The Biz on Diz: {D}

{D} is obvi one of my favorite letters...but ya know what's not my favorite?


Whoopsie! Had every intention of keeping up with the {March Magical} theme...but March went right ahead with her big bad self and...happened. Eeeek!

April is being a crank, and I've already seen half of her whiz by already. Geesh!

Looks like I'm going to rename this lil blog segment... {The Biz on Diz} ... so in case I go incognito again, we can just pick up where we left off! Ya with me? Cool! Let's dive into {D}...

We caught her in Epcot! Pretty sure this is the one time a duck lip selfie is appropriate.

{Dining Plan}
We got this last year when we stayed on property, and we'd do it again! This year we went rogue and bought food on our own. It was alright...and we sure did have some delish delights...but there was something cozy about just having the Dining Plan. No fuss, no muss. You can plan out your meals according to your daily allowances. Highly recommend it for first timers. You'll get a list of places you can use your credits, and the rest is up to you. You can sit down, get Quick Serve meals and also treat yourself to a snack. Take note, though... there is something to be said about making your own lil King's Hawaiian dinner roll sammies. Bloggy buddy {JennyJen} brought these gems to the beach once, and we were smitten. Perfect bite size beauties. Load 'em up and bring a big fat bag 'o family size chips to pass around. Boom biddy boom.


It's an attraction in Animal Kingdom. Our littles watched a few clips of it on YouTube before we left, and you-bet-Jurassic they weren't going anywhere near this ride! Maybe lata.

Not today, dude. Not today.

{Disney Jr. Live on Stage}
It was cute...but I thought we'd actually see characters. The "characters" are more like puppets, and there's a young host who walks you through several stories {signified by different back drops}. There are no seats in this theater. Everyone sits on the floor. {Keep those aisles clear!} The Jake part was fun...gold dabloons fall from the sky! This was a one and done for us.

See? Puppets. 

{Disney Springs}
The former Downtown Disney! Didn't get to visit, but maybe next year. I wish I had more to share on it...but in a nutshell, it's a hot spot for shopping and eating. I hear there's a movie theater? Someone jump in and give us the scoop!

{Disney World Junkies}
Join. This. Facebook. Group. Now, now, nowwwww! Again - my homegirl {E} steps in with THE most clutch social media page of all pages. It's run by former pro-wrestler Frank Goodman...and currently, about 94,000 fans agree that this page is where it's at!!!! You will literally lose your shizz the first time you have a glance. It's all things Disney - all day, e'ry day. People post pics and updates while they're at a park. They ask any 'ol question and get about 150 responses - at least! They review food, accommodations, rides, etc. You name it - it's on that page.  I can't look away.

This is Frank! Directly from the Disney World Junkies page.

You can catch him at Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary, but head over to Epcot's Mexico and snag a pic with him in a sombrero. This dapper duck is quite the charmer. He danced with our little ladies and was a complete flirt with feathers!

He quacked us up.

{Dole Whip}
I'm getting annoying with the freakin odes to this treat, but I can't help it. I'm a broken record. A broken record who totally digs fresh pineapple! My first bite of this beauty was Bucket List lovely. What's a Dole Whip? A Disney cult classic. Aloha Isle in Adventureland will rock your world with this refreshing pineapple ice cream. Try it in a float {with juice on the bottom} or ask for it soft-serve style in a cup. Trying to keep it light? You can also have yourself a nice slice 'o pineapple straight up if you prefer. Go sit on the benches near the Jungle Cruise and stuff your gorgeous mug. Bottoms up!

Watch me Whip...

{Dumbo Ride}
So presh. A classic! A very chill little ride that's perfect for selfies with your sweetie. It's just like the Barnstormer at night...go back to Fantasyland and ride this til your heart's content. Everyone will be up toward the front of the park watching fireworks. Big deal. Watch 'em some other time. Go ride!

Okey dokey...that's a wrap on {D}, my darlins. I hope you'll keep reading! E's on deck. I love ya a bushel and a peck.