Cornucopia Cake Pops

Helloooooooo NOVEMBER!!!!!!!

It's time to get plannin' for that Turkey Day celebration! The big meal is nice and all, but let's face it...the suga suga's the main event. {Right, peeps?}

Growing up in an Italian fam, pasta, prosciutto and pomodoro seemed to always take center stage on this holiday. The turkey, stuffing and cranberries were always "there" as were giving our thanksy thanks...but a Sicilian Supper was always front and center.

{Want my Gram's sauce recipe? Click here!}

When I met the hubs {Midwest at it's best!}, his fam had allllll the traditional fixins on their big day. {A super welcomed culture shock!} Their nicely-squared, buttered dinner rolls served the sentimental spot of my beloved Columbus Bakery flat bread. Their marshmallow-swirled sweet potatoes stole my rosemary and olive oil potato wedges' show. Their fresh-from-the-farm corn TOTES stood in for my Gram's chick pea salad and mozz.

{No basil on THAT buffet, yo.}

One thing we've always had in common though...is DESSERT. Pumpkin this! Pumpkin that! Chocolate yes! And, chocolate...yes again! That sweet spot has always remained a constant over the years. So, now that my Tiny Two soak up every holiday with an excitement parallel to getting the center cinnamon roll/finding out it's a Snow Day/realizing there's a House Hunters marathon on a Sunday afternoon, I try to find different delights for them to celebrate each occasion.

See the excitement?! hehe

Last Novemba, my babes and I consulted one of our fave You Tube channels  for some inspiration. My Cupcake Addiction always offers up some cutie patootie pretties. We made a version of her {Cornucopia Cake Pops} and spent the rest of our day in Red Velvety Heaven. {Teach 'em young, right?!} So, here's a little something to punch up your party table this 26th. Bust out the double boiler, honey! Your day's about to get poppin'.

Need a double boiler? Head over to Pampered Chef!
I have their old school version, and this thing is DOPE.

I made this recipe P.B. {Pre-blog!}, so all I have to share with ya is one lil 'ol pic from our Mama Bear/Baby Bears Baking Day. {One. #Lame!} We went heavy on the chocolate chips. Obvi.

{MCA} has all of the awesome step-by-steps, but here's how ours went down...

{Cornucopia Cake Pops}

Shred and Smoosh...
Bake a cake.
Crumble down to sand grain size.
Use a cheese grater.
Micro-plane side.
Mix in half a container of frosting.
Don't let it get greasy.
Roll up a bunch of cake balls.
Make 'em the size of DD Munchkins.
Then, roll them into a cone shape.
Place them on a wax paper-lined cookie sheet.
Smash one end down so it's flat.
It should look like a little Santa hat!

Netflix and chill...
Chill these for about 20 minutes.
Dip a lolli stick tip into melted choco.
Hold the cone, flat side to the left.
Horn side to the right.
Drive the stick into the bottom/middle.
Place it back onto the cookie sheet.
Flat side down again.
Chill again for about 20 minutes.

Take a dip...
While you wait, heat up your choco.
Let it cool down to almost room temp.
It's time to dip.
Dunk it in choco, use a spoon to coat.
Let dry on a cake pop stand.

Dress up...
Find a squeeze bottle.
Fill it with melted choco.
Let it cool a bit.
Swirl choco around the edge.
Coat it with mini chocolate chips.
Spritz a bit in the middle.
Add Runts!
Make choco lines around the cone.

You'll see that we strayed a bit from the original recipe, but go 'head with your bad selves and make it your own! Someone try crushed Oreos around the edges, and invite me over for a few. Pretty please and...thanks.

Thanks and LOVE if you click the pic above!

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