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I've always been a big fan of words. CoCo + Big M said I was born babbling and the nurses thought it was really funny. {I was most likely trying to baby tawk my way into a few more blankies or a large bag of vending machine Hot Fries. Let's be honest.} I've never really known how to...condense, summarize, get straight to the point, etc. There are too many cool words that need to be used! Ya with me?

My Grandma RoRo {first owner of the family's Ceramic Christmas Tree} always had a Thesaurus on her book shelf. I had no clue how to pronounce the title, but I was way too proud to ask. {Pipsqueak know-it-all. Oy vey.} Realizing that there were even MORE words in the universe to describe things was a complete treat. I'd often find myself asking my sis if she wanted to go sit on the couch davenport with me, if she thought the sun room lenai door was closed or if she had a nice splendid day. {I am surprised that pretty girl's eyes are still in check after all the rolling I caused them.}

My chatty nature prompted me to find a career that would allow me to write down all of what I wanted to say, but in --- proper English --- proper tone --- and proper punctuation. {A real learning experience for this broad, I must say!} I've enjoyed every aspect of it for almost two decades now...and I'm loving how the Blog is allowing me to type out how I actually talk though. It has been a fun outlet to write in both worlds!

So, anyhoo. Back to quotes. {See? I'm at least four-paragraph intro minimum type of gal.} As much as I am a loud and loony, talky tootsie...I'm actually quite shy. Not many people know this. In fact, like 2 people on this Earth know this. {Surprise!} I'm my own strange contradiction. I loudly ramble because I get nervous! Many of you know about my nervous laugh. {It's ok. We all know what that pink elephant sounds like.} So, quotes have always been a saving grace for me when the nerves and the neverending chatter gets the best of me. I soak 'em up! I admire how straightforward some can be, and how they can pack a powerful punch in just a few witty words. I like how they seem to back up the advice of one of my most favorite college professors, {Dr. I!} ...

Here are some of my faves. I know I'm forgetting several gems, so I'll save them for another post! Here we go...

{Live a Good Life. And, in the End, it's not the Years in a Life, it's the Life in the Years}

We don't know how long we'll have on this beautiful blue-green ball - so fill your years with cheers, kids. Live it up, be a good person and start that Bucket List, baby! Book scuba lessons. Learn to Salsa. See the Neon Graveyard in Vegas. Get a tatt. Try caviar. Test drive a Rolls Royce. Rescue a dog. Master manicotti. Discover a cure. Go to Prague. Start a biz. Whatever floats your boat - get going. I've still got a long way to go, considering I've only done 1 of those examples I mentioned. {It's not the manna-gawt.}

Oh...and remember to volunteer. Lots.

{Wherever You Go, Go With All of Your Heart}

I went out of state to college. We're talking, 496 miles away from home, over the river and through the woods, literally in the middle of a cornfield type of "out of state" --- and I couldn't feel more blessed if I tried! I had a tough decision to make though before deciding to go there. Not many of my friends ever left the area for school, I come from a gigantic close-knit Italian/Polish fam who all lived within a 10 miles radius of me, and there was no Wegmans in sight {the struggle was real, yo}... but my heart was SET on the place. The second I stepped foot on that magical campus, I knew I'd soon be buddying up to the campus mail lady. So, I went.

I enjoyed every single millisecond of undergrad {even that 1 interesting year of pharmacy...we'll maybe talk about that lata!} - so much so that my first "real world" job after graduation was as an admissions counselor for my dear alma mater {THANK YOU immensely, KPC!}. I told myself I'd maybe stay in it for a year. Well, that year turned into SEVEN more!

When we eventually decided to move to my hometown to start our little fam, a sweet friend {Sonja!} gave me this quote. I tear up whenever I see it, because it sums up an intensely beloved chapter of my life, and serves as the intro to another terrific tale. It symbolizes the first leap I took toward the Midwest...and ever so bittersweetly, it stands for the one I took walking away from it.

{A Girl Should Always be Two Things: Classy and Fabulous}

She sits in the play room to remind the chicklets that a more famous CoCo once coined a phrase to teach others to rock at life. I've always thought that however YOU define classy and fabulous, you should own it. Don't make excuses for how you want to express yourself. Tell the world who you are --- whether it be in a breezy caftan and high-waisted halter, a 20 year old ratty College hoodie, glitter from ya crown to ya gown, or fleece pajammie pants with ponies --- just shout it to the universe, honey. Embrace your own kind of badassery.

{Be You. The World Will Adjust.}

Very similar the the last quote. March to the beat of your own dang drum, doll.

{In the Cookies of Life, Sisters are the Chocolate Chips}

How true. Granted, during the teen years they miiiiight be a tad on the bittersweet side if you still tattle on them like you're 4 years old, steal their clothes without asking or make stupid noises on the phone when they're talking to their bestie...but chocolate is still chocolate.

{Friends are the Family You Choose}

We received this quote from two of the sweetest people on the planet. {J + B}. We met them and their adorable littles at our neighbor's cookout just a short time ago. Stars aligned! An instant friendship was born, and it was like we had known them for years. Through baseball games, Taco Tuesdays, pumpkin picking in the rain, purple frosted donut breakfasts, and more...they've turned into family. They gave this quote to us on a Friendiversary, and it proudly sits in our home as a reminder of one of life's greatest gifts - true friends.

{Wash Your Hands and Say Your Prayers Because Jesus and Germs are Everywhere}

Perched high in the Twinados' bathroom, it's just a lil reminder for them to always keep their hands and hearts clean.

{It's All Good}

Some very old and dear friends of mine had a loved one who would say this to them in any given situation. I admire how he looked at life and how he encouraged others {especially his family} to just look on the bright side of things. If something seems dim at first, in the end, it's gonna be all good.

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