Frightening Fashion

Not diggin' the whole costumey vibe of Halloween?

It's ok, doll. {#DifferentStrokes}

Want to still fit in around the water cooler, at a Playdate at the Patch, or while you're whippin' and nae nae-in' at your neighbor's party on the 31st...without looking like you gave a fizzle? I gotcha covered. Here's some inspiration to just add a touch of terror to your tresses, a subtle spirity spunk to your step and a bit of a bite to your bounce.

{Monster Mani}
OPI's Black Onyx with a top coat of Silver Shatter. Eeeek! Now ya look mysterious!

{Catty Corners}
Like LC. This girl wins the award for the most perfectly perfected cat eye on the planet. You can't disagree! She completely nails the whole check "meowt" vibe. Copy her look with your fave liquid liner and you'll be "feline" fine.

{Killa Kisser}
Matte, matte, matte. Prep that pout with ELF's exfoliator lipstick...moisturize with your favorite EOS lip balm...and slap on some Kate Moss's Lasting Finish matte by Rimmel {Rossetto Rouge, yo!}. You'll get that whole late 90s/glammy goth look.

{Batty Buns}
Sweep it up top - this one's not a flop! Add some bats and you'll be all that.

{All Ears}
Love those lobes and pop over to Etsy. Soon enough you'll be feelin' festy!

{Spooky Studs}
Wear anything with studs. Anything.

{Trippy Tank}
Find your fave and slap on an iron transfer. BOOm! Saved ya shipping + handling.

{Scary Skirt}
Tis the Season of Pumpkin, honey! This shade needs to be rocked around the clock.

{Loony Legs}
Stripe those skinnies under a black mini. {Or, really an A-line. Keep your sassy, classy.}

{Bewitching Bags}
Going on a lil trip? Grab this orange Coach Weekender duo in nifty nylon and pack your pretties in pumpkin!

{Shiverin' Shabooties}
"Amal" over this look right now. Mrs. Clooney owned these lack suede ankle boots like a dang boss.

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