{Foodee} Chocolate Peanut Butter Heart Tart

'Tis the season of love and sugary sweets!
Skip your meal darlin'...
'Cause it's dessert you want to eat.

It's time to make something for your dear sweetheart.
Whip up a peanut butter chocolate tart!

... {Or, easy on the PB if it's not your thang.}

{Chocolate Peanut Butter Heart Tart}

I found this recipe on a rock star of a cooking web site, Annie's Eats. {The girl is a kitchen magician!} WOW, does she make some masterpieces! Here's my version of her recipe. The whole curly edged tart pan scared the bejeezie outta me many moons ago, but it was on my Bucket List so I jumped right in. I make mine with a heart just for an extra pinch of lovey doveyness {always}. Hope you'll try it. Show me if you do!

I made a tart. Word.

Here's the original recipe with Annie's adorably swirled lines of ganache and peanut butter. I opted to put the melted PB in a squeeze bottle so I could put a 'lil PB bite 'o love in the middle. 

Original Recipe - {Click Here}

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend, my CoCo-Nuts! No matter who you are out there - married, single, ready to mingle - live it up! {Because I said so.}

Until next time...

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