Introducing: March Magicalness

We're back from The Diz!

Annnnd, sadly, we're right smack in the middle of that monumentous melancholy mode.

You know the one. You know it all too well, my dearies.

That Disney denial dip. Ya know that feeling? That one where you were recently on the sweeeeeetest of sugar highs, and now you're tragically trying so hard to hold on to that fantastic fix, that you find yourself daydreaming about Dining Plans uno minuto and then drifting back to your desk the next :60. You just don't know which way to turn.

Super sad, eh?

It's the #DisneyDrop, yo. And we've got 4 confirmed cases over here in our Clubhouse.


If Mickster was a doctor, we wonder what he'd say. Would he tell us to just keep on replaying every scrumptiously superb second of our terrific trip? Or, would he nicely nudge us to snap back into reality, tackle the loaded laundry pile, catch back up on Scandal and stock up the fridge?

Our family knows that the mighty Mouse would say whatevs, you foolish foursome! Relive your Orlando Overload anytime you dang well wish.

He's cheesy...but... yes, please-y!

We're a pack of spirited souls, my family and me. So to us, life is just one big blast, and we're planning to dwell on the Diz any chance we get. Now, here's where you come in! Want to join us? We're (un)officially renaming this month {March Magicalness} - 31 days of Disney all nicely nestled into this snuggly small slice of the web. We're going to celebrate Walt's Wonders every single day for the next few weeks. So, if you're up for some Goofy gab and down with some Daisy dish - stay with us. At the end of each post, we're going to ask you to weigh in. So, get those Hollywood Studio hats on and let out your inner animal {Kingdom}.

It's about to get mucho magical up in dis.

See ya real soon!

Thanks and love for clicking the pic above!

{Disclaimer: I'm no Disney expert - oh no, no! I can't even hold a teeny tiny candle to those that are. So, what you'll soon read are my own righteous reviews on a lovely land I've admired since I first stepped a 1987 jelly sandal onto Main St. USA. I hope you'll stay!}

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