{Dee-I-Y} Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

My Twinados shared a nursery for one whole happy-whirlwind-blissful-loony-smiley year. Double everything. {Yep, I’m one of those.} From monograms to mobiles, you name it – you saw it twice. Had to! Couldn’t resist.

As I approached Twin Mommyhood, I always thought we should be two 7,279,568 steps ahead of them. So, I thought having a few sets of everything would keep us ahead of the pack. I loved having everything all in one place. It worked. We survived!

Seeing our Wombmates adjust as roomies was just…cool. Out of this world cool. Chuck Norris level cool.  It was especially heartwarming to see these chicas take comfort in knowing their sis was just a hop out of a crib, a skip over a play mat and a jump over a Pottery Barn Kids rug away.

The shared room idea was adorable and all, but you see, I gave birth to Mini Deez {Nasal voice: sahhhwy!}. No matter what time it was in Twinadoland, they babbled. Loudly. Sporadically. Just like Mama! {I melt.} They never really woke each other up, but their first favorite hobby was hosting 2 a.m. giggle-fests and after parties at sunrise. When we witnessed our 10-month-old tootsies launch {and catch} dolls across the room to each other, it was time to let T-2 set sail for new adventures…across the hall.


Separate rooms it was! After a quick coat of Girls’ Night Out Pink {fitting, eh?!} T-2 settled right in to her new digs. Her big move fell right around the time I discovered Pinterest {and her walls needed some lovin'}. Ohhh, that site. I don’t think I blinked for 2 hours straight after I first figured out how to sign up! {Did it take you a while to navigate it, too?} She’s lucky I didn’t spray paint her crib a dazzling shade of rose gold, line it with dark green rhinestones, place it on top of flower blossoms and surround it with a live oak tree {that will be later on, ha ha}. I opted for some charming wall décor instead. Something easy. Something we could change each time she’d want something new.

So here’s something to try: {Embroidery Hoop Wall Art}

Whatcha need...
Your favorite size, nicely priced Embroidery Hoop
Different patterned fabrics that are a bit bigger than the hoop

Optional: Spray Paint

Cut the fabric so it fits into the embroidery hoop. {Spray paint the hoop any color you want ahead of time if you don’t want the “wood” look. I chose to paint them white.} Make sure there is extra fabric over the edges. Not too much. Pull the material so it’s taut all the way around the hoop. Turn it wrong side up. Pull the material some more to make sure it’s not bunching on the side you’ll see when you hang it up. {These hoops take a bit to get used to. You might have to try it a few times.} When it looks smooth, trim the excess material on the back that will be flush against the wall. Figure out how you’d like to arrange the hoops on the wall {I cut out circles from wrapping paper the exact size as the hoops and taped them up on the wall ahead of time…just to determine what arrangement would look best}, find a few nails and bada bing bada boom. Pinteresting walls!

Walls a la T-1.

Nothing's complete without a lil zebra. Ya know?

Have you done this? Show me! Post in the comments below or head on over to the Facebook page and give us the scoop. Until next time, my dear CoCoNuts!...

Until next time...

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