*** This is a super NEW section...and a definite work in progress, but come along for the ride!*** 


This is the "Greener and Cleaner" side of CoCo's Daughter! In this section, you'll find a collection of Earth-friendly tips, lighter fare menus, fitness finds, and more! Nestled right in the middle of my heavy on the butter, don't hold the mayo, yes add the extra cheese, over-the-top heart, you'll find a soft spot for all-things health now. {Gasp! Right?!} I discovered this side of me while taking on the 21-Day Fix challenge by Beachbody...and I'm not letting her go. Click here to read about it!


Now, I sure do love me a nice juicy cheddar cheeseburger on a grilled garlic sourdough bun with a peanut butter cup chocolate milkshake and a side of bacon ranch fries...but sometimes {sometimes!} hummus-crusted chicken on crisp romaine with a homemade dijon vinaigrette just floats my boat. {Never thought the last part of that sentence would ever end up on here!}


In late March 2015, a box of rainbow-colored 21-Day Fix containers was waiting at my doorstep. Always one to be intrigued by new adventures, I realized I had never tackled one that was fitness-related. Ever! Hmmph. So, plain and simple...this blog section is the love story of me and fitness. #FitFatty is now what I proudly like to call myself because while I grew up with a carefree carb mindset, I realized you can teach an old dog new table tricks. I'm not ready to abandon my red velvet just yet {oh, Heavens, noooo, honey child!} But, I am ready to fuse fitness and food fun.

{Soul Quote}
I want to make my high-calorie cake and find a way to eat it too!


I'm the Jeckyl and Hyde of this generation because if a hearty slice of lasagna happens to find its sweet way onto my plate, you better believe it's going to soon become BFFs with a side of spinach salad and cardio for dessert. Join me in the #FITFOODIE Movement!

{5.11.15} Vegetti

{6.9.15} Confetti Veggetti

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