{Dee-tales} Read All About It!

Today is National Fairytale Day!

I love me a whimsical tale, BUT! In celebration of this adorable holiday, I thought I'd dish, in general, about my favorite children's books instead {with ridicuously long explanations} and ask you to tell me about yours.

{Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs}

Let's walk down memory lane, shall we? Let's waltz alllll the way back to when I was a wee 5 year old daughter of CoCo + Big M. I remember one special day so vividly - the Kindergarten Book Fair. My classmates and I all had our cute little change-filled envelopes all ready to go. We marched into the library with our pleated plaid uniforms and were told to pick out something fun! I walked past Charlotte, dodged Mother Goose, said {meh} to Little Critters , almost became biffies with Madeline, but happily stumbled upon my one true book love...

T-2: "Just smile at the lady, Sis, and maybe she'll leave us alone."

I earned every single cent that paid for this terrific title. She'll always be my top fave. I could read that book 7,562 times in a row and still want another look. {I have no attention span, so this was major!} My love of graphics started here, I'm 100% sure of it. I used to study every inch of the drawings - line by line, shadow by shadow. I was enchanted. {Entranced! Googly-eyed! Bah!} The Nerd Alert sirens were blasting far and wide.

Obviously, a book that centers around food that falls from the sky was {and always will be} simply magical to me. Call me food obsessed - you have every right! I knows what I likes. I treasured this classic growing up, and I feel that it grew up with me. It was only on the market about 6 years when I bought it, so every time I see it, I get a happy flashback of a younger me. {Gahhhd, I loved being a kid!} I'm not joking when I say the original copy sits neatly tucked away in our safe.

Much to my surprise, in 2009, I heard that it was going to be turned into a movie. I gasped. I didn't want to see it. I have no clue how to explain this, but I didn't want anything to change my version of the story. But...I watched the first few minutes of it. And...promptly changed the channel. I know I'm an adult, but you've got to be kidding me!

{Mrs. Piggle Wiggle}

Grandma RoRo used to take me and Sheesh to the library every single time we slept over her house. {Every. Single. Time.} We loved going with her. We knew that however many books we'd check out {which was the absolute limit they'd allow! 15? 20?}, Ro would read every single one to us. {Every. Single. One.} It was our Grammie/Granddaughter time with her. She never once rushed us when we'd try to pronounce words. She never once smirked when we'd asked her to read us something for the 8,953rd time. She never once flubbed the words or skipped a few pages get to the end quicker.{Oh, how I wish I could only be like her these days! hehe}. Ro spent quality time with us - and if it meant walking a few blocks with her to the 'Brary - we did it - because we knew we'd have her attention {Every. Single. Second.}.

One of our favorite picks was Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. A few years ago, Ro checked it out and gave it to me for my birthday, just for fun. It's so old it still had the card in it that you had to write your name on. The 'Brary peeps must just be keeping it there for sentimental value. {Nice!} That little lady absolutely ruined my mascara! {Sweetheart.}

{Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas}

I'll admit - I heard about it on HBO first! We now own the DVD and every grainy little line that's on it makes my heart skip a beat. It's old, you can see the strings  that move the little muppety characters, and the sound is a bit...off...but Jim Henson did a fine job bringing this nifty number to life. Emmett and his Mama both try to figure out a way to buy Christmas gifts for each other. This one gives ya all the feels.

{Anything by Seuss}

Rhymes, man. My rapping foundations started here.

{Where the Sidewalk Ends}

Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout. It's where I learned my fave style of writing...no doubt!

{Little Mr./Miss}

All of 'em. The colors, the faces, the story lines. All of 'em! I like how different they all were. The series taught me about all types of 'peeps.  A few years ago, I heard Stella McCartney created a children's wear line that was inspired by these books. Hargreaves even created a signature "Little Miss Stella" character for the invites to her show. {Epic!}

{Amelia Bedelia}

She's a funny loon who takes things super-duper literally and ends up baking something by the end of the book. I totally dig her style and penchant for puns. "Dress the chicken" for dinner? A classic womp womp for sure.

{Berenstain Bears}

This shoe-less family always got into odd situations, and somehow, they always found a way out of them. That's what fam is all about, right? {The one about strangers spooked me to no end though. I credit my paranoia to these goofy grizzlies.}

They spoke to my soul.


Ohhh, good 'ol Bev penned some tales about the age old big sis/little sis combo. Sheesh and I eventually loved watching the t.v. show version.

{Golden Books}

You couldn't really go wrong with any of them. Almost everyone has either read, seen or heard of these. I recently heard of a humorous take on this series, and someday I'm going to buy this: {Everything I Need To Know I Learned From A Golden Book}. Be sure to click on the picture of the book for a peak inside the pages of this parody.

Honorable Mention: I know it's not considered a "children's" book, but I'd be remiss if I wrote about faves and didn't give a proper shout out to The Baby-Sitter's Club. Raise your hand if you, too, had thoughts about building a little empire in your 'hood. Keep 'em up! Way up!!!

So there ya have it! A little sampling of my faves. You still with me? Hope so! Because I want to spotlight a sweet book company...Usborne Books...and share some swag with you. The wonderful teachers at the Twinado's school ADORE this company. I had never heard of them until last year when they sponsored a Book Fair. Admittedly, I really didn't want to look in to order anything because I had already started a little collection for the chicas...and I knew once I fell, I'd fall hard. I thought I was all set...until the vibrant, colorful, happy covers caught my eye.

Darn it! Here I go again!

Someone pick me up.

I saw volumes and volumes of REALLY neat topics for kids of all ages. Puzzles, flash cards, stickers, activity packs - they even have eBook, holiday, seasonal and SPANISH selections! {O, Dios mio!} The pages are inviting and the perfectly placed fonts are extremely engaging. And, they have apps. So many, many, many apps. I'd babble on, but hop on over and check them out fo' yourself!

Click here!




In keeping with tradition, I'm going to note that I'm not a consultant...but I sure know a cool one! Just a wacky broad who likes to spread the good word about fun finds.}

Meet {E.A.} - dear friend, super Mama, all-around chill gal...and might I add, a humbled, super star of an athlete. {I'm not kidding - this girl's athletic prowess is beyond compare and should have its own blog!} If you're interested in earning Usborne classics for FREE, give E.A. a buzz. She'll hook you up with a single order, or she can help you host an in-home shin dig . She can even help you kick off a laid-back Facie event for an even easier way to party! {Think shopping in jammies!}

Out of the 2,000-plus titles in print, E.A. has gifted the CoCo-nuts family with a little prize! Head on over to the Facie page for more details on how YOU could take home this gem.

Check out these deets!

The End!


{Dee-tales} You Tube? I Tube.

I've had a very dear friend for a very long time. Her name is You Tube and she's a spazz. The perfect kind of spazz. One minute she'll show me the Mockingjay movie trailer clip...3:18 later, she'll enchant me with Mr. Sheeran's melodies...and 14:56 later she'll teach me how to ombre' frost a cake. She's always full of surprises!

{See, isn't she special?}

Okay, okay...enough of the flowery words of comparison. I'll cut the chat so we can get right down to biz. You Tube rocks and it's changing the world. I'm sure of it! You can totes find anything and everything on there. I love it to the moon and back. And, back again.

I thought I'd share some of my faves, so you'd share some of yours! First up will be the Chicas...and I'll make a sequel post on Bros sometime soon. Here we go!...

Genius. Genius. Genius. There is no better word to describe the brilliance of this site. She deserves top spot and not a step less. When the Twinados and I stumbled upon her channel, we were literally entranced. {Blank stare, jaw to the floor, slow breathing, top whites of the eyes showing.} This cheerful lady with a Cinderellie voice opens up kids' toys, assembles them and plays with them for a few seconds. She sports sweet-stickered manis and all sorts of bracelets. Some of her videos are quick, and others fell from the sky {the 13:52-ers}. I noticed that the girls were sitting STILL from the first press of the play button! They'd laugh. They'd comment. They'd answer the lady's questions. It was epic. When I turned to my personal FB page to give a shout out to her highness, the DC army joined me in praising the queen. So many of my friends knew about her! {So neat!} Made me love them all even more.

Note: Once your sweeties are hooked on DC, you can't really switch to anyone else. It's not the same. They'll know. They'll SO know. 

The Twinados' version of DC. #nailedit #bahaha

{What's Up Moms}

My first run-in with this adorable channel stemmed from their spoof on Iggy Azalea's "I'm So Fancy" video. Theirs was called, "I'm So Pregnant." The cuteness factor was off the charts! I've been a loyal fan of their content since June 2014. This trio of stunningly gorge Moms collab to release videos every Monday, Wednesday + Friday. You'll see anything from Do-It-Yourselfies to healthy recipes to funny skits. Check this channel out to totally add some sunshine to your day. {They even made a parody of a Disney Collector video - priceless!}


{Glozell Green}


I can't remember the exact magazine that showed Rosanna Pansino's rainbow cake recipe, but it peaked my interest, so I checked out her You Tube channel. Once there, I felt like I was in Disney World with a little princess for a host. This girl is vibrant to the max! Her kitchen prep area is bright, fun and CLEAN. She's spot-on with her recipes and she exudes talent. She jokes throughout the segments and the overall vibe of the channel is lighthearted and whimsical. Check out her shows and keep an eye out for the "challenges" she does with her sweet sister, Mo. {Ex: Oreo, Hamburger, Smoothie, etc.}

Here's a pic I found of her Maleficent Candy Apples. {So dope!}


I can't even begin to describe this gem. The host is Mamrie, and I'm fairly certain she could make a stone laugh right out loud. She's one of the funniest gals on the planet, and her comedic flow is perfectly timed. {...And I don't even think she plans on it!} She's not afraid to cuss...so I hope you're not afraid to listen! She's an absolute natural, and she has another channel called "You Deserve a Drink" - where she toasts to whomever needs a glass 'o courage that week. Puns galore. {I totally adore!} Check her channel out for a laugh and a half!

This cool chick is BFFs with Mamrie and was born to be a comedian. Her vlogs show that she's real, she's chill, and she's down to Earth. A rare find!

{Auntie Fee}

If she had a fan club, I'd campaign to the ends of the Earth to be its Prez!

Enough said. If you haven't heard of her by now...OH MY GOSH!

Pretty sure make-up was invented so she could tell us all how to put it on! This glam gal knows her stuff and she's a true trendsetter. Her videos show her favorites and UNfavorites. She gives you a lot of detail on lots of beauty products on the market. I'm a Clinique gal, but she has inspired me to cross party lines!

Bunny is a freaking blast! She is personality plus! Check out her channel to become part of {The Swamp Family}.

{Psycho Soprano}

The nice gal also plays Miranda Sings. {OMG, watch Miranda. Now. Do it!} When I figured this out - it was wild! She's also a genuine gal who invites you into her musical-comedic world. Her fiance Joshua has a channel too. IMO, if YouTube was a high school year book, they'd totally get my vote for cutest couple.

So there ya have it! Some of my top chicas on YouTube. Whose channels do you visit when you're Tubin'?

Until next time...

*** Pics courtesy of You Tube...except the Play Doh Princesses, obvi! ***


{Foodee} Crock Pot Fajitas

It's Meal Plannin' Monday!

As with most cool recipes, KK finds them. 'Memba her? The Friendiversary gal from January? Yep. That KK. She not only dishes up good convo, but she serves up a mean meal to boot.

We were gabbing on the phone one day and she mentioned that she stumbled upon a life-changing fajita recipe on Pinterest. I begged for the deets! She shared. {Because she cares.}

Here's a quickie recipe you can fix today and forgettabout planning dinner tomorrow. This one will go FAST. Double the recipe and use the mix in quesadillas, tacos and even in Mexican pizza. Special props to the originator of this recipe. When I find you, I'll totes link back to your page, chica bonita!

Here we go!

{Crock Pot Fajitas}

1 large sliced onion
3 sliced peppers
1 taco mix packet

Chicken's not really photogenic, ya know?

Place the onions down first...throw in the pepps...top it with chicken...and cover it with taco mix.

Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatro!

Once everything's loaded and ready to roll, cover this cutie and cook her on high for 3-4 hours. Check it frequently and only add a teeny tiny little itsy bitsy SPLASH of water, if needed. The veggies will add enough liquid to this, so you should be all set!

She should look like dis!

When you've shredded your chicken and your tortilla shells are toasty, I hope you'll save this recipe and like it the mosty!


P.S. Oh, and have you heard of these? Try 'em! Clean up will be easy peasy lemon squeezy! {I forgot them this time, but wanted to letcha know!}


Until next time...adios!


I Raked a Roof Today

Listen, Ice Queen -

My Hans are FROZEN Anna can't feel my face.
Go pick on someone Elsa, 'cause I'm about to move from this place!
I'm Kristoff about this weather, and you're not being very nice.
Get back on your Norwegian cruise line or we're seriously gonna fight.

Olaf you {I'm lying},


{p.s. See what I did there? Womp, womp.}

Sigh. I yelled about the groundhog a few weeks ago, and now I'm yelling about 'ol blondie. I'm sorry you all had to read that - but it's gettin' MIGHTY cray over in this snow-covered turtleneck of the woods. I love the seasons and all, but Mama Naytcha is fancyin' some serious winter spice this year. {Lawd!}

Want to know what I did today? I raked a roof. A freaking ROOF! Here's how it went down...

So, this morning I had an eye appointment {no bigs - just a check up} and was told that my vision was getting BETTER! What? I'll take it. I was feeling all youthful, and then it happened. I turned the corner near the front desk and caught a glance out the window. It was snowing. Again. I knew I wasn't just seeing things because the doc just told me my dang eyes improved! {Barf!}

When I got home, the Hubs was getting ready to fire up the snow blower, and I thought, ya know what? Help out, Dee. Suit up and get your toosh outside too. Hubs had a roof rake all set to go, so I went bizalls to the walls and took on the challenge. I decided that if we were gonna tame this beast, we better do it in style. Here's how the next part of my day went down...in Seven Stupid Steps!

1. {B is for Beats}
Hey, Good Lookin! Sky's the Limit, ya Buffalo Soldier! The 3 Bs: Buffet, Biggie + Bob. Why listen to the gross slushy ridiculousness that you're cleaning up? Drown that sheezie right out with a nice mix of melodic magic.

2. {Coats Magoats}
Don't wear an old jank jacket. Prance in a peacoat! Kelly green did the trick for me today. It reminded me of grass the whole time. {Or Gumby. Both are equally uplifting.}

3. {Dream Big}
So I looked at the snow and thought I should think of the frosty piles as something I was getting for free. I love a good discount, so I figured I'd put a little pep in my step if I related this shiz to shopping. I pretended that I was scooping up free powdered sugar for my very own little bakery {Bucket List}. Pretty sure I thief'd enough shuggie to make enough buckeyes to feed the entire population of Ohio times a gajillion. Plus a bajillion. Times 2 championships.

4. {Shades}
They'll keep you lookin' fresh and will block any windy mess.

5. {Heat wave}
When you're dunzo...go inside, crank up the heat, bust out a tank top and take a nap. You deserve it, honey. Even if your heating bill will go up a few hundred Bennys...you deserved that quick little staycation, quite Franklin. Err, I mean, frankly.

6. {Coppertone}
Never underestimate the value of sun tan lotion. Keep it in your casa year-round. Just pop the top, close your eyes and drift off to a land of Miami vices, balmy temps and palm trees. Such a nice, quick, aromatic lil pick me up. Breathe it in, babes.

7. {Cheers}
Toast to your success with a glass that will impress! Cap off your day with something tay-stay!

{Stay tuned for a pic of what we had. Camera battery legit froze up.}

As God is my witness, my CoCo-nuts, I will neva...eva...EVA...complain about the heat. I mean it! You read it here. No complaints. Not a one! 

{Who am I kidding? Yes I will.}

Until next time...


Go Shortie, It's Ya Birfday

It's a BIG day on the blog today.
HUGE...in fact!

We're celebrating a birthday.
Ange's...in fact.

Who is Ange, you say? Let's turn back time.
17.5 years...in fact.

{FACT}: Pick a fight with a potential friend on the first day you meet her/him...and you'll be biffies for eternity...plus infinity.

I'm walking proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks. {Ruff!} There I was - first week of freshman year at college. Big-mouthed, loud, East Coast banshee {I'll never learn!} - chatting it up with my Grams on the phone. Back then, it was "cool" to keep your dorm room's door open from sunrise to sunset. You never knew who was going to walk by! Apparently, I left my manners in the car on Move-In Day, and my family drove alllll 'da way back home with them.

My voice flooded the hallway and I obliviously {and inconsiderately} just kept on dishing. I was yelling about something, blabbing on about whatever, talking about nothing, laughing like a baboon. That's how Grandma Kay Kay and I roll - we're each other's crutch, and we're thick as thieves. Good-thieves. We drift into our own little world, and it's tough to pull us out. Having each other just a cordless phone call away is wind beneath our slightly wicked wings.

{Back to Ange.}

So, as I was barbarically yammering, this lil' brunette girl waltzes right into my room, walks right up to me with a blank stare and says, "Can you seriously quiet down, because other people are trying to think"...to my face. My face!!!


Excuse me?


Get back here!

Oh, heck naw, this Italian-looking girl...didn't...just.

I sat there squint-faced for a second, told The Kayster I'd call her back in 5, and looked around my room all shifty-eyed. My first reaction was to go settle things with some oh-no-you-didn'ts, are you kidding mes and mind your own bidnesses....but you want to know what happened?

Never in my life was I told to basically, "shut the heezie up!" {Well, besiiiides the obvi "pep talks" from CoCo/Big M/ Sheesh} There I was - a newbie in "foreign" territory - starting off on a pretty shaky wrong foot with someone. I could either seal my fate with a dig or remedy the situation.

{I apologized.}

This was BIG.
HUGE...in fact.

She listed to my spiel and chuckled.
And, ironically asked me to become best friends...in fact.

I met one of my nearest and dearests by being a rude idiot.

{It was the strangest, most pivotal experience ever. I adore it!}

Now, I'm not telling you to go around screaming at people to make friends, now, ya hear me? Hmm? Do ya?! {haha} I have so many stories about "LaLa" that will find their way on here someday, but I just wanted to share a special snippit with you on one of my MOST favorite days of the year - when the world was graced with her beautiful face! Let's toast to the girl who put me in my place!

Cheers to you, Ange. My paisan!
So glad we got a fight out of our system on day one. Boom!
{Sorry that was the only time I've ever really shut up since.}

Until next time, CoCo-nuts!....




Yesterday was National Random Act of Kindness Day! I had planned to babble about it, but this mind 'o mine is frozen these days. Straight up, certified, genuine...frigid. I've forgotten what the sun looks like. I've seriously been tempted to Google it. {Help!}

I managed to thaw my thoughts this morning, so now it's time to talk! Whoever started this little kindness movement needs a big fat grizzly bear hug. I grew up seeing and doing random-acts-of kindness, but they never actually had a "title." Pretty sure RAKs gained an official "name" when people started paying for other people's coffee a Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, etc. and it started catching on. As a coffee-drinking-wannabe, I always thought that was so neat!

There are several special RAKs I've received in my life that still squeeze me right around the heart when I think of them. Here they are...

{The Receipt}

The hubs and I went to a CPR refresher class when the gals were teeny tiny little ladies. The class let out a bit earlier than expected, so we thought we'd grab a quick bite to eat before heading back to our president and vice president. We stopped for some eats and chatted up the young waitress. Somehow, our little bosses were mentioned and she told us that SHE was a twin herself!

She reminisced about growing up as a twin - matching outfits, same friends, shared toys, etc. She praised her parents and remarked about the routines they enforced as she grew up in the zany world of multiples. {She "got" us.} It was neat to hear her recall such fond memories of her youth and really treasure Twin Town. {Gave us hope that our chicklets will act like that during the teenage years!} When we were all set with din, she stopped back at our table with the receipt and said her shift was over...and another waitress would be back to settle our bill. She smirked, then raced away. We exchanged g'byes and opened the folder.

She comp'ed the bill.

No words! As newbie parents, it was like a big pat on the back like, "You're doing great!" We felt so special. As a token of our appreciation, we returned the RAK right then and there. {Due to her note saying not to tell her manager...we think she paid for it out of pocket.} We paid double for the bill, included a double tip, left her a note to keep all the extra and said to tell her parents that we hope we can raise our daughters to be just like her. On our way out, we caught a glimpse of her starting to wait on another table. She fibbed about leaving. That's the best part of RAKs...you don't need a big show; just a big heart.

I won't post the restaurant's name, buuuut...
peanut shells and cinnamon butter own the joint.
{Wink, wink!}

{Aww, Admissions}

While working in college admissions way back in the day, I met so many interesting people. I loved every single day of it because I never knew who I was going to meet! I've said it before, but it's a joy to know that some of the families truly became part of mine! There's nothing like making a good, solid connection with people. That job was a such a feel-good place to work.

I was assigned the entire East Coast, but if no one was visiting from the area that day, I'd cover for other counselors and speak on their behalf to their prospectives. {I'd warn the fams in advance that my loud hometown demeanor maaaaay pop up in the interviews. They all seemed cool about it.}

I never ever expected anything after students enrolled, but when I received the following items over the years, I was speechless. {So rare!} I think being so far away from my own family made me an even bigger sentimental sap than I already was. It felt so nice to be thought of...and the unexpected treats from back home really kept me going! These ones stood out...

* A 6-lb. bag of gummy bears
* A Wegmans care package with chips, sponge candy + pancake mix
* Wedding gifts
* Christmas cookies/fudge
* A "D" keychain {that's still with me!}

I could go on and list many others, but I will save them for a future Admissions post. I know that when it's time for the Twinados to hit up higher education, I'll surely pay these sweet surprises forward.


{C is for Christmas}

Without going in to too much detail, some sweeter-than-sweet friends of mine {PSA: cutest couple in the land} left me an unexpected Christmas gift. They told me the reason...and I was completely floored. I teared up instantly and felt very blessed to have such kick-toosh friends.  The bag contained all of my favorite treats and a beyond beloved item in the bag was a new box of Frankenberries. {What the?! How the?! Where the?!} Seeing that smooshy mushy monster's face in the middle of December made me want to do a back hand spring! {Obvi, I didn't though. I didn't want to scare them, ya know?} What a way to spread some Christmas cheer. I probably went overboard thanking them, but I was honestly touched.

Halloween. Ya know what I mean?

I know I've overstayed my welcome today, so I'll plan another RAK love note for the future. Have you given/received a RAK? Tell us! Leave a comment below or head over to the Facebook page to tell us about it. You never know if your story could inspire something great!

Until next time...

{p.s. Like what you've been reading? Tell a friend and have them follow here or on FB if they fancy! Thanks darlins.}


{Foodee} Buffalo Mac 'n Cheese

{Yep...another recipe. We're holed up in the house because Elsa can't stand any of us over here, so all we do is think about food. Blame that platinum princess!}

Here we go!...

For some 'peeps, tomorrow is FAT TUESDAY. For some other 'peeps, it's just a regular 'ol day after Moody Monday. Whoever we are, and from whatever walk of life we're from...in the name of butter and all that's holy, let's just join together to chow. {You down?}

Who doesn't love a good celebration that's based on high-calorie content? Even my most gorgeous greenie friends have to {secretly} agree - that's a pretty amazeballs concept.

So, in honor of this decadent day, I thought I'd share the biggest, boldest, baddest mamma-jamma of a recipe that we make. There's no way to even measure the ridiculousness of this dish - and quite Frank's-Red-Hot-Saucely, we don't want to even know!

This beaut can feed a crowd and even fill your work fridge for a few days after your feast. She shapes up nicely and plays well with others in the freezer. Meet: Buffalo Mac 'n Cheese. She's adorable. A freaking fabulous fusion of comfort food gone wild. As with other blended beauties, I wonder how this magic was created. For this one, I picture a goofy guy in B-lo {holla 716!} at a party. He can't decide what to choose. Buff Chicken Dip or Homemade Macaroni and Cheese. He's torn. He's making room on the plate. He's just not able to decide. He goes for it. He puts one on top of the other. He tries it.


He's gone bat-shizz crazy!

Even if it didn't go down exactly like that, we can all raise a ramekin of blue cheese in someone's honor today because they figured out how to make this perfect pan of pyrex preciousness.

We follow this Food Network recipe to a T.

I'm not a chef. {I'm just a total wanna be.}
I'm not a cook. {I'm just a big fat old fashioned foodie.}
I'm not a recipe rule follower. {I eyeball ingredients for e'ryting.}

Those last 3 statements couldn't be more true. but I tossed the third one out the window and decided to not go rogue on this one. Glad I did! Try this out tomorrow and your Tuesday will be spicy, saucy and down right bossy.

Original Recipe from The Food Network: {Click Here}

Here is an ingredient list for easy ref:

OK so I may have fibbed...we don't really add the celery, but she balanced out the pic so I let her cute face have a nice 'lil photo bomb.

Until next time...


{Foodee} Frog Prince Oreos

How did your Valentine's Day Weekend go? Mine went like this: a Fifty Shades of Grey movie outing on the 13th to celebrate GALentine's Day with some of my coolest gal pals...then on the 14th, an epic comedy show + hibachi with some darling dear friends. The Twinados gave us footprint hearts they made at school, and some heart-shaped brownie batter filled donuts from Dunkin' dropped by for a visit. It was beautiful!

Did you have a Valentine? Did you find your prince? If not, let me please play Cupid. The weekend's not over yet, so whip up a batch of these green goodies and slap on some Vicky's lip gloss. You could be just a smooch away from becoming royalty! Worth a shot? {Ahem...I'll be honored to rap a song at the wedding.}

{Frog Prince Oreos}

Kissy Kissy.


Green chocolate melting wafers
Candy Eyes
Party pretzels
Sour Punch bites

Melt your chocolate. Dip your pretzels, then set them aside in pairs {double loop side facing out/make the single loops super close, but don't let them touch}. Dip your Oreos, then place them on top of the pretzel pairs. When the choco on the Oreo has sat for a minute or so, pop on some candy eyes. Slice a triangle out of a Sour Punch bite and add a tongue to the lil highness. That's it!

I saw this quick + easy little treat leaping around Pinterest a few weeks ago {a few versions} and thought I'd give it a test drive today. They were a yummy mix of sweet + salty. Just like my attitude! {Haha} Next time I'll add dark green polka dots to these little dudes. Hope you'll try these!


{Foodee} Chocolate Peanut Butter Heart Tart

'Tis the season of love and sugary sweets!
Skip your meal darlin'...
'Cause it's dessert you want to eat.

It's time to make something for your dear sweetheart.
Whip up a peanut butter chocolate tart!

... {Or, easy on the PB if it's not your thang.}

{Chocolate Peanut Butter Heart Tart}

I found this recipe on a rock star of a cooking web site, Annie's Eats. {The girl is a kitchen magician!} WOW, does she make some masterpieces! Here's my version of her recipe. The whole curly edged tart pan scared the bejeezie outta me many moons ago, but it was on my Bucket List so I jumped right in. I make mine with a heart just for an extra pinch of lovey doveyness {always}. Hope you'll try it. Show me if you do!

I made a tart. Word.

Here's the original recipe with Annie's adorably swirled lines of ganache and peanut butter. I opted to put the melted PB in a squeeze bottle so I could put a 'lil PB bite 'o love in the middle. 

Original Recipe - {Click Here}

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend, my CoCo-Nuts! No matter who you are out there - married, single, ready to mingle - live it up! {Because I said so.}

Until next time...