Krylon Kreations

Krylon Fusion Paint.

You need this, lovies. You need CASES of this, actually, my dearies.

One quick spritz of this magic potion will have you googly-eyed for days. DAYS! There's nothing this sassafrass can't zhoosh up. Sure, good 'ol spray paint can do the same thing, but its Kool Kousin Krylon is really the life of the party. A plastic party. Krylon is {#PerfectForPlastic}. It totally crushes on plastic and won't let go.

We love the Krylon Fusion for Plastic line. TONS of color options...as of today, 31 to be exact! They even make a metallic shimmer version. {Oooh la la!} A can should cost you around $5 give or take. Stop by craft stores and take advantage of those coupons, kiddos! {Click here} for some eye candy.

{Example #1}: We bought an old, VERY used plastic roller coaster toy from Craigslist for pennies. All it needed was a little hug from Krylon and she was as good as new! We scrubbed her down, sanded her up and got down to bidness. The Hubs thought it would be fun to make The Twinados' little car a bit more fierce and fab. So, adding some Harley-D inspired flames seemed natural.

Here's how we did it:

1. We Krylon- painted the side of the car orange.
2. We found a flame pattern online.
3. We printed the pattern on sticky-back paper.
4. We cut out the template and stuck it over the orange.
5. We spray painted the entire car black.
6. We pulled off the flame sticker to reveal the orange.

{Example #2}: Nothing around the house was safe from Krylon after the roller coaster extravaganza. Nope. We spotted an old Cozy Coupe in the corner and had big plan for this little gem. When we bought her for 5 bucks, she had that "vintage" vibe...but Krylon brought her right back to life! We're big fans of our alma mater, so more sticky-back paper templates joined us in our little upcycle. Nothing really fancy schmancy about the design...just a cleaner look and more school spirit!

Road Warrior!

Hey! Eyes on the road, lady.

Got some projects in mind? {Click here} to view a Krylon Fusion Paint makeover from Krylon's official site. Pretty neat what they did to a patio chair and end table!

Have you used Krylon before? Post a pic of your project over on the CD Facie page. Show us and give us all some summer project inspiration! Please and thanks!

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