{Foodee} The Breakfast Club

Saturday, March 24, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois.
If you know which classically clever movie uses these famous open lines, well then, we’re totally friends. If you don’t, well I need you to find out so we can BE friends, dearie. This is an order. 

Capiche? {Do. I. Stutter?!!}

The Breakfast Club. What else can I say, right? {#genius} One of the first movies I ever memorized lines from. Man, I thought I was so cool back in the day. {Nerd alert!}  Loved the concept. High-schoolers from all walks of life being stuck in a room together/trying to find some common ground. Growing up, I loved having friends that were “different” from one another. I was never really drawn to one particular type of friend. That would have been ridiculously boring. {Snooze fest.} I liked them all. You can learn so much from having all kaleidoscope of ‘peeps in your corner. I pretty much loved everyone! {That sounds annoying, I know.} Moving on...

I’ve always been an HBO babe. Literally. {Like, as far back as the peanut butter with the crusts cut off era.} We always had that channel, and I think it single-handedly made my sister {SheShe} and I the nutso loons that we are today. I don’t think we were supposed to watch half of the things we did {ok, I know we weren’t supposed to!}, but there’s no going back! Blame channel 15 for us having a few screws loose. {Screws fall out all the time. Womp, womp.}


Aside from learning life lessons from troll-like dolls {Fraggles! Anyone?}, storytelling from a skeleton in a Crypt, smoove rapping from a red-headed teen witch {Top That!} and everything else later on from Ms. Bradshaw, one movie trumps everything. TBC, baby!

Now! Let’s make a little E-meal-io {see what I did there?} that’s perfect for the time of day this movie praises. You can Claire-ly use this recipe also for a quick lunch, a side for din din or a fun party appie too.

Here is what you’ll need to do, in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions.

Saturday Sausage Bites

{Principal Ingredients}

2 tubs of buttery crescent rolls
1 roll of sausage
1 block of softened cream cheese
1 c. shredded chedd
Gawlick – a dash of powder + salt
Onion powder – keep on dashin’
Optional – chopped roasted red pepp

5 ingredients. 5 actors. How bout that?!

But...doooon't you...forget about me.

{Step 1}

Sawseege.  Hughes your favorite brand {Jimmy Dean regular. Whuddup?} and add as much garlic powder + salt as you like. Onion powder also provides some oompf. I use a ½T of each {AT LEAST!}, but I also have red, white and green genes…so joina me iffa you want, eh?

{Step 2}

When the sausage is fried and crumbled, keep your flame on low and toss that softened block of cream cheese in there. Carefully mix it around and keep an eye on it…you don’t want it to burn on to the bottom of the pan.  {It’ll be anarchy.}

{Step 3}

Throw in 1c of cheddar cheese and carefully mix that in too. Add in a 1/2c of chopped roasted peppers if you want a little kick to these dolls. {When I first added the pepps to this recipe, it looked like I took out a lil bit of happiness Andrew all over the pan.}

With pepp.

Widdout it.

{Step 4}

Dough. Go ahead and buy any ‘ol brand of buttery crescent rolls. Don’t go Brian an expensive brand or anything like that. Just look for the word butter. Separate all of the tasty triangles and cut them in halfsies. If it isn’t in the exact shape you want, just Bender to the left or right.

Well looky how the other dough rolled out of the package!

{Step 5}

Take your dough, plop a nice scoop of the mix into the middle, seal her all up and lay her seam side down on an UNgreased cookie sheet. Cook for 12 minutes on 375 or until light golden brown.

So, that's about it. I hope you enjoy this recipe and will stick around for a future plate of puns. If not, I'll be as sad as the time I spilled paint in the garage. Happy Saturday! Love, Dee {tention}

Until next time...

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