{DIY} Paint Chip Calendar

This one goes out to Library books.
Ya heard me right.
Beauties from the 'Brary.


I'll tell ya...
The day we found out Twinados were approaching, was the day we 'done mapped out a plan, kids. We told ourselves we'd try to at least be one  ...{scrap that}... TWO gazillion steps ahead 'o these chicks. We've color coded them, got them to sleep in till 9:00 for 5 years, successfully transitioned them to full size beds, bubble-bathed them both at the same time, had them saying the alphabet at age 2, taught them to brush their own chompers, rocked plane rides to Florida and back...and even crushed double potty training.

All at the same time. Even with a huge dash of their Mommy's sassy-pants genes.

But ya know what we suck at? LIBRARY BOOKS! {I can't. Even. Deal.} For the love of God - why can't we remember to return these little rebels back to their rightful shelf at school?! It's actually comical. We read them allll week long and talk about them daily. {We're in Book It territory, ya know? Holla!} But, nope.

#HAMs are we. My family and me.

So, I got fed up with myself...right around the same time I stumbled across this little jewel below on Facebook. I rarely click these things as I scroll by because I can't stand the 7,389 pop-up ads that show their mugs each time I try. But this one caught my interest for some reason. It rudely calls out popular Pinterest projects.

How dare.

{Click here to read ---> 7 Pinterest Decor Trends You Should Avoid}

Pretty sure they're calling everyone who has attempted these crafts...BASIC. Whatevs. I love Basic. Jump on the dang bandwagon if you want to. Who cares? The more the merrier. My house is overflowing with burlap, mason jars and chevron for days. {Don't visit if gold spray paint ain't your thang. Kthanksbye.} I equate these trends to the beloved mauve/cornflower blue -or- raspberry/forest green phenomenon from the early 90s. Basic brings us all together!

Quote me on that.

Anyhoo...picture #3 in the article was sent from above during #librarygate. I realized we needed something bigger than our calendar pages taped to the inside of our cupboards to remind us of our ducks that should be in a row.

Enter: the DIY Paint Chip Calendar. The photo seemed simple enough to copy. Get your fave paint chips. measure them in a fun frame, put the glass over top, get some dry erase markers and go to town. So, that's exactly what we did!

Here are the supplies we used. We flipped the center part over and covered it in craft paper. The arrow-shaped paint chips were fab and fun...and gave the project a nice pop 'o color for us to write our daily deets down on. We used double-sided tape to secure the chips to the paper. Glue would have made them bubble. {Gross.}

Double-sided tape is totally having a moment lately!

Loved these cutie chips because they "point" to the date. They were already cut this way. Found them at Lowe's. TONS of Earthy tones. They match the runner in our back hallway.

 We wrote the letter of the day to the left...and the "point" on the paint chip leads ya right to the date. Take note of the Friday feature in this shot. #AdeleDay {Swoon!}

 My wonderwall.
{Props to anyone who is now singing that Oasis classic.}

Who's gonna try this? Take a pic and show me! Or...have you done this? Lemme see! We've used this for a little over a week and are we sticking to the plan?


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