Veggetti Etti Bo Betti

...Banana Fana Fo Fetti!

Ok, so check it. It's been a minute or two since a product review. {I was sort of getting the shakes!} This one's heavy on the green. A few weeks ago, we discovered...


Zucchini in 'sketti form. Interesting, eh? Pretty sure we're late to the party on this one, but we've totally made peace with being fashionably late. This little number is a beast! And, we're obsessed.

Our local grocery store {a big bad beautiful beast in its own right}, WEGMANS, had perfectly packaged "Veggetti" in the produce section made up of zuccs, yellow squash, a few red onions and a handful of red pepps. {#Cute!} The Hubs and I fried up the mix in some olive oil and added some dashes of garlic salt just to spice things up. It only took a few minutes for it to reach maximum marvelousness.

We paired it with some chicken sausage {2 grams of fat, 3 carbs...are we dreaming?!!} and high fived each other across the table. Literally. {#Dorks!} We were eating vegetables! {#BigKids} We chatted about how we should try to make this at home sometime. We wondered if there was a gadget that we could buy to do this on our own. Could we make this a little cheaper?


Of course we could! If we had looked 2 inches past our hoity toity noses, we would have seen the giant display of $14.99 As Seen on TV wonders ready for the taking. We picked one up and put it to the test tonight. Here's how our experiment went down.


We'll totes drop 99 Abe Lincolns instead of 463. SOLD! Buy one of these bad mamma jammas the next time you're shoppin til you're droppin. High fives to YOU for eating YOUR veggies!

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