{Foodee} Frog Prince Oreos

How did your Valentine's Day Weekend go? Mine went like this: a Fifty Shades of Grey movie outing on the 13th to celebrate GALentine's Day with some of my coolest gal pals...then on the 14th, an epic comedy show + hibachi with some darling dear friends. The Twinados gave us footprint hearts they made at school, and some heart-shaped brownie batter filled donuts from Dunkin' dropped by for a visit. It was beautiful!

Did you have a Valentine? Did you find your prince? If not, let me please play Cupid. The weekend's not over yet, so whip up a batch of these green goodies and slap on some Vicky's lip gloss. You could be just a smooch away from becoming royalty! Worth a shot? {Ahem...I'll be honored to rap a song at the wedding.}

{Frog Prince Oreos}

Kissy Kissy.


Green chocolate melting wafers
Candy Eyes
Party pretzels
Sour Punch bites

Melt your chocolate. Dip your pretzels, then set them aside in pairs {double loop side facing out/make the single loops super close, but don't let them touch}. Dip your Oreos, then place them on top of the pretzel pairs. When the choco on the Oreo has sat for a minute or so, pop on some candy eyes. Slice a triangle out of a Sour Punch bite and add a tongue to the lil highness. That's it!

I saw this quick + easy little treat leaping around Pinterest a few weeks ago {a few versions} and thought I'd give it a test drive today. They were a yummy mix of sweet + salty. Just like my attitude! {Haha} Next time I'll add dark green polka dots to these little dudes. Hope you'll try these!

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