{Foodee} Buffalo Mac 'n Cheese

{Yep...another recipe. We're holed up in the house because Elsa can't stand any of us over here, so all we do is think about food. Blame that platinum princess!}

Here we go!...

For some 'peeps, tomorrow is FAT TUESDAY. For some other 'peeps, it's just a regular 'ol day after Moody Monday. Whoever we are, and from whatever walk of life we're from...in the name of butter and all that's holy, let's just join together to chow. {You down?}

Who doesn't love a good celebration that's based on high-calorie content? Even my most gorgeous greenie friends have to {secretly} agree - that's a pretty amazeballs concept.

So, in honor of this decadent day, I thought I'd share the biggest, boldest, baddest mamma-jamma of a recipe that we make. There's no way to even measure the ridiculousness of this dish - and quite Frank's-Red-Hot-Saucely, we don't want to even know!

This beaut can feed a crowd and even fill your work fridge for a few days after your feast. She shapes up nicely and plays well with others in the freezer. Meet: Buffalo Mac 'n Cheese. She's adorable. A freaking fabulous fusion of comfort food gone wild. As with other blended beauties, I wonder how this magic was created. For this one, I picture a goofy guy in B-lo {holla 716!} at a party. He can't decide what to choose. Buff Chicken Dip or Homemade Macaroni and Cheese. He's torn. He's making room on the plate. He's just not able to decide. He goes for it. He puts one on top of the other. He tries it.


He's gone bat-shizz crazy!

Even if it didn't go down exactly like that, we can all raise a ramekin of blue cheese in someone's honor today because they figured out how to make this perfect pan of pyrex preciousness.

We follow this Food Network recipe to a T.

I'm not a chef. {I'm just a total wanna be.}
I'm not a cook. {I'm just a big fat old fashioned foodie.}
I'm not a recipe rule follower. {I eyeball ingredients for e'ryting.}

Those last 3 statements couldn't be more true. but I tossed the third one out the window and decided to not go rogue on this one. Glad I did! Try this out tomorrow and your Tuesday will be spicy, saucy and down right bossy.

Original Recipe from The Food Network: {Click Here}

Here is an ingredient list for easy ref:

OK so I may have fibbed...we don't really add the celery, but she balanced out the pic so I let her cute face have a nice 'lil photo bomb.

Until next time...

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