{Dee-tales} Son of a Gun - I Love Thirty One!

Today's January 31. And, in celebration of this nifty number, how about a "Thirty One" Gifts review?

Ohhhhh kay. I suppose!

By now, you've either heard of them, know someone who sells this or have become just a craycray collector like moi! Like most things in my life, when I love something, I loooooove something. {YOLO!} Thirty One Gifts had no choice but to accept my mushy gushy smooshy wooshy fan adoration. It was love at first Large Utility Tote.

Let's travel back in time to my first Multiple Moms meeting. A few years ago, on a snowy February night, {KK} and I trekked across town to join over 50 mamas who had twins, triplets and more. {And, that was only a smidgen of the actual club...they actually have over 200 members!} We vividly remember our first experience with this gorgeous group who has now become our "sisters." They were all so excited to see each other. They all hugged. They all laughed. They were all just happy to be in each other's company. {It was adorable, to say the least!}

We were sold!

As we scanned the room, several 11.75 (h) x 21.5 (w) cuties caught our eye. Some were ruby red with big medallion-ish circles that looked like they jumped off of a pillow at Pier-One. Some were made of a paisley print so perfect I thought I was going to thief one and run right out the door. Some polka dots, I swear, were cat-calling to me from across the room. Not talkin' about our new Mama Friends...I'm chattin' about my first glances at Large Utility Totes. {Cue the chorus. Cue the angels. Cue the chorus again.}

You guessed it. We were sold!

{KK} had a few pieces already {See? Told ya she's in the #coolkidsclub.}, but we both instantly wanted to know more about the LUTs. {Our credit cards were practically pirouetting right out of our Veras.} Fast forward about a month or so later, and a happy hot pink shopping bag fulla' fabulousness was waiting on my doorstep. The rest, is history.

Yep, I staged this pic. 

My love of purses started at a young age, for it was genetically passed down from the ladies in my family...and later happily encouraged by my dear MIL. {They made me this way, so blame those lovelies for this excitement!} In a weird mood? Change your purse. Having a case of the blahs? Change your purse. Want to sass up your Saturday night? {Fill in the blank!} I'm not a 31 consultant {I'm a better guest!}, but I'm the self-proclaimed president of it's imaginary fan club. The company is based in Ohio {#Undisputed! #3rdstring!}, so that might also be why my heart goes pitter patter for this brand.

In keeping with bloggin' tradition, here is a list of some of my TO faves {in no particular order, like always}, and I hope you'll hop on the bandwagon with me if you haven't already done so. Here are some real life pics. {#unfiltered}

{Large Utility Tote}
Anything goes. It's seriously a bottomless pit!!! Just when you think you can't fit anything else in there, somehow if you just shake it , there's enough extra space to fit a 14lb. turkey. Plus a side of stuffing. And 7 cans of cranberries. I'm serious. It's incredibly surprising. These are also available in medium {retired?} and deluxe sizes. They also have toppers if you're nervous that your turkey will roll out on ya ;)

I sure did, "Say it in Taupe."

{Fresh Market Tote}
We keep one in every car. {Hoarders unite.} Great for keeping your hot or cold groceries in check on the ride home. This is ginormous. I can't tell you if it holds potato chips though...I'm a strict "they ride shotgun on the way home" kinda broad.

Yep, the trunk is always that clean. {Yep, said a liar with pants on fire.}

{Lunch Bag}
Insulated. Zippered. Exterior pocketed. Cute. We loved using this to keep bottles chill for the chicklets during travel back in the day. Now she bums rides to work with me and perks me up around noon.

Sitting pretty.


{Medium Round Utility Bins}
Great for adding a little kick to your playroom storage unit.

Hmm. Where'd they go?

{Square Utility Bin}
Barbies. Or, baking supplies.

Merida looks thrilled. 

{All Pro Tote}
This one alllllllmost took the lead over the LUT, but I didn't want to hurt my first love's feelings. So. A close second, she be! This was a spring 2014 special, and I still see them popping up on eBay every now and then. I proudly own 2 of these puppies. While they would surely serve as kick-toosh gym bags, I opt to use one for the girls' shared {warm weather} Dance bag and the other for an out-and-about bag I can quickly grab when needed {one I keep stocked with coloring books, lollipops, rain jackets, face wipes, hand sani, etc...a Twintertainment bag, if you will.}  There's a compartment underneath that stretches the entire length of the bag, so if you're a gym gal like my buddy Joyful Jenny {CrossFit Competition Champ say what?!} or my Zumba Queen Kellie {take her classes!}, your new Nikes can fit nice and neatly down below.

Chevron stole the show in Myrtle Beach...yo!

{Cosmetic Bag}
It's the mac truck of make-up bags. Huge. Billy Fuccillo HUGE! There's an exterior pocket for your brushes, a marvelous magnetic clasp, and a fully-lined  plastic interior. And, it zips! Gotta love a good zippa.

Whoa, baby.

Baby's got back...Pockets. 

{Organizing Utility Tote}
Take a bunch of your cleaning supplies, toss them in this gorgeous gal, take this room-to-room with you, and clean with class! Find a print that makes ya smile and get your scrub on. Clorox t-bowl wands never looked so adorbs. {It's now offered in a zip top style. Bow chicka bow wow.}

{Bring-a-Bottle Thermal}
When we're traveling these days, I wrap these around the girls' cold drink bottles so nothing drips. I was in a pinch last week in Florida because I forgot a little case for their sunglasses. BABT to the rescue! Boom biddy boom.


Those outdoorsy clips are on the back.

{Flat Iron Case}
They're just the cutest things ever.

Yeah, I have 3. {Hoarder post coming soon.}

{Zipper Pouches}
For everything. I'll let the pics do the tawkin'.

Yep. Everything. 

{Littles Carry-All Caddy}
I know you have to go already. If you're still here - hey, doll! Thanks! I will TRY to keep it short...but listen loves, you need these in your life. There's not enough room on the Internet to list all of the possible uses for these. They're a fun size for crayons, Kleenex, hair care supplies, nail polishes, office stuff, McDonald's toys, etc. {"etc." never seemed more appropriate than in this sentence!} It's fun to add a little gift inside it, slap on a bow, and send them to your favorite teachers. I want you to have one, so I'm giving one away! {Head on over to the FB page for deets!}

Find me on Facebook {CoCo's Daughter}!

In closing, again, I'm not a consultant {but some of my coolest friends are!}...I'm just a girl who loves organized chaos {purses and bags can cover up any kind of crazy, darlin'}... and I'm just telling you to find your nearest Thirty One consultant and keep her on speed dial {Zumba Queen Kellie. Remember her? Click here!}. Buy a piece here and there. Host so you can get some cool credits. Accept that invitation to your coworker's party and take advantage of the monthly specials. Check eBay and Craigslist for sales {and retired items like half of the things I've posted!}. Join a consultant's VIP page for discount deals and new product info. These products are game changers.

And, for the love of God and all that's holy...keep an eye on Thirty One's FLASH SALES, beautiful!!!!!

p.s. {If anyone shows this post to Ms. V. Bradley...we're gonna have words.}

p.s.s. {High fives to consultants Kellie, Heidi, Beth, Julie, Ro, Nikki and Nina for listening to my Thirty One ramblings over the years!}

... just a fan.


  1. I'm a Thirty One hoarder as well!!! I love their bags and organizational items!

  2. Fantastic. You renew my love of all things 31. ;)