Sunday School {7.5.15}

The summer is flying by sooooo quickly! {No! Stahhhhp!} Our days have been jam-packed, and each weekend, I've been reflecting on what I've learned throughout the week.

{Swim Lessons}
The Twinados have been wittle bitty fishies since they first donned a ruffle-toosh swimsuit. Their Grammie CoCo was a competitive swimmer back in the day, so she was anxious to get them doggie paddlin' as soon as their chubby wittle feet hit the shallow end. Fast forward a few years later and here they are in swim lessons! We thought it would be good to have them in structured classes to increase their skills. They're loving it! Despite a few rainy classes, their little mermaid genes had them swimming without floaties and backstroking like bosses.

Lesson: Give 'em an inch.

Fish outta water!

Tomorrow, I'll post a re-cap of the New Kids on the Block concert (f. Nelly and TLC!!} that I went to on Thursday night. I'm still trying to summarize my excitement from the experience, so I hope you'll stay tuned to read about the 'Boys.

Lesson: Moments may pass, but memories they last.

Mr. Knight can still SAAAANG!

I had my first Snapchat experience a few days ago. It was epic. Truly. Some know the real reason exactly why it was so epic {#IsntItIronic}...but for now, I'll just say I'mma Snapchattin' Supastar.

Lesson: Right in the middle of an ordinary summer day, life hands you a tiny surprise.

{Backyard Camping}
While I was busy channeling my 10 year old self and dancing Step by Step, my chicklets were making memories of their own. They "camped out" in the backyard - complete with an outdoor movie, campfire, S'mores, glow sticks...and most importantly, some besties! I didn't grow up an outdoorsy-gal, so this Mama Bear was thrilled to see how her cubs thoroughly enjoyed it. I think it's beautiful that they're so fearless! Pretty sure I'll "glamp" with them over the next few weeks. Gotta make it happen.

Lesson: Every summer has a story. Don't be afraid to turn the page.

{Flurry Fun}
Someday I will get to say to the girls, "Remember that time we went to get ice cream and you wore Paw Patrol costumes?

Lesson: Embrace those dog-days of summer.

My darling Grandma was in the hospital all week. My fright was taken to a whole other level - no charts could measure my fear. Nope. She's a freakin' fighter though. Her little sassy-pants self wasn't going to let any sickness dull her sparkle. She rocked a leopard pillowcase, lipstick and hair spray for days. {Ya know what they say about apples, right? Hmmm. Ha!} Dull white hospital walls? Pfft. Nonsense. That sweetheart's bright light made that room POP!

Lesson: You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

Click on this pic to hear one powerful {BA} song by Rachel Platten. I dig it.

Hope you had a nice Fourth, you little firecrackers.