MINT Chocolate Chip Rice Krispie Treats


Big month over here for our fam. The Twinados and I celebrate our birthdays this month! So, with that in mind, us Summer Babies celebrate all month long.

All. Month. Long.

...in the only way we Crabby sign gals know how. By feasting! And, being sentimental. Lawd, I love cheers-ing things! So, with that in mind, tonight we're kicking off {31 Days of Happy} by having a big old fat pan of Mint Chocolate Chip Rice Krispie Treats for dinner.


My Grammie RoRo always taught me to stray from traditional Krispies by jacking them up. Ro's specialty is to always add in a handful of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to sweeten the deal. Seems so simple, but I still can't make them as good as her. I swear she adds a dash of something else magical in there, but never tells me. I'll get that broad to spill one of these days!

Anyhoo, I figured me and my baking babes could create another special family recipe. So, off we went to Weggies on a marshmallow mission for the ages. Game faces were on. Choco was in sight. Butta was on deck.

Here's how it went down when we came home,,,

We melted 4T of butter in a large pot on low, then gently stirred in a bag of mini marshmallows {with a spatula that was drenched in cooking spray}. When the mix resembled melted fluff, it was time to sprinkle in a few drops of peppermint extract and pop in 4 cups of chocolate Rice Krispies cereal. We sprayed a 10 x 13 with Pam, then plopped the mixture in to cozy on up for our Friday night fun.

See this PINK princess? Buy her at JoAnn's.
It's part of the Olivia Collection by Buttercream. Ceramic lined.
Leaves no knife marks, yo.

When it cooled, we cut up little Andes mints and mini choco chips and threw them on top. In order for these chocolate gems to stay put and not fall off, we melted a handful of green chocolate wafers and drizzled it on like the bad mammajammas that we are.

Like a freakin' mountain of marvelous madness. 

Here's to Day 1 of our birthday month fun! Try these, ya dollfaces!

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