A Basketball Cake Mold Woke Me Up

Father's Day is almost here! So, cheers to the Dads. I raise you a beer!

Okay, okay, okay...enough of the corny rhymes. Let's get down to bidness. We have gifts to plan.

I'm a gift giver. Love it. MORE than love it. Love it like whoa. I adore that one quick instant when a loved one sees you hand them a gift. There's a certain twinkle in their eye, and I've pretty much always been obsessed with seeing it. It's like a big beautiful puffy heart adrenaline rush. {It gives me all da feels.}

So...where my gifters at?! Holla at your girl because we need to chat about this week's big holiday. What are you giving/making/crafting/cooking? Tell me! I've been brainstorming for a few weeks, and finally narrowed down the plans for The Hubs in the baking section at Michael's. I tossed my ideas out the window when I saw The Twinados giggling up a storm at a basketball cake mold. {What the?} I could hardly cut in on the cackling hens in aisle 6.

I realized something in that sweet little corner as T-1 raced toward me with one of Wilton's finest. My baby chicks are observant old ladies now. THEY are turning into gifters. Sure, they've always given us flowers, crayon creations for days, hand print masterpieces, shiny stickers when "we" do good things, etc...but truly seeing the joy in THEIR eyes because they thought they picked out the perfect gift for someone, took me to a whole new level of sappyness.

How presh!

I've seen them do this thousands of times before, but something was different this time. Cool-different!

They knew EXACTLY what they wanted to do to celebrate their Dad. A basketball cake was surely not on "my" list. I had the typical craft, tool, polo shirt, Buckeye wall art, favorite snacks, golf ball ideas all in line for Sweet Sunday. But adios, list. It's their turn to gift. We're off to hunt down some {nothing rhymes with orange} orange frosting!

So...why am I making such a big deal about a silly 'ol basketball cake? Well, because the NBA Finals are going on! And, the chicklets realize it. They reeeeallly realize it. And, I realized just how in tune they are to their surroundings.

The Hubs is a Cavs fan. Born and raised. Pre-King James. {Loyalty, yo.} Our house has had every emotion this side of Lake Erie run through our flat screen over the past few weeks. {Don't get me started on "the press conference" of June 2010. Nope.}

And, they get it! They know their Dad's love of the game he used to play - and that he wears particular shirts when "dose" guys ball in "Keeve-land" - and that he has his cell phone glued to him so he can text his Ohio friends - and that sometimes Dad stays up really late because the guys work "over time" - and there's a player who people "Love" - and the dude named "Delly" doesn't really own a sandwich shop.

So there ya have it! A rambling monologue about a dang cake mold. BUT! I'm so thankful to that darn silver dome because jut for a superfastsecond, I'm soon going to get to see the two halves of my heart get excited to see the twinkle of gift receiving...for just an instant.


*** Stop back to see the finished product! Martha and Stewart already set out their whisks.***

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