Legos Love Halloween

SPOTTED!!!! {Halloween Legos}

Whattttt?! I can't even. Gimme a set. Gimme two! Gimme three! The Twinados loved themselves a Duplo, when they were babes, but quickly wanted the "big kid" sets soon after. It was cool to see them take so quickly to the more intricate sets...and even hide pieces around the house. We've found some squares in the pantry, flats in the crayon box, car wheels mixed in with the dolly bin and little yellow faces in the hair bow drawer. Mind you, I've stomped on many a random red rectangle in my Mommydays {ouchie!}, but I try to take the pain like a champ! It's what it's all about! It's such a joy to see their little minds at work - trying to figure out these preciously perfect puzzles.

I'm deffff going to have to do some more thorough research into these GORGEOUSLY themed holiday options for ya, so for tonight's sesh of Halloween-a-palooza, I'll just leave ya with a tiny photo essay, and I'll hit ya back this weekend with more deets! Wowie!!!!!

Thanks and love if you click the pic above!!

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