Go Shortie, It's Ya Birfday

It's a BIG day on the blog today.
HUGE...in fact!

We're celebrating a birthday.
Ange's...in fact.

Who is Ange, you say? Let's turn back time.
17.5 years...in fact.

{FACT}: Pick a fight with a potential friend on the first day you meet her/him...and you'll be biffies for eternity...plus infinity.

I'm walking proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks. {Ruff!} There I was - first week of freshman year at college. Big-mouthed, loud, East Coast banshee {I'll never learn!} - chatting it up with my Grams on the phone. Back then, it was "cool" to keep your dorm room's door open from sunrise to sunset. You never knew who was going to walk by! Apparently, I left my manners in the car on Move-In Day, and my family drove alllll 'da way back home with them.

My voice flooded the hallway and I obliviously {and inconsiderately} just kept on dishing. I was yelling about something, blabbing on about whatever, talking about nothing, laughing like a baboon. That's how Grandma Kay Kay and I roll - we're each other's crutch, and we're thick as thieves. Good-thieves. We drift into our own little world, and it's tough to pull us out. Having each other just a cordless phone call away is wind beneath our slightly wicked wings.

{Back to Ange.}

So, as I was barbarically yammering, this lil' brunette girl waltzes right into my room, walks right up to me with a blank stare and says, "Can you seriously quiet down, because other people are trying to think"...to my face. My face!!!


Excuse me?


Get back here!

Oh, heck naw, this Italian-looking girl...didn't...just.

I sat there squint-faced for a second, told The Kayster I'd call her back in 5, and looked around my room all shifty-eyed. My first reaction was to go settle things with some oh-no-you-didn'ts, are you kidding mes and mind your own bidnesses....but you want to know what happened?

Never in my life was I told to basically, "shut the heezie up!" {Well, besiiiides the obvi "pep talks" from CoCo/Big M/ Sheesh} There I was - a newbie in "foreign" territory - starting off on a pretty shaky wrong foot with someone. I could either seal my fate with a dig or remedy the situation.

{I apologized.}

This was BIG.
HUGE...in fact.

She listed to my spiel and chuckled.
And, ironically asked me to become best friends...in fact.

I met one of my nearest and dearests by being a rude idiot.

{It was the strangest, most pivotal experience ever. I adore it!}

Now, I'm not telling you to go around screaming at people to make friends, now, ya hear me? Hmm? Do ya?! {haha} I have so many stories about "LaLa" that will find their way on here someday, but I just wanted to share a special snippit with you on one of my MOST favorite days of the year - when the world was graced with her beautiful face! Let's toast to the girl who put me in my place!

Cheers to you, Ange. My paisan!
So glad we got a fight out of our system on day one. Boom!
{Sorry that was the only time I've ever really shut up since.}

Until next time, CoCo-nuts!....

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