{Foodee} Wok it like it's Hot

Mondays can be…meh. So, let’s spice it up!...and copycat another recipe from a well-known establishment just for kicks. {Are we seeing a trend here?} Tell me if there’s too much food chat on here, and I’ll tone it down {maybe}.

P.F. Chang’s. Oh, why, hello-mein! The first place to ever make lettuce sammiches look appealing. The first place to show me the true beauty of crab in Rangoon form. The first place to show me what in the frizz an edamame is.

I’mma cut right to the chase with this one, my dear CoCo-nuts. No long intro. No poems. No puns. No vintage photos. Just a straight up recipe that I need you to try. It might look a little Freddy Krueger-ish at first, but don’t be scurred, sweets. I’ll break it down for you in a few easy steps and soon you’ll be feastin’ in your sweats with a nice cold glass ‘o juice {Bad Girls – Tanisha – anyone?}

{Copycat Lettuce Wraps}

Let's be honest...I cut the lettuce for the pic. If yours don't look anything like this, you've done it right, honey!


1 head of lettuce {get Bibb if you’re feelin’ fancy}
1lb. ground chicken {not shredded/ the kind that looks like ground beef}
1T vegetable oil
1 large chopped onion
2 cloves, minced garlic
1T soy sauce
1/4c hoisin sauce {don’t be nervous}
1t ground ginger {spice, not fresh}
1T rice wine vinegar
2T sweet Thai chili sauce {I said don’t be nervous!}
8oz. water chestnuts {drained and really diced}
1 bunch chopped scallions {I refuse to call them green onions}
1t dark sesame oil
1T brown sugar

I know it looks like a lot.

I know.

{The drill}

Separate the lettuce leaves, wash ‘em down, pat ‘em dry.


Over high heat, fry up and crumble the ground chicken in 1T of veg oil in a wok {…but if you prefer to cook with something else, no problem, home skillet! Rock and roll with another large pan}. Stir often. Don’t let it burn. When cooked, drain it and set it aside to cool. Cook the chopped onion in the same pan. Turn the heat to medium. Then, add the soy sauce, hoisin sauce, ginger {spice!}, rice wine vinegar and chili pepper sauce to the pan. Next, toss in the minced garlic and give it a big stir! {You don’t want that garlic to stick to the pan and burn…so the frequent stirring will help you out!}

{Keep going}

Next, stir in the chopped water chestnuts and scallions. Sprinkle brown sugar all over the top and mix it in. Then, add sesame oil {swirl it around the top of the mix}. Cook for about 2 minutes and stir the whole time. You’re almost done! Turn off the heat, add in the cooked ground chicken and stir until your heart’s content.

{Big note}

The sesame oil is FRAGRANT.  Do not overdo it unless you WANT to let all of your friends, family and coworkers know for the next several months that you made these on a manic Monday! {Ahem, you’re gonna take this scent with you.} Turn on a hood fan if you have one…or even light a candle while you’re cooking. {Don’t leave this ingredient out though because it will alter the taste. For reals.}

{Grand finale}

Choose your favorite piece of lettuce, grab a giant spoonful ‘o goodness and wrap her all up. I didn't put this in the ingredients, but add these to the mixture if you wish! Cellophane noodles.

Those sorta see-through noodles. Ya know?


Lettuce wraps looking a little lonely? Could your plate use a little Rangoon lovin? Allow me to play matchmaker. Here’s what you’ll need to make homemade Crab Rangoons: won ton wrappers, a block of softened cream cheese, garlic powder, garlic salt, 2 bunches of chopped scallions and crab meat {#imitation}. Keep a splash of milk nearby.

Mix the softened cream cheese with the chopped scallions, garlic powder + garlic salt {to your liking} and crab meat {not chunked, but not shredded…sort of…chedded? shrunked? haha}. Add a splash of milk to the mix for smoother mixing. Lay out your won ton wrapper and wet all around the outside edges. Plop a little bit of the mix into the center, and purse all of the edges together to seal in all the yumminess.

Once the precious pockets are ready to go, heat up a Fry Daddy and go to town. Once they are golden brown, you’re dunzo.

Take that, Monday. Pfft. 

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