Frightmare Farms

Saved the best for last!

As Halloween-a-palooza comes to a close, I'd like to thank all of you lovelies for tuning in to the crazy each day this month. Truly. Your homegirl be batty!

Anyhoo - a good friend of mine OWNS a haunted attraction. That's right! OWNS it. {#LikeABoss}. When I first met her, I thought her humor was on a whole other level - like out of this world amazeballs. Even her laugh is hysterical! She's got one that makes YOU laugh just by hearing it. {#contagious} Just when I thought she couldn't get any cooler, she started to talk about Halloween.

Say what, girlfraaaand?!!!!
You dig the 31st TOO?!!!!

Complete. Awesome. Ridiculousness.

I digress.

This Orange and Black Season, she yet again, brought the fabulousness of fright to all Syracusans on these cold autumn nights. {Frightmare Farms} is her place - and your time, she will not waste! The digs are set at "Professor Whitaker's Museum of Fright" - and guests are invited to tour his haunted estate.

Need something more spooky? No prob. They gotcha covered with a CONDEMNED HAUNTED MINE TRAIL EXPERIENCE!

Still on the hunt to scare the bajeezie outta yo girlfreezie? Done. How does finding your way out of a LABRYNTH sound? {Creepy McCreeperson if ya ask me!!!! #Bravo!}

The deets...

* They're open most Fridays and Saturdays in October.
* Located in Palermo, NY.
* Buy a VIP pass to skip the lines for each attraction.
* Online ticket purchasing is available.
* A coupon is available on their main page.

The {spider} web...

* {Click here} to check out their Facie page.
* Make a {clickeroonie here} to hop over to their website.
* Take a lil peek, before your knees go weak. {Click here}

This place is so rad, even the local news picked up on its awesomeness and stopped out for a story. Even further, a local band shot footage for their new video on the grounds. And, as if it can't get any more dope, 2 lucky lovebirds got HITCHED. On Halloween. ON the grounds. You heard me right! How epic is that?!!!

I sadly didn't get a cool chance to get out there this year, but you betta believe I'll be trying to cut the line next year to take in the terror! {Just not near the clowns. And their concealed machetes that we all know they carry around, lol.}

So there ya have it. I thought I'd close out this year's celebrations with a shout out to this very vampy place so you can keep them in mind for your first spooky stop next year. Keep an eye on their FB page and bookmark their website so you can love 'em over the next 365. I hope they'll stay in your devlish dreams until then!

Happy Hauntings, my pretties.

{P.S.! Longer love note later! I will update this post throughout the year, so pop on back every now and then. xoxo}

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