{Foodee} Popcorn Cupcakes

Hey there CoCoNuts!

It's been a minute. Or...more like 12 days. {Eeek!} Lots of fun things have been happening this May. I'm looking forward to sharing them with you! For now, I wanted to pass along a recipe for Popcorn Cupcakes. Our family recently hosted a Family Reunion and the theme was Carnival!

Yep...there was a clown.

Yep...I judged.

Yep...I hid.

THIS clown did not carry a concealed machete. THIS clown did not have a goofy laugh. THIS clown was not creepy in the least. I tried to find everything wrong with her...but, this clown was named Tillie, and she was pretty much adorable. And, she gave me a glitter cupcake tattoo.

Crap. Am I becoming a softie? Aww, shucks! {There might be hope for me kicking this phobia after all! We'll see.}

I can't wait to share some of the fine deets on the festivities with you. Today, I'll share what we added to the sweets table: POPCORN CUPCAKES! They are a fusion of Pinterest and Google finds. {#Pinoogle?}


Red velvet cupcakes
Whipped cream cheese frosting
Mini marshmallows
Mini FRUIT marshmallows
Cookie sheet

{Marshmallow Popcorn Prep}

Pick out all of the yellows from the fruit marshmallow bag, then cut them in half and place them on a cookie sheet. Do the same with a bag of mini marshmallows. {NOTE: Keep an eye on your scissors! They will get sticky. You might have to wash them in hot water a few times during the cutting process.}

The yellows in these fab fruities look like butta and add some flava!

{Marshmallow Popcorn Assembly}

Take 2 white marshmallows and press them together at one end...in a V shape. Then, smoosh a yellow wherever you'd like! The more messy and odd-shaped, the better! The cookie sheet is super helpful for storing your finished popcorn pieces.


Frost a cupcake, and press down pieces of "popcorn" all around the edges. Then, fill in the middle. It took about 10 pieces for me to fill the tops of mine. That's it!

Keep it poppin', ya'll!

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