{Dee-tales} YOU are Younique


By now, you may either be using some products from this cutie company, have heard a little bit about it, know a friend who LOVES it or you're all wondering exactly what the heck I'm talking about!

Last fall, I heard of this Younique 3D "Fiber Lash" mascara and was stopped in my tracks. I saw STUNNING before/after pics my friend had posted to Facebook and thought there had to be a catch. I did a full head tilt, jaw drop, squinty-eyed-smoosh-my-face-right-up-on-the-computer-screen JUMP toward the monitor. It looked too good to be true. Big eyelashes WITHOUT using falsies? #ummyeah #surewhatever #pffft

Me...the ever-so-snooty skeptic...waltzed on over to YouTube in a blink and searched the bajeezie out of this make-up line. Every single mascara video demo I watched had the same results. Every. Single. One. {Remarkable!} I was ready with credit card in hand, but of course, Nervous Nellie, my alter ego, whispered in my ear to go check side effects, ingredients, reputation, blah, blah, blah. {Nellie is totes annoying sometimes.}

Younique Research:

~ In order to get the real deal...you have to order from a rep.

~ Reps show lots of love to their customers with lots of monthly specials and deallios. Most of them have VIP Facebook pages and/or Twitter accounts.

~ You can host in-home or online parties with them.

~ They are constantly adding to their product inventory.

~ Their consultants have mad love for this company.

~ All products are non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, nature-based, and cruelty-free {NO animal testing whatsoever}.

~ Some products are even gluten-free.

~ Looking at before/after pictures can become CRAZY addicting.

~ Following all of the steps to apply the 3D mascara is super important.

~ It's a bit of an investment...but you're worth it! Use it just for special occasions {Date Night?! Holidays?!} if you want to stretch out your moolah a little more. #YOLO

~ Younique carries more than just mascara - pigments, glam bags, make-up brushes, lipstick, and more!

Take a Look:

Here's a look at the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara packaging. Seriously. How gorge is this casing?!

The Transplanting Gel

The Fibers

First: Put on a coat of your own mascara.
{Look in the mirror and say, meh.}

Next: Apply a coat of the Transplanting Gel.
{Then say, hmm...cool!}

Then: It's showtime for the fibers.
{Shout out, daaaaaang!}

Finally: Add another coat of Transplanting Gel to seal the deal.
{Now take a selfie. You know you want to, beautiful!}

The Hook Up:

As always, I need to point out that I'm not a consultant {broken record!}... but I know a beauty that is! My sweet friend {Miss H} has a website...Click Here!...that can show you all of Younique's tricks of the trade! She also has a VIP Facebook group...Click Here!...where she posts updates on the daily. She gave me permission to use this close-up pic to show you how she personally uses this amazingness...

{Miss H} showing Younique on her right ... regular mascara on her left!

Giving Back:

{Miss H} is currently hosting a special until March 21 to support a cause that's near and dear to her heart - Hope for Heather. 20% of all proceeds will directly benefit this special organization and its quest to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer Research and to find a cure. There's no better time to order {or stock back up!}. Here is an invite to the event: Click here!


This product is legit.
That's right. You heard me!
MC Hammer-style...#2LegitToQuit

Give up Starbucks for a week, pass on Panera this Saturday, say whatevs to that afternoon soda at work, and let those roots go a little bit longer...because in no time at all, you can save up 30-ish dollas to make those lashes holla!

Alright, loves. That's it for now.
"Eye" hope ya'll have a great weekend.
{Wink, wink!}

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