{Dee-tales} Curly Girlies

{Dee-tales} – here’s another lil section of the blog for ya. {I promise, there’s only  1 more left to introduce!} In this tiny corner, I’ll test out products/random things and give you my reviews in story form {tales, if you will}. I’m a straightforward kind of sister. Gonna tell you what’s up in 4 paragraphs or less.

Round 1: {Revlon’s 1 ¼” Ceramic Tourmaline Cone Styling Curling Iron}

Pretty in Pink.

Love those wavy beachy curls that will stay ALL DAY long? Buy this. Buy this now. It heats up in 30-seconds {truth!}, has about 30 heat settings and keeps you safe with an automatic shut off.  Boom.

She’ll run ya about $20, but she’s worth every penny. The cone-shaped barrel gives you those Cali Coastline curls. Best part? You don’t have to wear those heat-safe gloves because there is a teeny tiny clip that holds everything together while ya turn…and also allows the whole portion of hair to curl, right to the very end {no curl/straight-end combo, ya know?}


My assistwints wanted to demonstrate the difference for you between different types of barrels. Good sports! Cones to the left, meh to the right.

So, that’s it. Hope you’ll give her a try!

{Psst…if ya like those bows up there, check out my friend M’s shop, Bling Bling Baby. Lots of additional glammy goodies are in store for you. Look at how she even diva’s up the alligator clip. I can’t handle the cuteness! M is the very definition of style. While you’re at it, show my friend J’s glitzy shop, Daizy Tailzz, on Facebook some love too! And, don't forget to take a look at my sorority sister B's cute Facebook shop, Princess Marion's Necessities. Shop on, sweeties!}


What's your fave curling iron? Spill it!....

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