{Dee-I-Y} Cork Board Art Frame

I had sky-high hopes of hitting a garage sale jackpot. I searched for 2-plus years to stumble upon a vintage cork board so I could drive happily home, pop off it's frame, spray paint it in stardust gold and cover it in scroll-patterned fabric. Our fridge is stainless steel and my dreams of proudly hanging the Twinados' art slid right down with each magnet. So, finding a home for marvelous macaroni necklaces, precious paper plate masterpieces and cutie cotton ball beauties had always been on my wish list.

It never happened. I never found it, my shiny quarters sat in my wallet and I ended up ordering one online. When I busted off the frame, it almost fell apart. {Gross.} When I tried to wrap the cork with some of JoAnn's finest, it bunched, unraveled and ripped. {Also gross.} When I went to move it across the room, I tripped. {Beyond gross.} When I went to spray paint the whole thing, it ran, pooled and landed on my Nikes. {The most gross.}

Not today, Pinterest. Not today.

So, I went to The 'Lobby, bought a pre-assembled gem and took her home for the back hallway. 35 beans has brought us so much joy and has saved the lives of many sneakers in the process.

Here she is!

Sometimes it's nice to get all Do-It-Your-Selfy, but whatevs. {Yawn!} We couldn't wait any longer to display such rainbows of happiness such as this...

I can't even!

So, head on out and start your own gallery of goodies! {Show me yours if you did make one though. You're kind of my hero.}

Arrrrrrrgh ya gonna get one?!

Until next time...

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