The Liebster Award!

Hey there CoCo-Nuts!
Your homegirl has been nominated for a Liebster Award!

The Liebster Award recognizes new blogs and welcomes them into the Blogging World. {It's a big 'ol virtual hug from blogger to blogger!} It's a really nice way for fellow bloggers to cross-promote and highlight other newbie blogs whose content could be of note. {#Rhymes!} It's a sweet compliment from one tale teller to another.

I'd like to send a big puffy heart thank you to Jessi at The Greenish Mommy for the nom a little bit ago. Check out her blog for a healthy dose of all things fun, family, fresh and fab. She's a super cool chica with a really down to Earth writing style. Be sure to show her Facie page some love, too! {Click here} I just know once you start reading her posts, you'll want to check back on the daily!

{The Deets}

Once a blogger is nominated, he/she has to answer a series of questions from the nominator and also share 11 things about themselves. In turn, he/she will nominate other new blogs for the recognition. Sounds like one big happy Blogoshpere chain letter, right? {Yep!}

{My Liebster Award Nominees}

I'm giving a HUGE thumb's up to these rays of sunshine.
Check them out and show 'em some smooches.

{Click below for some blogging beauty!}

{Q's from The Greenish Mommy}

Why did you start blogging?

I love to talk and I love to listen! I thought this would be an ideal outlet to dish about anything from Lipstick to Las Vegas {and everything in between!}...with peeps who dig a little bit of random in their day. I love the thrill of trading and sharing ideas with a kaleidoscope of people. We're all on this colorful ride through life together, so I figured, why not spark some cool vibes with a little tribe?!

What is your favorite food?

I come from a looooong line of foodies, so it's hard to pin-point just one item...{and my heart will break if I ever hurt any food's feelings}...but truly, madly, deeply...Pizza wins my soul. Specifically, from Lombardi's in Little Italy with a sprinkle of parm and an ice cold Cherry...Coke. {#RascalFlattsAnyone?}

Second place: Red Velvet cake. 

{Honorable Mentions}

  • - Anything from In-N-Out. Anything.
  • - A local restaurant's chicken tenders + honey mustard.
  • - A local bakery's Boston cream.
  • - PF Chang's Lo-Mein + Crab Rangoon.
  • - Padrone's Breadsticks w/ Ranch.
  • - KC Masterpiece BBQ Ruffles. {RIP}
  • - Steak Gorgonzola.
  • - Carnegie Deli's pastrami sammich.
  • - Lobster Bisque from The Signature Room at the 95th.
  • - Maggiano's Chopped Salad + Rigatoni D.
  • - Disney World's rice krispie treats.
  • - One Whiz With.
  • - Shrimp Scampi from the Watermark. Naples.
  • - Ahi Tuna appie from Outback. I'm serious.

What was your first job?
A cashier at Wegmans Supermarket. Started ON my 15th birthday! My parents are quite the pair of comedians.

What are you having for dinner tonight?   
Frittata + toast. {The burnt, the better!}

Pick one word to describe your blog. 
Welp...Hot Mess is two words...so...Quirky, she be!

If you could go to any place in the world on a free vacation for a week, where would you go? Perugia, Italy, to see where my Grandma was born. I'd want to take her with me so I can see pure, genuine, delight...shine across her gorgeous face.

Who was your favorite teacher? Absolutely cannot answer. But! I can hint! Here are some who have squeezed my heart..

-One with THE most beautiful penmanship taught me that it's ok to cry at Bridge to Teribithia, it's alright to be googly-eyed for grammar, and that I should join the cheerleading squad. She is the epitome of class.

-One had me at Hola!...literally. This Spanish teacher was one of those kind hearts who really rooted for you. 

-One made me appreciate math for 1 season, only because he was one of the Coolest cats around. I sadly took nothing away from the class {my brain isn't wired for the 'matics}, but if I had gone into teaching, I would have 100% copied his signature style. 

-One made me appreciate the trifecta that is Shakespeare, writing and theater.

-One was a nun who wore the whole traditional habit and all. She's an angel among us. Don't believe me? Stay tuned for a story about my First Communion dress some day. In short, I dropped a whole dish of baked ziti sauce down the front of it at my party. Sister prayed over it, I set it on a chair in my room, woke up the next morning, and it was sparkling WHITE. {You read that right!}

-One college professor...a legend! a guru!...was the sole reason I chose a career path in public relations/communications. Pharmacy was totally the wrong "P" major. {#Whoops #FreshmanYear} 

Where do you see yourself in five years? 
As a proud Ma cheering on Ten-Year-Old Twinados in whatever makes their hearts happy! {Or, finding the solution to world peace. Either will be fine.}

Who would you say has been the most influential person in your life? My chicklets/ My homegirls/ My darling daughters. They make me want to be a better person. When I look at them, I see 2 dreams wrapped up in sparkly crowns, puppy stickers, messy buns, plastic high heels, sugar cookie smiles and preschool craft-painted dresses. I see Heaven in their eyes, and without a doubt, those little meatballs have shown me a glimpse of God.

If you had to be any animal for the rest of your life, what would you pick? 
Totally going magical. That last answer was heavy. A mermaid, yo! {Or, a unicorn, if that's taken.}

What is your favorite color?
Pink. {All day, e'ryday.} I know that answer will make some people quickly roll their baby blues, but for 3 decades, I haven't cared one single bubblegum, carnation, bashful,  hot, Pepto Bismol, blush, flamingo, magenta bit. {#OwnIt}

{11 FACTS}

1. I have double jointed thumbs, {#Awkward}

2. Dimples are a family thang. My mom, grandmother and great grandmother all have 'em! Theirs have been on alternating sides of the face throughout each generation, but I stole two. {Thief!} I passed one down to my oldest bambina. {#Cheeks}

3. I was on Oprah for approx. 4 seconds with my college cheerleading squad during the Angel Network kick off episode. {#NoClip #PreYouTube #ImOld}

4. My initials used to be DMV...although I received no perks and still sat for hours at that darn place! {#SayCheese}

5. A clown pushed me into a pool when I was 6. I've been running from them and their shiny machetes ever since. {#BrokenRecord}

6. I once took 30 senior citizens on a 7-day trip through Prague + Germany. {#BavarianBuddies}

7. I pinned my sorority badge to the inside of my wedding dress on the big day. {#Zeta}

8. I've tap danced on Broadway. {#DanceComps}

9. I once owned every Garbage Pail Kid card in the first series. Big M + CoCo forgot them at our old house when we moved. Adam Bomb is going for $1,495 on eBay right now. Nice, eh? {#StillTicked #Still}

10. Otis Day is my pseudo uncle. For real! {#Shout #AnimalHouse}

11. I am thoroughly, wholeheartedly, absolutely OBSESSED with Halloween. {#OBSESSED #SavedTheBestForLast}

Hope you liked the Liebster fun today! Remember to check out The Green Mommy and the other nifty new blogs I recommended. Enjoy your day!

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