Puffalo Chicken Wing Dip

Yep...dork truly just replaced the beloved B in Buffalo with a P for pumpkin season. {#NerdAlert} Ya'll have your own version of this delight, but since Halloween-a-palooza is winding down, I thought I'd toss out my recipe today just for kicks.

The zip of Frank's...the zing of shredded chicken...the zany chill of ranch. {Bah!!!!} Add in some crumbly blue and shredded ched and those nacho chips will practically LEAP out of the pantry onto your plate. {I'm serious. I almost had a bag of Scoops do this. I swear! lol}

So, here we go. You can't deny that the recipe right off of the Frank's web site is pretty dope. So follow it! And...add in a few surprises just for extra zhoosh.

2c cooked shredded chicken
1 8 oz. package cream cheese
1/2 cup Frank's Red Hot Sauce
1/2 cup ranch dressing
1/2 cup crumbly blue cheese

{Our zhoosh-ing secrets}
We toss in 1c of shredded chedda and a 1/2 a packet of DRY ranch dressing.

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This should yield ya about 4 cups. So, double it up, honey! Most people bake theirs {350 for 20 minutes}, but we're crock pot peeps. {#Crocktober} We like that you can keep it warm in the crockeroonie while your guests party. Toss all of your ingredients in on low, make your other appies, and check back on this every now and then, You basically just want everything to melt together.

Last year, my dearie, {#An} brought a batch and sassed it up with black chips to look like a pumpkin. I'll upload a better pic tomorrow for sure. {The chicas had a party at the school tonight, and I am a zonked Mama Bear!}

Love yous - ad let me know how your make yours!

Thanks and love if you'll click the pic above!

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