Earth Day E'ryday

It's Earth Day.
Love your Mother.

I had contemplated just posting those two sentences today by themselves, because those phrases sum up today's big celebration quite perfectly, right? It's as simple as that!

We should be celebrating 'ol Ma everyday. Every. Single. Day. Our family is big on recycling {and upcycling!}, but I KNOW we could do so much more to protect this Lovely Land. With that said, in honor of April 22, here are...

22 ideas for a 

Wickedly Wonderful Worldly Wednesday

{Act} Say thanks to Mom.

22. Plant a Tree - Arbor Day is just around the corner {April 27}, so you'll totally be early for the party. Find one that's perfect for your climate. {Oh...and hug it when it's tall enough!}

Click on the pic for some eye candy I found on www.boredpanda.com!

21. BYOWB - Bring your own water bottle! Instead of bottled water, how about rockin' a cute new charmer at the gym, play date or bike ride this week?

...Like this cutie I found at Walmart last week for $4.98!

20. Work off waste. Find a trash bin, tape a "Recycle" sign to it and work it, honey. Same thing goes if your state, city, village {whatever!}, doesn't have recycling opportunities. Make your own receptacle and see what you can do.

Click this pic for a free print from www.myfreeprintables.com

19. Use e-tickets  and go paperless when it's time to get the heck outta Dodge or even when you're ready to hop on a stop on N.K.O.T.B's revival tour! {Buffalo. July. Hurry up.}

Go 'head, fellow BlockHeads.
You know you want to click on Donnie to find out when they'll be in your hood.

18. Explore your inner Maxxinista, and head over to TJ's to buy a handful of those adorable reusable shopping bags in the checkout line. {You know which ones, darlin.} Eiffel towers, hydrangeas, plaid, dogs. Pick your print!

My Four Faves!

17. Plant your own veggie garden. Then, you won't have to brave the teeny tiny aisles with your bold and big cart in the produce section anymore. You can whip up Veggetti from your own perfect patch. {Have you made this? I couldn't even handle its beauty when I made it last week!}

16. Compost. I hear it's cool! Check out what The Green Queen of Moderation has to say about it. Oh, and start following her, too. You'll be glad you did. {She's one of CoCo's very first and very dear friends.}

Click here to read the adorably titled article...As The Worm Turns!

15. Check your house for leaky faucets.

Big M. + CoCo have this little MotionSense minx from Moen.
Click the pic to read about her. {#UberJeallie}

14. Go through a car wash. It uses significantly less water than if you did it in your driveway. Plus, you know you want to watch the windshield designs the soap makes during the wait before the final rinse. {You know you do.}

They said they didn't have enough quarters. They'll do better next time.

13. Look at your light bulbs and make some adjustments.

Click the pic for a Light Bulb Buying Guide from www.cnet.com.

12. Pay your bills online. {Or, well...just ask someone to pay them. Destiny's Child did.}

Click the pic for a series of several bill-related questions.

11. Don't trash your glass. Upcycle it!

Stay tuned for a Dee-I-Y! I had a 'Ball' with this project. 

10. Turn the water off when brushing your chompers. {Make sure your dentist does, too!}

9. Be a book worm. Study up on your environment, pick an issue that strikes your fancy, then blab about it to your friends. Oh, and then go save the heck out of it.

Click here for other good reads found on Amazon.

8. Buy local. 'Nuf said.

Click this pic to view its entirety and see what
www.huffingtonpost.com has to say about LOVING local.

7. Stock up on some greenie cleaning products. Look for these beautiful brands: BabyGanics, Mrs. Meyer's, The Honest Company, Method, Dapple, Green Works {Clorox}, Seventh Generation, etc. We're huge fans of BabyGanis all-purpose cleaner. {She cleans a mean stove top, lemme tell ya!}

This is our TOP fave.
Click on the pic to buy some from TRU and read the glowing reviews.

6. Donate your old clothing...and stop by Clothes Mentor for more!

Click on the photo...so you'll know where to goto! 

5. Find a cause. Fork over some moolah. Give yourself a pat on da back.

Click on this precious Polar Bear graphic,
and let the NRDC give you some deets.

4. Say hasta la vista to your old laptop by donating it to the Salvation Army or the Rescue Mission.

Click on the pic to Do Good. 

3. Use rechargeable batteries. And, don't even THINK about tossing the other kind when they're empty. Our local grocery store has a bin at the front entrance for this type of recycling. Check out yours!

Click on this pic for some OCRRA guidance.

2. Your old cell phone may be ancient, but someone's just waiting to love her! Check out cellphonesforsoldiers.com, 911cellphonebank.org...or just trade it in!

Click this logo. Recycle your cell. Verizon will do the rest.

1. Follow my own motto!

{Kiddos} Start 'em young!

Give - This one might be a toughie, but ask them to pick out a few toys they'd like to pass down to other kids that might be in need. It could teach them about recycling AND giving at the same time. {#YouForTheWin}

...Unless it's a family heirloom or worth a grand on eBay.
Then, all bets on giving are OFF says the broad in the back.

Read - Choose an Earth-friendly title and snuggle up together on the couch. {We vote: The Lorax}

Tin Time- Turn some tin cans {and their tops} into drums instead of throwing them out. Let them decorate them with paints, stickers and sparkles til their heart's content.

Or, click on this pic to see how to add some sass to your Summer!

Eggcitement - Transform those old egg cartons into something fun! Bead holder? Sticker bin? Play kitchen sillyness? All of the above.

I'm diggin' this egg carton flower wreath from www.parents.com!
Click the pic to view 9 more ideas.

Hunt - Create a Scavenger Hunt for your lil Nature Nuggets! Be outdoorsy and make them find things like pine cones, a tree branch, a funny-shaped rock, a feather, a dandelion, a clover, a leaf, an acorn, etc. Reward them with some extra time on their bikes, more play time outside or something else fab. {Bribe on, honey. DeeDee doesn't judge.}

Click this pic to see how the folks at HowtoNestforLess.com rock this adventure!

Sing - Belt out some Earthy melodies together and fill the air with an off-key solution, instead of pollution. {Ok, yes. That was a corny rhyme.}

Click on Jack Johnson's pic to listen to his collab with www.explore.com.

Preach - Give those youngins a crash course in recycling. Let them help out by tossing out the trash into separate bins. {Throw in a little more allowance money each month.}

Have you met the NSA's new recycling mascot, Dunk?
I'm just going to leave this little chuckle right here for you to click on.

{Nosh} Mama E. would want you to!

Whip up some tasty Earth Day treats and savor the flava. Greens, blues, browns, {candy} bugs - get festive! And, get snackin! Have you made/seen anything fun out there? Leave a comment below and show your fellow CoCo-Nuts!

The Twinados had a sugar buzz somethin FIERCE at yesterday's pre-party.

Cloudy Coolers
-Layer blue jello and whipped cream so it looks like the sky.

Big Peeps! {Try this with a lil Blue Curaco sometime!}

Pretty Planters
-Tuck a chocolate cupcake into a cleaned terracotta pot and add leaves made out of green tootsie rolls or Airheads. Add some crushed Oreos for extra dirt!

A lil' Spring Sprout!

Muddy Mason Jars
-Mason jar, chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, gummy worms.

I promise I didn't make them eat this off the ground. 

Global Goodies
-Take sugar cookie mix, separate half of the dough and add some blue food coloring, take the rest of the dough and add green food coloring, take a spoonful of each color and roll it into a ball. Bake as directed.

I wonder if Sarah Palin can still see Russia from her house.

{Socialize} On the web, babes.

Click here to visit my Saving Planets Pinterest page for a collection of all things Earthy. If you have a board like this, let me know, because I'd love to link up!

{Dream Big} It's contest time!

I hope some of these babblings have inspired you to give our big ball 'o greenie-blue a nice little squeeze today...and tomorrow...and the day after that. Whatever plans you have to make our Home-Sweet-Home a better place, I hope you DREAM BIG! And...what better company to partner with for an Earth Day giveaway, than Dream BIG Printables?! Have you SEEN this Etsy shop? It practically pops off the screen with its enchanting art. The fonts! The quotes! The patterns! So fresh. So fly. Check out these PRICES! #PositivelyPerfect

I can go on and on...but sometimes some shop samplings are worth a thousand words...

Want to see more? Here's a link to the Dream BIG Etsy shop {Click here}...and stop by their official page on the 'Book {Click here}. Don't forget to bookmark their website, too! {Click here}

Dream BIG's super chill owner, {K} would like to offer 1 FREE print to 3 lucky CoCo-Nuts! To be eligible, head on over to the CD Facie page and leave an Earth-related comment under the link to this post or beneath the photo that promos this contest. {Either or!} You can say anything! Tell us something you do to conserve or preserve, post a quote that'll make us think, leave environmental tips and tricks, etc. {Whatever floats your boat.} Classtools.net will randomly choose a winner after 9 p.m. on Thursday, April 23. Be creative! You never know who you'll inspire.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

And...remember what I said about glittering and not littering, Sweetface!

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  1. Honored to be included in this fun and creative compilation of Earth Day tips. I sang last night...does it count? ;)