{Foodee} Crock Pot Fajitas

It's Meal Plannin' Monday!

As with most cool recipes, KK finds them. 'Memba her? The Friendiversary gal from January? Yep. That KK. She not only dishes up good convo, but she serves up a mean meal to boot.

We were gabbing on the phone one day and she mentioned that she stumbled upon a life-changing fajita recipe on Pinterest. I begged for the deets! She shared. {Because she cares.}

Here's a quickie recipe you can fix today and forgettabout planning dinner tomorrow. This one will go FAST. Double the recipe and use the mix in quesadillas, tacos and even in Mexican pizza. Special props to the originator of this recipe. When I find you, I'll totes link back to your page, chica bonita!

Here we go!

{Crock Pot Fajitas}

1 large sliced onion
3 sliced peppers
1 taco mix packet

Chicken's not really photogenic, ya know?

Place the onions down first...throw in the pepps...top it with chicken...and cover it with taco mix.

Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatro!

Once everything's loaded and ready to roll, cover this cutie and cook her on high for 3-4 hours. Check it frequently and only add a teeny tiny little itsy bitsy SPLASH of water, if needed. The veggies will add enough liquid to this, so you should be all set!

She should look like dis!

When you've shredded your chicken and your tortilla shells are toasty, I hope you'll save this recipe and like it the mosty!


P.S. Oh, and have you heard of these? Try 'em! Clean up will be easy peasy lemon squeezy! {I forgot them this time, but wanted to letcha know!}


Until next time...adios!

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