HELLO, Adele!


We interrupt this Halloween-a-palooza to pay respect to one of the world's most beautifully perfect souls. {Adele} Her first single from her new album dropped today, and it was damn near magical. Her hauntingly smooth voice hits you right in the heart and can stop your Jimmy Choos right in their tracks. The velvety lyrics give you that serene feeling like when the warm and welcoming sunshine finally kisses your cheeks on a breezy day at the beach.


Freakin' bliss.

Did you watch it yet? CLICK this.

OBVI, Lionel came to mind when I heard the first note...but homegirl owned this version like the Lovely London Lady she is. Pretty sure I contributed about 1,011,978 clicks to the current 10-mill views on her stunningly sepia-toned video. Waiting until November 20th to buy the full monty is gonna be killa! But, I can only hope she releases a few more teasers from 25 to give me all da feels.

Sooooo. Hmm. How can we connect Miss A to October 31st so we can stay with our festive theme? Let's see. Here's what you'll need to pay homage to one of England's most Elegants on the big night...

Chignon your shag.

50s. Lace. Black.

5 bucks.

Pump it up.

An Almond Louboutin mani. Black tops. Red bottoms.


Need Grammys? Dust that funnel in gold. Hot glue it to the box.
Walk around with 86 of 'em. {BLAM}

When finished, sit to the side of your front door. When trick-or-treaters step on your porch, sing/shout "hello" in a sultry, bluesy voice and hand out Kleenex.

Thanks and love if you click the pic above!

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