Fries for Friends

What the heezie does an order of french fries and Halloween have to do with each other? Uhhhh....EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

Who remembers getting coupons for BK fries in your plastic pumpkin pails each October 31st? I do! I do! Hmm. Now I'm thinking. Did Mickey D's do this too? I could have sworn Wendy's hopped on board this hot potato express, as well. Hmm.

Anyhoo...I was {Thrifting} this past weekend and was delighted to have been asked by the cashier if I wanted to purchase a "Fries for Friends" sheet. {Ahem. Cough! Stutter. Blink fast! Cough again,} Heck yes, nice lady! Here's my dollar. Fork 'em over!

For just 1 whole Georgey-Dub, you can score coupons for EIGHT free fresh Burger King bags 'o fries, and the Rescue Mission will use the profit to help "feed, shelter, clothe and care" for people in need. How neat it that? YOU get the salty, and the Rescue Mission does the sweet!

I'm not sure if other RM's do this in other areas {I'll update this post if I find out}, but I encourage you to check out your local Thrifty Shopper for this opportunity. {Just don't buy up all the Pyrex on me while you're there. Okey dokes, sweetcheeks?} My sis {SheShe} buys a handful of these sheets and hands them out with candy on the big night. Our Grandparents {RoRo + Papa Pat} used to do this too. It's cute.

Not a french fry fan?  No probs. Other items on the coup include: a small coffee, value soft drink or soft serve cone. {Cha-ching!}

Don't shop at TS?  You're missing OUT, honey child! I just scored a green vintage Indiana Glass condiment tray for $1.99 on Saturday. #Whaaaat?! Get your toosh off Blogger and get over there.

She's a freakin FOX.

Some of these things sound rather...meh?  No probs, again. Buy a handful of sheets and keep them in your car for when you spot that person on the corner with the handmade sign. You know who I'm talking about. You'll not only fill their bellies...but you'll also fill their heart.

Bust out that wallet. This isn't a trick! It's a tasty treat.

Thanks and love if you click the pic above!

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