Confetti Veggetti

I'm on a Veggetti kick. I'm sorry! Kind of.

We've been loving our fried up zoodles in olive oil and garlic salt, but this weekend we felt like kicking things up a notch. As in, a Mediterranean notch! And so, Confetti Veggetti was born.

We'll soon be attending a local Greek Fest, so we thought we'd bust out the Cavender's Greek seasoning we keep on hand at all times and see what we could do to put a twist on a summer dinner side dish. This little yummy is served cold and provides a refreshing pinch to your plate. Hope you'll test this one out!

{Confetti Veggetti}

2 zucchini
Grape tomatoes
Black olives
1 seedless cucumber
Feta cheese
2T olive oil
2T fresh lemon juice
Cavender's Greek spice

{Optional: Kalamata Olives}

There's no "true" recipe to this dish...just a nice old fashioned eyeballin' approach! Slice up those zucchini with your Veggetti maker...cut up your tomatoes and olives into tiny discs...dice up the seedless cucumber and toss everything together.

For the dressing, mix the olive oil and lemon juice in a separate bowl, and add about 2t of Cavender's to start. Whisk everything together and pour it over the veggie mix when you're ready to serve! {It could get mushy if you put it on ahead of time.}

When dressing has been added, sprinkle on some more Cavender's to your liking. {We eventually go overboard. It's incredible!} Finally, add feta cheese to the top when you're ready to serve this beauty.


You need this. You need LOTS of this. Keep it in your pantry, sprinkle it on anything. Potatoes, chicken, pasta...whatevs. Just know...you need this.

Opa-leeeeze try this!

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