{Dee-tales} You Tube? I Tube.

I've had a very dear friend for a very long time. Her name is You Tube and she's a spazz. The perfect kind of spazz. One minute she'll show me the Mockingjay movie trailer clip...3:18 later, she'll enchant me with Mr. Sheeran's melodies...and 14:56 later she'll teach me how to ombre' frost a cake. She's always full of surprises!

{See, isn't she special?}

Okay, okay...enough of the flowery words of comparison. I'll cut the chat so we can get right down to biz. You Tube rocks and it's changing the world. I'm sure of it! You can totes find anything and everything on there. I love it to the moon and back. And, back again.

I thought I'd share some of my faves, so you'd share some of yours! First up will be the Chicas...and I'll make a sequel post on Bros sometime soon. Here we go!...

Genius. Genius. Genius. There is no better word to describe the brilliance of this site. She deserves top spot and not a step less. When the Twinados and I stumbled upon her channel, we were literally entranced. {Blank stare, jaw to the floor, slow breathing, top whites of the eyes showing.} This cheerful lady with a Cinderellie voice opens up kids' toys, assembles them and plays with them for a few seconds. She sports sweet-stickered manis and all sorts of bracelets. Some of her videos are quick, and others fell from the sky {the 13:52-ers}. I noticed that the girls were sitting STILL from the first press of the play button! They'd laugh. They'd comment. They'd answer the lady's questions. It was epic. When I turned to my personal FB page to give a shout out to her highness, the DC army joined me in praising the queen. So many of my friends knew about her! {So neat!} Made me love them all even more.

Note: Once your sweeties are hooked on DC, you can't really switch to anyone else. It's not the same. They'll know. They'll SO know. 

The Twinados' version of DC. #nailedit #bahaha

{What's Up Moms}

My first run-in with this adorable channel stemmed from their spoof on Iggy Azalea's "I'm So Fancy" video. Theirs was called, "I'm So Pregnant." The cuteness factor was off the charts! I've been a loyal fan of their content since June 2014. This trio of stunningly gorge Moms collab to release videos every Monday, Wednesday + Friday. You'll see anything from Do-It-Yourselfies to healthy recipes to funny skits. Check this channel out to totally add some sunshine to your day. {They even made a parody of a Disney Collector video - priceless!}


{Glozell Green}


I can't remember the exact magazine that showed Rosanna Pansino's rainbow cake recipe, but it peaked my interest, so I checked out her You Tube channel. Once there, I felt like I was in Disney World with a little princess for a host. This girl is vibrant to the max! Her kitchen prep area is bright, fun and CLEAN. She's spot-on with her recipes and she exudes talent. She jokes throughout the segments and the overall vibe of the channel is lighthearted and whimsical. Check out her shows and keep an eye out for the "challenges" she does with her sweet sister, Mo. {Ex: Oreo, Hamburger, Smoothie, etc.}

Here's a pic I found of her Maleficent Candy Apples. {So dope!}


I can't even begin to describe this gem. The host is Mamrie, and I'm fairly certain she could make a stone laugh right out loud. She's one of the funniest gals on the planet, and her comedic flow is perfectly timed. {...And I don't even think she plans on it!} She's not afraid to cuss...so I hope you're not afraid to listen! She's an absolute natural, and she has another channel called "You Deserve a Drink" - where she toasts to whomever needs a glass 'o courage that week. Puns galore. {I totally adore!} Check her channel out for a laugh and a half!

This cool chick is BFFs with Mamrie and was born to be a comedian. Her vlogs show that she's real, she's chill, and she's down to Earth. A rare find!

{Auntie Fee}

If she had a fan club, I'd campaign to the ends of the Earth to be its Prez!

Enough said. If you haven't heard of her by now...OH MY GOSH!

Pretty sure make-up was invented so she could tell us all how to put it on! This glam gal knows her stuff and she's a true trendsetter. Her videos show her favorites and UNfavorites. She gives you a lot of detail on lots of beauty products on the market. I'm a Clinique gal, but she has inspired me to cross party lines!

Bunny is a freaking blast! She is personality plus! Check out her channel to become part of {The Swamp Family}.

{Psycho Soprano}

The nice gal also plays Miranda Sings. {OMG, watch Miranda. Now. Do it!} When I figured this out - it was wild! She's also a genuine gal who invites you into her musical-comedic world. Her fiance Joshua has a channel too. IMO, if YouTube was a high school year book, they'd totally get my vote for cutest couple.

So there ya have it! Some of my top chicas on YouTube. Whose channels do you visit when you're Tubin'?

Until next time...

*** Pics courtesy of You Tube...except the Play Doh Princesses, obvi! ***

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