The Biz on Diz: {B}

...welcome to {B}!

I'm going to forget things...and I'm going to ramble...so I hope you'll stay with me and take a gamble!

{I know. The rhyming is straight up freakin' corny. I can't help it though. #NerdLife.}

{Baggage Check}
At the main gates of each park, you'll have to go through a baggage check. If you have little bags within your main big bags, they need to be taken out. Be ready! Dee's Dish: Don't even think about bringing a selfie stick. They'll take it. Just ask the testy teen who was told about this rule on the tram. She laughed. And, security laughed harder as they whisked it away.

You never know when you'll need a small, medium or large one. Tuck a couple in your backpack just in case.

I can't stress the importance of Band-aids enough! The X-shaped ones are my fave. {The ones for knuckles, but they work fab for heels!} You never know when those biznatch blisters are gonna crash your vacation. Stay one step ahead of 'em! Dee's Dish: Buy a bottle of liquid bandage, too. It's weird, but worth it.

This is a beloved family favorite right here. It was one of the very first rides the chicks rode on last year during their first official visit to Diz. It holds a BIG sentiment for us, even though it's such a teeny tiny ride. It's located in the Storybook Circus area of MK. Didn't see any clowns, but this Mama Bear was on HIGH ALERT! {No thanks.} Dee's Dish: Skip the fireworks one night and bust a move to this area. While everyone is ooh-ing and ahh-ing at sweet sights in the sky...you can keep riding this til your big puffy heart's content. No one's back there! #FrontCartForDays

Throw your hands in the ay-yah!

{Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage} 
Head to Hollywood Studios and pencil in this show on your list. It's located on Sunset Boulevard in the Theater of the Stars. It looks JUST like the real Hollywood Bowl, and you're bound to get a nice view wherever you sit. Fast Passers got to sit in the middle section, but us Stand-Byers still got a nice shot. It's about a half hour filled with a cutely condensed version of B+B and gorgeous costumes. Dee's Dish: Keep an eye out for the ice cream sundae costume and the hot pink dresses. Wicked pretty!

We saw her for Meet-and-Greets in Enchanted Tales with Belle {highly recommend!} in the MK and also in Akershus in Epcot. Dee's Dish: Stop by France in Epcot. She rocks her blue dress here during the day.

Bella in Yella! Waitin for her fella.

{Be Our Guest}
Can't speak much on this character meal because we can never get reservations! Boo. That says something, right? Either I'm Myrtle the Turtle {which can be expected} or peeps know what's up. Dee's Dish: I hear lunch time is betta on the wallet.

{Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique}
For as long as I live, I'll treasure our brief visits to this charming corner of the world. You have to make an appointment here because it's usually always booked! You might get lucky if someone cancels though, so call in the morning of your preferred day if you can't get anything ahead of time. The little princesses are assigned a Fairy Godmother who brings your sweetie to a tiny throne. Fam and friends can park it on a crushed velvet bench in the middle of the room to view the whole experience. Photographers are inconspicuously stopping at each chair to capture all of the special moments. The G-Mamas don't miss a beat with their dialogue - asking the girls about what it's like to be a princess, sharing stories of royal experiences, mentioning Disney princesses they know, etc. {Precious!} There are a few package options you can buy - we chose the basic one - bun, crown, sash, make-up, nails. It's a  pretty penny, but worth every lovely Lincoln in our opinion! Dee's Dish: Bring your own dresses to save on cost. Head over to Castle Couture gift shop right next door. There's a little area with a backdrop to take formal pics of your loveys all dolled up! It's free if you have the Memory Maker.

Ask for Fairy Godmother Sheri! LOVE. Her.

Located in Germany in Epcot. It was highly recommended to us, but we ended up eating fish 'n chips in the UK. {Frickin' fries. They're my Kryptonite, man.} We've added this beer and buffet bonanza {brats! pickes! potato salad! pretzels!} to the Bucket List. Dee's Dish: Take in the scenery in this area. They've done such a nice job capturing the Bavarian essence. I traveled there many years ago and still swoon over all things tudor.

{Big Thunder Mountain Railroad}
They rode it. You know who I mean. My long-legged lassies. I need to stop being such an overprotective Mama Bear and just stop worrying all the time about my Cubs...and just embrace the fact that they're roller coaster nutjobs...but...this apple doesn't fall far from the CoCo-nut tree. Who am I kidding?!! Not changing - eva! I've always liked this ride because it's lengthy. This area in Fronteirland in MK is super congested, so it might take you a sec to find stroller parking. Dee's Dish: You simply MUST get a FastPass for this one...or you will enjoy a nice breakfast, lunch and dinner during your wait.

The nerve!

Check 'em out! There are thousands of peeps just like 'muhself who want to share their ramblings on life...and even MORE who want to spread the good word on all things Diz. So get Googlin' kids! Bust out a journal from Tar-zhay and just write down things that strike your fancy. You'll soon find your entire trip planned out like a dancie! Dee's Dish: I can't wait until {V} to highlight this adorable vlog I found on YouTube, so I am going out of order for a sec! Check out the Happiest Vlogs on Earth. This super sweet couple documents all things Disney, and their love for the place is 100% legit. Their details on rooms, rides and royal vibes makes me send them a big {CoCo's Daughter} high five.

I don't care what anyone says - you can always rock a backpack. Hands-free is the way to be! I keep mine stocked with hand sanitizer, kleenex, hair stuff, stickers, lollipops, etc. All things I might need at a moment's notice to occupy the chicks. This is also where I store a fresh bag of Haribo gummy bears. If anything ever happened to me, at least I'd have my favorite snack with me at the end, haha. Dee's Dish: I tuck a wristlet in mine, and when it's time to go on rides/store our bigger bags in the stroller, I can quickly/easily take it out so all of my prized essentials are with me - money, phone, small camera, gum and lipstick {obvi}.

The {Kyra} by Coach.

{Bring Your Own Food}
Yep. You can! We brought 2 soft-sided, collapsible coolers from Thirty One. {Picnic Thermals} They fit nicely on a Mommy Hook on the handles of the strollers. We packed some hammy sammies and good 'ol fashioned Peanut Buttas on King's Hawaiian bread in case of emergency. As my cousin {R} says...you never know when you'll need a safety snack! Dee's Dish: Mix some frozen water bottles in with ones that are just cold. The frozen ones will act as ice packs and by the time you'll need them...they'll be defrosted!

Paradise Pop.

{Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin}
You get to shoot aliens. In Tomorrowland. With a laser gun. For points!!! Didn't want it to end. Super fun. The Hubs would have rode this one all day if we let him. Dee's Dish: Don't forget to look for your picture at the end of the ride. Scan your Magic Band under the screen so it can pop over to your Memory Maker account.

{C} you real soon! ....

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