Yesterday was National Random Act of Kindness Day! I had planned to babble about it, but this mind 'o mine is frozen these days. Straight up, certified, genuine...frigid. I've forgotten what the sun looks like. I've seriously been tempted to Google it. {Help!}

I managed to thaw my thoughts this morning, so now it's time to talk! Whoever started this little kindness movement needs a big fat grizzly bear hug. I grew up seeing and doing random-acts-of kindness, but they never actually had a "title." Pretty sure RAKs gained an official "name" when people started paying for other people's coffee a Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, etc. and it started catching on. As a coffee-drinking-wannabe, I always thought that was so neat!

There are several special RAKs I've received in my life that still squeeze me right around the heart when I think of them. Here they are...

{The Receipt}

The hubs and I went to a CPR refresher class when the gals were teeny tiny little ladies. The class let out a bit earlier than expected, so we thought we'd grab a quick bite to eat before heading back to our president and vice president. We stopped for some eats and chatted up the young waitress. Somehow, our little bosses were mentioned and she told us that SHE was a twin herself!

She reminisced about growing up as a twin - matching outfits, same friends, shared toys, etc. She praised her parents and remarked about the routines they enforced as she grew up in the zany world of multiples. {She "got" us.} It was neat to hear her recall such fond memories of her youth and really treasure Twin Town. {Gave us hope that our chicklets will act like that during the teenage years!} When we were all set with din, she stopped back at our table with the receipt and said her shift was over...and another waitress would be back to settle our bill. She smirked, then raced away. We exchanged g'byes and opened the folder.

She comp'ed the bill.

No words! As newbie parents, it was like a big pat on the back like, "You're doing great!" We felt so special. As a token of our appreciation, we returned the RAK right then and there. {Due to her note saying not to tell her manager...we think she paid for it out of pocket.} We paid double for the bill, included a double tip, left her a note to keep all the extra and said to tell her parents that we hope we can raise our daughters to be just like her. On our way out, we caught a glimpse of her starting to wait on another table. She fibbed about leaving. That's the best part of RAKs...you don't need a big show; just a big heart.

I won't post the restaurant's name, buuuut...
peanut shells and cinnamon butter own the joint.
{Wink, wink!}

{Aww, Admissions}

While working in college admissions way back in the day, I met so many interesting people. I loved every single day of it because I never knew who I was going to meet! I've said it before, but it's a joy to know that some of the families truly became part of mine! There's nothing like making a good, solid connection with people. That job was a such a feel-good place to work.

I was assigned the entire East Coast, but if no one was visiting from the area that day, I'd cover for other counselors and speak on their behalf to their prospectives. {I'd warn the fams in advance that my loud hometown demeanor maaaaay pop up in the interviews. They all seemed cool about it.}

I never ever expected anything after students enrolled, but when I received the following items over the years, I was speechless. {So rare!} I think being so far away from my own family made me an even bigger sentimental sap than I already was. It felt so nice to be thought of...and the unexpected treats from back home really kept me going! These ones stood out...

* A 6-lb. bag of gummy bears
* A Wegmans care package with chips, sponge candy + pancake mix
* Wedding gifts
* Christmas cookies/fudge
* A "D" keychain {that's still with me!}

I could go on and list many others, but I will save them for a future Admissions post. I know that when it's time for the Twinados to hit up higher education, I'll surely pay these sweet surprises forward.


{C is for Christmas}

Without going in to too much detail, some sweeter-than-sweet friends of mine {PSA: cutest couple in the land} left me an unexpected Christmas gift. They told me the reason...and I was completely floored. I teared up instantly and felt very blessed to have such kick-toosh friends.  The bag contained all of my favorite treats and a beyond beloved item in the bag was a new box of Frankenberries. {What the?! How the?! Where the?!} Seeing that smooshy mushy monster's face in the middle of December made me want to do a back hand spring! {Obvi, I didn't though. I didn't want to scare them, ya know?} What a way to spread some Christmas cheer. I probably went overboard thanking them, but I was honestly touched.

Halloween. Ya know what I mean?

I know I've overstayed my welcome today, so I'll plan another RAK love note for the future. Have you given/received a RAK? Tell us! Leave a comment below or head over to the Facebook page to tell us about it. You never know if your story could inspire something great!

Until next time...

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