Buckeye Baste

Steak. It hasn't always been for {my} dinner.

Tragedy, right?!! I know. I totally know.

Growing up, we just weren't "steak people." It showed up every now and then, but it was more of a prodigal son of sorts. Do we char it? Marinate it? Flame broil? Don't get me started on the cuts. Ohhhh, da cuts! Inside temperature? Let's just have chicken.

What the?

Our house was heavier on pasta, pancetta and pizza pie. Notta one bad thing to say about that! Notta one! {#ProudBambina} Don't get me wrong, steak sometimes lingered in the background of a BBQ, and it was there, but it was just sort of a wallflower, I guess you could say.

Fast forward many a full moon and let's take a trip down memory lane. The Hubs grew up in a meat-and-potatoes world. I'm talkin' almost every night, he had the equivalent of a Ruth's Chris special. AND...he grew up on a farm...so the veggies were literally picked an hour or so before landing themselves on a cutely patterned Corelle. Just thinking about it makes me swoon! {Like for reals - batty lashes, clasped hands under chin, puckered lips-style swoon.}

So, early on while dating {like the first week!}, he asked if he could make me a nice steak dinner. Sure, I thought! And then, of course...all of the famous questions started rolling in.

1. Do you have a favorite cut?
2. How do you like yours cooked?
3. Would you like steak sauce?
4. Do you marinate yours beforehand?
5. How many ounces would you like?

Blah, blah, blah...

Who the?

I got the shakes. And, he could tell I needed a little help...based off of my interesting reply...

1. Nah, I like them all.
2. On the grill.
3. Nah, all over the top is fine.
4. Probably.
5. Oh, well, probably as big as the plate.

Ever the gentleman, he politely chuckled and said, how about I make an old family steak recipe for you? I couldn't have said heck yes fast enough! {Yes. Phew! Please. Take it from here!}

After the last bite, I wasn't sure what just happened. Did I just eat...steak? Like...real steak? {#Dang!} Many thoughts swirled through my head, but the one that stood out the most? GET THAT MARINADE RECIPE!

So, here she is! A fun family recipe that I hope you'll try. Let me know what you think!

Mix all together in a blender.
That's it!

Tip: Our neighbor gave us a nice tip. Set the meat out about 20-30 minutes before you're ready to grill. Get it to room temp. When the meat is "cold" on the grill, it will seize up.  Keeping it at room temp allows it to cook more evenly.

We made this last night for our sweetie pie friends, and The Hubs was ticked at the grill. His steaks have never charred like this! I am blaming the ONE thing I changed in the recipe over the past 14 years. I used REDUCED SODIUM soy sauce. DON'T DO IT!!


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