Soles

Been a minute kids, hasn't it?

The {CD} fam had a bit of shared heartache over the past few weeks, that ultimately resulted in a new angel flying high above the clouds. My beloved cousin passed away unexpectedly on Dec.1... and we've been doing some heavy soul searching and spiritual reflecting ever since.

I feel an intense loss right now, but I've been inching back to my regular vibe of choosing cheer {#Always} I could ramble for days about the deep impact Cousin {F} made on my life and to everyone he met, but it's all just a bit too fresh. {I'm still too ticked!} One day, I will surely tell his tale, and I hope you'll kick back with a K-Cup, bust out the VS sweats and snuggle down on a sleepy Sunday night to hear about this beautiful being who was filled with love and who beamed with light.

But, for now, in my attempt to slowly switch gears and get back on track, I'd like to waltz on in to the Christmas spirit and pair a craft with a tribute to Cousin {F}. So random, right? Yep. Just the way I like it.

{Snowy Soles}

Cousin {F} left a major footprint on my heart. I happily compare him to my Grandpa {Papa} who I often talk about on here. Both of them were larger than life. Huge bundles of energy whose big shoes simply can not be re-filled.

So..in honor of {F} today...and in remembrance of your special someone in the sky...how about we bust out a tried and true Salt Dough Ornament recipe, take a "step" in the right direction and paint to our own perfection?!

My fave recipe...

  • Love up your oven to 325.
  • Mix 4c flour and 1c salt together.
  • Gradually add 1.5 c warm water.
  • Mix with a spoon.
  • Finish kneading by hand. 
  • Roll out dough.

Get the kiddos to stand on a large portion of the dough {rolled to about 1/8 thick} and make a keepsake of those twinkle toes. Cut around the footprint and leave a bit of dough toward the top so you can make a small hole {straws work fab}. Bake these beauts for about 1 hour. When done, you can string a ribbon through it so it can chill on the tree.

Last year, we painted ours to look like Olaf. Sure could use a warm hug right now!

Chat soon, smoosh faces.

Thanks and love if you click the pic above!