Tricky Turkeys

It's Turkey Day eve and the scene has been set. Vacation swoony face has arrived, 'ol school family recipes are knocking on the oven door and LuLaRoe paisley leggings are preppin' for the main event!

{Are YOU ready?!! Tell me everything. Where ya going? Whatcha doin?!}

Ya'll know I love 'muh foods with a passion that's certified nutso - so it might come as a shock to know that the traditional Thanksgiving foods aren't really my thang. Taters and green bean casserole (heavy on those extra crunchy crispy onions) are a'ight, but I'm most looking forward to chips and dips and desserts to make my heart flip. 

The Twinados are little holiday honeys, so during a little Pinterest sesh a few weeks ago, we stumbled upon lots of sugary themed cuties we thought might be fun to share with our nearests and dearests tomorrow. I'm trying to sneakily raise a chef and a baker, so whenever and whatever they want to whip up, Mama says YEP!

One particular pin made us chuckle, so we thought we'd give it a try today. In between  gobbling caramels and chocolate chips, we managed to get a "leg" up on this late November nom nom. Try out these Chocolate Caramel Pretzel TURKEY LEGS and and let us know whatcha think!

{Tricky Turkeys}

1 bag Rold Gold twists
1 bag chocolate chip morsels
1 bag caramels
Crushed Reeses's Cereal Puffs

Da goods.

{Step 1} Microwave the unwrapped caramels on a plate for 10 seconds...they will be soft, but still a bit firm. Wrap 2 of them around the end of a pretzel twist and shape them like the end of a turkey leg.

Totally slaying the Mannequin Challenge.

{Step 2} Dip the ends into melted chocolate, and leave a little bit of the caramel top exposed.

Getting their fancy pants on!

{Step 3} When the chocolate is allllmost dry, crush up some Reese's cereal puffs...sand-like consistency...and sprinkle them on top to resemble breadcrumbs!

{Step 4} Leave these leggy-pops in the fridge and serve 'em with a smile when it's time to feast!