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In Epcot. Get a Cronut - a croissant and donut hybrid. With ice cream. A la mode, baby! Dee's Dish: Look for the hidden Mickey at the top of one of the totem poles. These icons are of legendary Disney folklore. Check 'em out!

{Cantina de San Angel}
One of my homegirls, {E}, a fellow Dance Mom dearie of mine/ sista from anotha mista, is a Disney Darling. A few weeks before our trip, all it took was one glance at her picture text of a plate of nachos from Epcot's Mexico, and we were soon on the hunt. She didn't let us down. The cheese was epic. The nachos were clutch. The meat was perfectly spicy - a little slap en la boca. Si, por favor! Dee's Dish: There are booths and tables inside the air conditioned restaurant. You can also pull up a chair under a pavilion overlooking the water. Lots of seating, but the place fills up! Super popular.

Dios Mio! 

{Casey's Corner}
Park it here in the Magic Kingdom just a bit before the 7 p.m. parade. You can enjoy ballpark fare while taking in the sights just at the very end of Main St. The hot dogs were single-handedly grown by aliens. This, I'm sure of. The gals and I opted for mini corn dogs and shoe string fries, while The Hubs kicked back in all his glory with a 'dog topped with pulled pork and slaw. These suckers are huge! Dee's Dish: This restaurant is located near a big set of restrooms. They're tucked back on the left hand side as you walk toward the Crystal Palace. When in doubt...here's your out{house}.

It's old timey. It's a tradition. It's got to be on your list of things to do in MK's Fantasyland. No FastPass required. You'll never really wait. Dee's Dish: There's a HUGE stroller area that wraps almost all the way around it. Park your ride here and go visit all the attractions all around it.

{Cape May}
The Seafood Buffet. Someday, I say. I'll find a way!

{Castle Couture}
Located right outside the back entrance of Cinderella's Castle. It's filled with lots of princessy items...and my favorite photo stop. In a tiny corner of the store, they have a backdrop to pose your little princes and princesses in front of. It's out of the way, quiet and off the beaten path. The photo session {no reservations required} is free if you have Memory Maker. Dee's Dish: Hop in for a few snaps with the kiddos. Go 'head you Kings and Queens.

{Cast Members}
It's true what they say - they'll have an answer for everything! They are more than willing to assist you. I don't think any question is silly - they've probably heard some doozies in their day. So...ask away.

{Cell Phone Charger}
Make sure you pack it...and make sure you're good to go on Game Day! Dee's Dish: Buy a portable charger in case your cellie needs a splash 'o juice later in the day.

{Character Visits}
For our first trip, we used a considerable amount of FastPasses on character Meet-and-Greets. The way we saw it, was that the rides would be fun and all, but we could capture the girlies' happy expressions a bit more on camera with characters. Plus! We thought it would be fun to compare their pictures each year to the ones before to see how much they've grown. Dee's Dish: I met my match with Anna + Elsa this year - couldn't work any magic to get a FastPass for them, but we stopped by to see them toward the end of the evening, and it was a breeze. Lines weren't that long because peeps were heading home, temper tantrums were a blazin' and the fireworks were on deck to be amazin'. Our fam scooted right in line and only waited about a half hour. Score! Some friends say they've had Stand By success right when the park opens. They made a mad dash for the line and the rest is Frozen sis-tory.

{Cheesy Pics}
Ohhhh, just take 'em. Who the crap cares?!

{Chef Mickey}
It's in the Contemporary. Go for breakfast! Start your day off right. Mickey waffles are on full display! The Fab 5 are ready to meet and greet you. Don't worry if it takes your fave a while to get to you. You won't leave without all of your friends making a pit stop at your table. Dee's Dish: No Memory Maker photogs are there during the meal, so you're on your own. Make sure those cameras are ready to get down to biz.


{Chefs de France}
Located in...you guessed it...Epcot's France!...is this popular stop for gourmet goodies. France was freakin' hoppin'!!! It was packed. The Hubs and I stood in line for quite a while, but our little bosses were getting restless. We were on our way to find THEM something to eat {they were sitting in Morocco with my inlaws}, and we thought we could quickly grab something for us while walking to find them some fries. The line wasn't moving fast enough...and we realized this was actually a sit down place... {a pricey one, at that!}, so we had to say au revoir and keep on movin. Some day we'll go back to try the Gruyere mac 'n cheese. #YesPlease Dee's Dish: Don't have much time to spend in France? Stop at the Boulangerie Patisserie's walk-up counter for a sammich. Prices were decent, they also has a bunch of pastry cases and there were tons of selections. There are also a lot of Marie items for sale in the gift shop.

Ohh la la!

{Chip and Dale}
Animal Kingdom. Along a pathway on the left as you walk toward the Maharaja Trek. Dee's Dish: If you have more than one kiddo, have them take a pic together with C+D, but don't be scared to get solo shots of one kid with them either. Take your time. Everyone else does!

I have friends who stay here exclusively! The monorail is right outside and Chef Mickey's is right downstairs. Location, location, location!

{Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe}
Located in MK, we used one of our lunch Quick Serve meal options here. Burgers, club sammiches, fries, brownies with Mickey sprinkles. HUGE portions. Definitely lots of bang for your buck. Dee's Dish: Go light on breakfast if you plan to eat here for lunch. Your bellies will deffffffinitely be full after you stop here. Wowza.


She's quite a stunner! You can meet her at a character Meet-and-Greet in Fairytale Hall in MK...or she makes many appearances at character meals. We met her last year at 1900 Park Fare {my personal all-time fave buffet}, and this year, we saw her at Akershus. Dee's Dish: Book the meal at 1900 Park Fare. The Prince is there, along with Lady Tremaine and the Step Sisters. Super entertaining and the Prince will dance with your kiddos.

{Cinderella's Castle}
It's just gorgeous. It's iconic. It looks different at every angle. Cut through it to get from Main St. to Fantasyland. We visited once during D-World's 25th anniversary. I had the honor of seeing the castle decked out like a pink birthday cake with sprinkles. Lucky loon, I tell ya. Dee's Dish: Go see Merida. When you exit her Meet-and-Greet, take a RIGHT {if you went toward the Tea Cups...you went the wrong way!}. There is a little sit down spot a few steps past her area...and the castle can be seen very close in the distance. This is a nice photo spot. No moronic photobombers in the background of your pics!

A slice of Heaven in...1997!

I'm definitely a team player when it comes to color coordination. Wear matching shirts with your fam {haven't done that yet}...#BecauseDisney. What do you care if people look at you? It's vacation! And, you can easily find your crew in a crowd. Dee's Dish: If matchy matchy is too corny for you...go with a theme. Pick a certain color one day. Pick sports team apparel another day. Etc! Why? Because you need to think of future You. The one who can someday say, "Remember the time Mom made us wear those silly matching shirts to Disney?" {I guarantee some family laughs will follow that sass!}

You're allowed to bring 'em in...so do it! I mentioned a soft-sided style from Thirty One in my last post. So one-derful.

Main St. Confectionary, to be exact! Mickey Rice Krispie Treats. Chocolate covered apples that look like Mickey's pants. Cake pops. Rainbow candies. This is an effin' dreamland. The aroma is enchanting. Even if you don't buy anything, just go in, close your eyes and drift off for a bit. You deserve it! Dee's Dish: The Mickey Rice Krispies are a nice souvenir to bring home to family and friends. They're beyond fresh and will only cost you about $5.95. The ones topped with M&Ms were thrown down from the Heavens. The ones with peanut butter chips were launched from another plant. Both are out of this world.

{Crystal Palace}
Buffets, people! Here we go again! Loved this one. We went for breakfast and saw Winnie, Eeyore, Piglet and Tigger. Each of them made their rounds to our table. Again - no Memory Maker photogs are present, so you have to be you own paparazzi. Each area of the place is sectioned into groups for a parade. All little kiddos are invited to follow the character assigned to their section. It goes very fast, but it's a sweet little moment. Dee's Dish: This is located soooo close to Adventureland. Finish up b-fast and let the kids head over to the Swiss Family Tree House to work off the sugar from the sugary apple fritter donuts.

Catch ya soon at {D}!....


The Biz on Diz: {B}

...welcome to {B}!

I'm going to forget things...and I'm going to ramble...so I hope you'll stay with me and take a gamble!

{I know. The rhyming is straight up freakin' corny. I can't help it though. #NerdLife.}

{Baggage Check}
At the main gates of each park, you'll have to go through a baggage check. If you have little bags within your main big bags, they need to be taken out. Be ready! Dee's Dish: Don't even think about bringing a selfie stick. They'll take it. Just ask the testy teen who was told about this rule on the tram. She laughed. And, security laughed harder as they whisked it away.

You never know when you'll need a small, medium or large one. Tuck a couple in your backpack just in case.

I can't stress the importance of Band-aids enough! The X-shaped ones are my fave. {The ones for knuckles, but they work fab for heels!} You never know when those biznatch blisters are gonna crash your vacation. Stay one step ahead of 'em! Dee's Dish: Buy a bottle of liquid bandage, too. It's weird, but worth it.

This is a beloved family favorite right here. It was one of the very first rides the chicks rode on last year during their first official visit to Diz. It holds a BIG sentiment for us, even though it's such a teeny tiny ride. It's located in the Storybook Circus area of MK. Didn't see any clowns, but this Mama Bear was on HIGH ALERT! {No thanks.} Dee's Dish: Skip the fireworks one night and bust a move to this area. While everyone is ooh-ing and ahh-ing at sweet sights in the sky...you can keep riding this til your big puffy heart's content. No one's back there! #FrontCartForDays

Throw your hands in the ay-yah!

{Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage} 
Head to Hollywood Studios and pencil in this show on your list. It's located on Sunset Boulevard in the Theater of the Stars. It looks JUST like the real Hollywood Bowl, and you're bound to get a nice view wherever you sit. Fast Passers got to sit in the middle section, but us Stand-Byers still got a nice shot. It's about a half hour filled with a cutely condensed version of B+B and gorgeous costumes. Dee's Dish: Keep an eye out for the ice cream sundae costume and the hot pink dresses. Wicked pretty!

We saw her for Meet-and-Greets in Enchanted Tales with Belle {highly recommend!} in the MK and also in Akershus in Epcot. Dee's Dish: Stop by France in Epcot. She rocks her blue dress here during the day.

Bella in Yella! Waitin for her fella.

{Be Our Guest}
Can't speak much on this character meal because we can never get reservations! Boo. That says something, right? Either I'm Myrtle the Turtle {which can be expected} or peeps know what's up. Dee's Dish: I hear lunch time is betta on the wallet.

{Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique}
For as long as I live, I'll treasure our brief visits to this charming corner of the world. You have to make an appointment here because it's usually always booked! You might get lucky if someone cancels though, so call in the morning of your preferred day if you can't get anything ahead of time. The little princesses are assigned a Fairy Godmother who brings your sweetie to a tiny throne. Fam and friends can park it on a crushed velvet bench in the middle of the room to view the whole experience. Photographers are inconspicuously stopping at each chair to capture all of the special moments. The G-Mamas don't miss a beat with their dialogue - asking the girls about what it's like to be a princess, sharing stories of royal experiences, mentioning Disney princesses they know, etc. {Precious!} There are a few package options you can buy - we chose the basic one - bun, crown, sash, make-up, nails. It's a  pretty penny, but worth every lovely Lincoln in our opinion! Dee's Dish: Bring your own dresses to save on cost. Head over to Castle Couture gift shop right next door. There's a little area with a backdrop to take formal pics of your loveys all dolled up! It's free if you have the Memory Maker.

Ask for Fairy Godmother Sheri! LOVE. Her.

Located in Germany in Epcot. It was highly recommended to us, but we ended up eating fish 'n chips in the UK. {Frickin' fries. They're my Kryptonite, man.} We've added this beer and buffet bonanza {brats! pickes! potato salad! pretzels!} to the Bucket List. Dee's Dish: Take in the scenery in this area. They've done such a nice job capturing the Bavarian essence. I traveled there many years ago and still swoon over all things tudor.

{Big Thunder Mountain Railroad}
They rode it. You know who I mean. My long-legged lassies. I need to stop being such an overprotective Mama Bear and just stop worrying all the time about my Cubs...and just embrace the fact that they're roller coaster nutjobs...but...this apple doesn't fall far from the CoCo-nut tree. Who am I kidding?!! Not changing - eva! I've always liked this ride because it's lengthy. This area in Fronteirland in MK is super congested, so it might take you a sec to find stroller parking. Dee's Dish: You simply MUST get a FastPass for this one...or you will enjoy a nice breakfast, lunch and dinner during your wait.

The nerve!

Check 'em out! There are thousands of peeps just like 'muhself who want to share their ramblings on life...and even MORE who want to spread the good word on all things Diz. So get Googlin' kids! Bust out a journal from Tar-zhay and just write down things that strike your fancy. You'll soon find your entire trip planned out like a dancie! Dee's Dish: I can't wait until {V} to highlight this adorable vlog I found on YouTube, so I am going out of order for a sec! Check out the Happiest Vlogs on Earth. This super sweet couple documents all things Disney, and their love for the place is 100% legit. Their details on rooms, rides and royal vibes makes me send them a big {CoCo's Daughter} high five.

I don't care what anyone says - you can always rock a backpack. Hands-free is the way to be! I keep mine stocked with hand sanitizer, kleenex, hair stuff, stickers, lollipops, etc. All things I might need at a moment's notice to occupy the chicks. This is also where I store a fresh bag of Haribo gummy bears. If anything ever happened to me, at least I'd have my favorite snack with me at the end, haha. Dee's Dish: I tuck a wristlet in mine, and when it's time to go on rides/store our bigger bags in the stroller, I can quickly/easily take it out so all of my prized essentials are with me - money, phone, small camera, gum and lipstick {obvi}.

The {Kyra} by Coach.

{Bring Your Own Food}
Yep. You can! We brought 2 soft-sided, collapsible coolers from Thirty One. {Picnic Thermals} They fit nicely on a Mommy Hook on the handles of the strollers. We packed some hammy sammies and good 'ol fashioned Peanut Buttas on King's Hawaiian bread in case of emergency. As my cousin {R} says...you never know when you'll need a safety snack! Dee's Dish: Mix some frozen water bottles in with ones that are just cold. The frozen ones will act as ice packs and by the time you'll need them...they'll be defrosted!

Paradise Pop.

{Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin}
You get to shoot aliens. In Tomorrowland. With a laser gun. For points!!! Didn't want it to end. Super fun. The Hubs would have rode this one all day if we let him. Dee's Dish: Don't forget to look for your picture at the end of the ride. Scan your Magic Band under the screen so it can pop over to your Memory Maker account.

{C} you real soon! ....

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The Biz on Diz: {A}

Woo hoo! Let's do this.

{March Magicalness} has officially begun!

For the 2 trips we've taken with the Twinados to Diz, we consulted dozens of blogs, Pinterest boards, Facebook groups and articles. You name it - we probably read it! It was overwhelming. Happily overwhelming. But, wayyyyy too much to take in all at once. We had to just stop.

I don't care what anyone says - you'll never be able to see or do EVERYTHING Disney has to offer.

And, that's the fun of it, right?! It keeps ya wanting more! It's constantly evolving, while still upholding tried and true traditions. There are surprises and sentiments around every inch of that preciously perfect place. Disney's what YOU make of it. So, I thought I'd chime in with our D-World thoughts to get your wheels turning for your next vacation yearning.

In keeping with my bloggy fashion, the next dozen posts or so will be heavily haphazard with a big sprinkle of random. I'm going to attempt to chart out our Happiest Place on Earth thoughts alphabetically. An A-Z of dear Dis-ney!

Here's where YOU come in! Did I miss something in a particular letter that's special to you? {Tell me!} Send me a pm on Facebook. {Tell me!} Drop me a line under this post. {I'm serious - tell me!} I want to make this a collaborative adventure, so hit me up with a few lines and send me a pic or two. I plan to go back into each post and update them with your commentary. {You'll totes get props. I'll add your initials under the excerpt for an extra secret agent-ish kinda vibe.}

Let's go...

We spent a bit more time in this lil land this year - and it was cute! Freakin' Dole Whip, man. I'm saving my ode to it for {F}, but it needs to be mentioned first. Here's where ya find it - at Aloha Isle right next to the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. Speaking of him, he and Jasmine park it near one of the gift shops close by - get your camera out. They're super friendly and they will let you pose near the Genie's lamp during the meet and greet. The Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean are here also - both very popular rides. Keep an eye out near the Jungle Cruise entrance...because your Fast Pass+ kiosk awaits! Used up all of your 3 Fast Passes already? Get your toosh over to that kiosk and add a 4th one, honey. Don't forget to make yourself into a Pirate at the Pirates League and make a pit stop at Sunshine Tree Terrace for a refreshing citrus treat. {Can I get an Amen that Orange Bird is quite possibly the cutest lil birdie ever?!} Swiss Family Tree House was a true treat!

Really diggin' this area.

Located in Epcot's {Norway} area, we found a dinner spot fit for a princess. Literally! The Twinados met 5 of their new BFFs during a character dinner - Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White and Ariel. They stationed Belle right smack at the entrance way  along with a photographer. We were able to scan our Magic Bands for a keepsake pic with a castle backdrop. During dinner, the princesses made the rounds to each table. Seeing the girls rock Cheshire Cat-style smiles at each beauty was worth Every. Single. Penny! {Note: It's wicked pricey. So...order up as many Cokes as you can stomach. They come with the meal!} All kids were invited to take part in a parade, and each area of the restaurant was assigned to a particular princess. Ariel was ours. The decor was old-timey and rustic...just how we like it. The girls enjoyed mac and cheese. You know I'm a burger and fries {or big buffet} kinda gal, so this menu was quite a stretch for me. Alas, I stocked up on cheese and bread off of the all you can eat appetizer bar...and I saved room for goat cheese ravioli for the main course. I totally stole several bites of the beef dish The Hubs ordered. GET THAT ONE. Just get it.

Jarlsberg for days.

{Aladdin and Jasmine}
Goodness gracious, they're stunning! We met them in Magic Kingdom's Adventureland just a stone's throw from Aloha Isle and right across from the magic carpet ride. They were adorable - really playing up the part of love birds - giving each other googly eyes, holding hands and criss-crossing their arms.


{Adventurer's Outpost}
Located in Animal Kingdom, this lil Meet-and-Greet is super cozy. We originally had this booked as a FastPass+...but you never know what's going to happen on the big day. The lines here looked semi-decent, so we used the FastPass+ app to switch out our passes for another attraction. The lines moved fairly quickly and we got to meet Mick and Min all decked out in their safari gear. We had this on our Bucket List because it was a chance to see the Marvelous Mice in vacation outfits

Safari Squeezies.

We met her last year right near the Tea Cup ride in the Magic Kingdom - right near the Cheshire Cafe. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum often join her...as well as the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit. Her English accent is on point. I had BIG plans to bring a tea set with us so the girls could have a little fun with her this year in a pic...but I remembered that idea...as we were standing in line. {D'oh! Airhead.} Next year. It's on.

Little loves blondes.

T-2's most favorite of faves. We saw her at the Akershus character dinner and also in her grotto in MK. Both times, her dialogue with the girls was just jolly. Everything was happy go lucky and centered around the sea. She's just like all of the red heads I've ever known  - a true rock star.

Love the sleeves.

This is a tip. An order! You don't want to get sick. Stock up on this ish before, during and after your trip. Ya hear me?!

Note: I'm not a doc, so before ya rock...
read the deets...you capiche?

{Aloha Isle}

I'll probably find a way to reference this place in every letter of the alphabet. Find this counter in Adventureland and order up a Dole Whip. Do it.


{American Dream}
Located in the America section of Epcot, you'll find a cult classic at the Fife & Drum walk up counter - a red, white and blue beauty with sweetness for days. The tart cherry and blue raspberry flavors pair well with the creamy vanilla ice cream at the bottom. It'll cost you about 5 beans.

Mocktails with Mama.

{Animal Kingdom}
We heard mixed emotions on AK, so we really didn't know what to think when we first rolled up. I saw leopard and zebra print Mickey ears for sale, so it didn't really take me that long to warm up to the place. The atmosphere transported you to a faw away place. We dug it. It was super heavy on the nature end...something sort of foreign to us...but we embraced it.

Loved seeing Chip and Dale. Tried to stop for Pocahontas {she has a special Meet-and-Greet area}, but the family wanted to head out. We booked a Fast Pass+ for Adventurer's Outpost because we wanted to guarantee we saw Mr. and Mrs. Mouse in safari gear. We couldn't find Rafiki, but it's rumored he shows up during the Maharaja Jungle Trek.

My chicks rode Expedition Everest. I thought. I'd. Die! They're young...but their legs are long...so they juuuuuust hit the minimum height requirements. The Hubs and The Inlaws kept saying they should go on it - so I had no choice but to give in. {Peer presh at its finest.} I ended up riding in the front cart. Epic! I worried that the girls would be scared of the Yeti. No dice. They laughed!

The ride area of the park was adorable. My gals didn't make the cut for Primeval Whirl, but Tricera-Tops fit the bill very nicely. A big Gertie the Dinosaur statue was back in that area - she's the first dinosaur to make an appearance in an animated film. You bet "Jurassic" we stopped to look at her. {Ha!}

Had a nice lunch at Rainforest Cafe. It was pricey...even for lunch...but, it's vacation. One of my littles stared for almost 10 minutes at a gift shop's mug display - trying to find her name on the cup. Poor baby. Her name is particular to a nationality, and we switched out one of the vowels for another, so sadly, she won't find it. The other dumpling has one of the most common names in recent years, so even though her name is there, the products are almost always out of stock.

Would we go back? Probably if we had park hopper passes...just so we could ride Everest again.

This tree. I want it. 

A quick glance at the ride area. 

I brought two 5 year olds on a ride through a mountain with a monster.

{Autograph Books} 
Have the kiddos bring some autograph books to the Meet-and-Greets. It's cute! It's tradition! It also gives them a convo starter with the characters. Some people DIY their own...or you can be like us and pick up one from the Dollar Store with a bunch of princesses on the front. A big rule of thumbelinas - make sure you have them ready to go when it's your turn to greet your favorite friend...and keep a big fat pen quickly accessible for the character. {Help a pal out and remove the cap!} 

I had high hopes to bring the matte from a frame with me so all of the characters could sign around it, we could pop a family pic in the middle and eventually hang it in the girls' Playroom...but the thought of carrying a delicate {8 x 10} shape around and not getting it smooshed and squished gave me the OCD shakes somethin' fierce! SO! I'm going to transfer {trace} all of the autographs onto the matte myself and see what happens. Hopefully it's done by {F} so you can see what I mean! 

{Auntie Gravity's Galactic Goodies}
Stop here for frozen treats. It's located in Tomorrowland.

{Animation Courtyard}
We stumbled upon this awesome area in Hollywood Studios. Sophia, Jake and Minnie {in a Clubhouse setting!} were there in full effect! Short lines. Quick wait. It was just around the corner from this sort of secret area to meet Mickey in his Sorcerer hat. He was in an air conditioned room - sort of out of the way. We waited for about 3 minutes total. Score! Star Wars Launch Bay is right in the back of this area.

The dude himself.

{Art of Animation}
We stayed here in the Little Mermaid rooms during our first visit with the girls last year. Terrifically themed! Just enough room. GREAT on the wallet {just over a hundred clams}. Loved that there was a shuttle service to the park. Big parking lots to dock your ship for the week. Very quiet. Raindrop shower heads. Holla!

Thingamabobs all around.

Didn't get to see her last year, so she was for certs on our list this time. She doesn't have an official Meet-and-Greet, so we tracked her down at Akershus. She's only a "possibility" there...so we got really lucky! The chicas love all of the princesses...like whoa!...but in true twibling fashion, each sister has made claim to certain beauties. Aurora is the only one they share equally.

Another day...another blonde!

Up next...{B}...see ya real soon!

Thanks and love if you click for me above! 


Space Reserved...


Today was going to be the day I was going to kick off {March Magicalness} by discussing a bunch of Disney items that all begin with the letter {A}. Sadly, I attended the funeral of my beloved Great Uncle today, and I just need a quick lil sec to ponder what just happened. Still a slight mess of sadness right now...with raccoon eyes, shaky lips and sobby memories in tow. Yo.

I'm going to leave this lil post here so I can time stamp it for future references. I hope you'll check back tomorrow night when it's filled with All Things {A}. Pretty please! I can't wait to gab with you this month.

{P.S. Hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight, ok? Will ya do that for me?}


Introducing: March Magicalness

We're back from The Diz!

Annnnd, sadly, we're right smack in the middle of that monumentous melancholy mode.

You know the one. You know it all too well, my dearies.

That Disney denial dip. Ya know that feeling? That one where you were recently on the sweeeeeetest of sugar highs, and now you're tragically trying so hard to hold on to that fantastic fix, that you find yourself daydreaming about Dining Plans uno minuto and then drifting back to your desk the next :60. You just don't know which way to turn.

Super sad, eh?

It's the #DisneyDrop, yo. And we've got 4 confirmed cases over here in our Clubhouse.


If Mickster was a doctor, we wonder what he'd say. Would he tell us to just keep on replaying every scrumptiously superb second of our terrific trip? Or, would he nicely nudge us to snap back into reality, tackle the loaded laundry pile, catch back up on Scandal and stock up the fridge?

Our family knows that the mighty Mouse would say whatevs, you foolish foursome! Relive your Orlando Overload anytime you dang well wish.

He's cheesy...but... yes, please-y!

We're a pack of spirited souls, my family and me. So to us, life is just one big blast, and we're planning to dwell on the Diz any chance we get. Now, here's where you come in! Want to join us? We're (un)officially renaming this month {March Magicalness} - 31 days of Disney all nicely nestled into this snuggly small slice of the web. We're going to celebrate Walt's Wonders every single day for the next few weeks. So, if you're up for some Goofy gab and down with some Daisy dish - stay with us. At the end of each post, we're going to ask you to weigh in. So, get those Hollywood Studio hats on and let out your inner animal {Kingdom}.

It's about to get mucho magical up in dis.

See ya real soon!

Thanks and love for clicking the pic above!

{Disclaimer: I'm no Disney expert - oh no, no! I can't even hold a teeny tiny candle to those that are. So, what you'll soon read are my own righteous reviews on a lovely land I've admired since I first stepped a 1987 jelly sandal onto Main St. USA. I hope you'll stay!}