I Love Lamp{ers}

Tonight's big PSA is going out to all of my homies who want to spice up their laundry room with a little sass. Ge a "load" of this! {Meet: The Lamper.}

What the feezie is it?

I'mma tell you.

It's a double decker diva, and she's God's gift to 'yo back. So, look right on up and thank him. Then, put on your Pumas and run out to buy one of these pretties. Stat! She's a tall glass 'o water - a laundry basket and a hamper in one. You can fit a ridiculous amount of schtuff in this lil rebel - 2 bushels of laundry at least.


The 18-in. height is fab. Reinforced handles make it easy to carry - no bending or slouching required! The slim design makes it nice to store when not in use. We bought ours at Wally's, but I think Tarzhay may sell these beauties, as well. It'll cost you around 8 bucks to take laundry time to the next level. These are also sold in black.

That's my spiel tonight, kids. Stop back and lemme know whatcha think! Never in my wildest dreams {and trust me...mine are wild!} did I ever think I'd someday be professing my love for a laundry room product, but oh how the "Tides" have turned!

Womp, womp.

Thanks and love for just a click on the pic above!

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